Never Loose Eywa
04067B30 60000000

Inf health Self
04A8E254 41C00000

Inf Health Banashee\HammerHead
077E53A0 00000010
2C0F0000 40820008
D03B0664 4AA38B04
2083CB68 00000008
0421DEAC 495C74F4
CC000000 00000001
0421DEAC D03B0664
E0000000 80008000
*Dpad UP=ON\Off*
*Will cause Heli\Robot to have inf health So i added a off switch*

9999 Eywa
049FDECC 0000270F

Instant\Inf Stealth Mode
040A770C EC02082A
040A7F98 D0030004
*After stealth is contained*