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Thread Title: Forum Rules & FAQ

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    Default Forum Rules & FAQ

    It seems that some of you forget some of the very basic forum rules that are commonly established among many community's. Here's a refresher.

    * Advertising

    * Promotion of any kind of Piracy is strictly prohibited, first offense, you will get a warning, second offense, you will get a 1 month ban.* Promotion of any other illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
    * Links to other sites in your signature are fine.
    * Referal links are OK as long as a non-referral link is provided.

    * Emulation
    * We do not allow links to roms or discussions asking for roms, nor do we allow attachments of roms. First offense: Warning. Second offense: 1 month ban
    * We do allow talking and linking to Emulators that can be used on Home Computers.
    * Homebrew programs or programs that you must install on a console to use are strictly prohibited.

    *Do we delete accounts?
    *No we do not delete accounts or posts upon request. Instead we will opt to wipe all "about me" info (such as removing the email address) & revert the account to a banned one.
    *As stated in the ToS, we reserve the right to retain all posts that have been posted.
    *Also upon a user requesting deletion of his account, we will instead change the username to a different one of their choice if requested, so as to remove identifying usernames.

    * No Trolling
    * Intentional malicious impersonation of any other person is not allowed.
    * Do not post comments designed to provoke other members into flaming.

    * Whistle-Blowing
    * If you believe any of these rules are being broken by another user please inform a member of the Moderation Team.
    * If you feel that any staff member has acted inappropriately please PM Final Kaoss.

    * No Spamming
    * Do not deliberately repeat-post, repeat-email or repeat-PM. One message should be sufficient to communicate your message.
    This is especially true for communication with VGChat staff members.
    * Post your message in the appropriate forum.
    * "bumping" your own thread is considered spam, and other people "bumping" a thread without a quality post (something like just posting bumpppp)is against the rules. *credit for this rule to Shadowownz
    Exceptions to this rule are when you are posting cheats for games & providing actual content.
    * No useless posts except in the off-topic forum.
    (eg "I agree." without a reason)
    * Do not overuse smileys.
    They are there to convey emotions, not annoy people.
    * Signatures must be of a reasonable size and not interfere with users browsing the forum.
    * Do NOT PM staff members unless asked to do so.

    * No Flaming
    * You may not post anything purposely designed to intimidate or insult a particular forum member.
    If you must, criticize constructively.
    * Profanity is automatically filtered, deliberate attempts to bypass the filter are not allowed.
    * Groundless prejudice will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination against;
    Race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, belief, religion, nationality
    * Pornography, nudity and eroticism (both images and text) are inappropriate and should not be posted.

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    Default Forum Rules & FAQ


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    By continuing to browse our site, you consent to our placing cookies on your computer (unless you have chosen to disable them via your browser (see below). However, if you do not allow cookies on your computer you will not be able to fully access and make purchases on our website.

    We are continuously making further improvements and changes to the ways we use cookies and we will keep this page updated with the cookies we use.

    Our customerís privacy is extremely important to us and the cookies we use will in no way allow us access to your computer. We do not store any details relating to you using cookies. We use cookies to record the areas of the site that you have visited and for how long, which provides us with useful usage information that helps us make our site more accessible to our users in line with their needs. The use of cookies helps us to improve the quality of service that we provide.

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