Deus Ex 2 Debug/Cheat Menu & Cheat Hotkeys Mod - Game Save also included for Mega X-Key!! - NTSC US DA-Invisible.7z
Deus Ex 2 2nd Trip to Cairo/South Medina - All Weapons + Xtra Bio and Weapons Mods - NTSC US 45530005_76A3C01C0224.7z
Deus Ex 2 DX2 Wrap Party Easter Egg - NTSC US 45530005_A72A89FBAA5F.7z
Deus Ex 2 Beginning of Upper Seattle with all weapons & lots of extra Bio and Weapon Mods - NTSC US 45530005_7120D176E001.7z
Deus Ex 2 Very end of game. Do you kill or help Denton? - PAL UK 45530005_27F6C156B493.7z