Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Blood Bank (100 points) Spill 1000 litres of blood.
Chained (10 points) Perform your first combo.
Circus Act (50 points) Kill 50 Splatts with the Cannon.
Complex Equations (20 points) Achieve a X4 combo.
Doctor Jones (50 points) Flatten 50 Splatts with a Boulder.
Final Descent (10 points) Complete all Bio Zone Laboratories.
First Blood (10 points) Kill your first Splatt.
First Draft Complete (10 points) Complete all Basement Laboratories.
Freeze (10 points) Kill a Splatt whilst it's stunned.
Frying Tonight (50 points) 50 Splatts killed in a Lava Pit.
Full Data (10 points) Complete all Graduate and Master Objectives in a laboratory.
Half Way There (50 points) Discover 50 WTDs.
Hoarder (100 points) Amass 100 Stars.
In the Book (10 points) Discover your first WTD.
Inconceivable (100 points) Earn three stars in all Laboratories in every zone.
Killer Research (10 points) Complete all Sector Zero Laboratories.
Killing 101 (10 points) Claim your first 101 kills.
Moving Desks (10 points) Complete all Control Room Laboratories.
Nailed to the Wall (50 points) 100 Splatts impaled on Spikes.
One Book Closes (10 points) Complete all Laboratories.
Orientation (10 points) Complete the Training Laboratories.
Page Turner (10 points) Discover 10 WTDs.
Pencil Chewer (10 points) Complete a Basement Laboratory.
Reorder Body Bags (50 points) Claim your first 50 victims.
Rest In Pieces (100 points) Discover All 101 WTDs.
Splatter-cide (100 points) Claim your first 1000 kills.
Splattunfuder's Pet (10 points) Achieve a three star rating for all Laboratories in any zone.
Star Studded (10 points) Achieve your first three star rating.
Stuffed Splatt (10 points) 10 Cakes completely consumed.
We All Die Together (10 points) Kill a Tank, Alpha and Rapid within one second.