Various Achievements

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
12 in 1 (30 points) Fill 12 holes at the same time.
All in the whole (30 points) Play a 4-player game.
Best Team (60 points) Win 20 shows against human teams.
Blue side of the Force (20 points) Win a Battle on blue side.
Champion (30 points) Beat 1 Final Round.
Contortionist (100 points) Successfully pass all walls in the game at least once.
Fat (30 points) Fill a hole at 100%.
Flawless Victory (30 points) Win a Battle by filling your gauge faster than the opponent on every wall.
Give me Twenty one (21 points) Pass 21 walls in Quick Survival mode.
Give me five (5 points) Pass 5 walls in Quick Survival mode.
Give me ten (10 points) Pass 10 walls in Quick Survival mode.
Halfway (30 points) Beat 5 Final Rounds.
I will survive (20 points) Play a Quick Survival.
Last Man Standing (20 points) Win a Last Man Standing with less than 9 players.
Movie goer (20 points) Watch a Funny Video.
Narcisse (10 points) Watch a same saved picture 3 times in the Extra within 1 access to Gallery.
Olympic Swimmer (10 points) Be the fastest in the pool on a Last Man Standing game.
Perfectionist (30 points) Finish a Final Round with no strikes.
Photograph (25 points) Save 20 pictures.
Polystyrene King (100 points) Beat 20 Final Rounds.
Rambo (40 points) Win a 10 players Last Man Standing.
Rebel (30 points) See your shadow make a guide gesture with its right arm instead of left.
Red Button (19 points) Cancel a skyrocket launch.
Red side of the Force (20 points) Win a Battle on red side.
Rock Team (40 points) Win 10 shows with a teammate.
Skilled Photograph (25 points) Take a picture of the Invisible Man.
Super dry (60 points) Beat 10 Final Rounds.
Teamwork (30 points) Win 1 show with a teammate.
Vitruvian Men (25 points) Be perfect.
Want a rubber ring? (30 points) Win 10 shows against a human team.
Working team (50 points) Win every show with a teammate.