Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 [RMSE52]

Unlock all Bonus Missions
077FB040 0000000C
38000001 981E0077
4B7D6998 00000000
04FD19DC 48829664

Unlock all Characters (Temp)
077FB00C 0000000C
38800003 B091043E
4B785EC8 00000000
04F80ED8 4887A134

Infinite Health
077FB000 0000000C
C02302A8 D02302A0
4A8FD480 00000000
040F8484 49702B7C

Infinite Fusion Power
0403A378 D00D80F0
0403A220 D00D80F0

Infinite Energy
040418F8 C00302C4
040418FC D00302AC

Coin Multiplier x500
0410572C 38B401F4

Have 99 Points
0408AD88 38600063

Have 200 Base Stats (Temp)
0408B1D8 386000C8

Level 99 (Temp)
0418EF2C 3BC00063

Enemies Die at Heroes Sight
077FB018 00000014
2C150000 41820008
D3D602A0 C3F602A0
4B7C19B0 00000000
04FBC9D4 4883E644