Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock Points
A DIFFICULT CHOICE (secret) Episode II - OBEY Finished 100
ARACHNOPHOBIA Kill 10 Spiders in mercenaries mode 50
BLOOD BROTHERS (secret) Episode X - SUNRISE Finished 100
GOOD FATHER (secret) Episode VII - RUNAWAY Finished 100
MISSION COMPLETED Finish one mission in mercenaries mode 100
NO SOLUTION (secret) Episode IX - PEACE Finished 100
NOT A HERO (secret) Subject zero is dead 100
NOT OVER Unlock the story 28 days before 50
READY FOR THE MISSION Finish the trainning 50
REST IN PEACE (secret) Episode IV - HOPE Finished 100
SUPER SOLDIER Reach the maximum level (lvl40) 100
THANK YOU DEAR PLAYER (secret) You watched credits without being forced 50