The disease originated from Hakkar the Soulflayer -- the boss of this very initial 20-player raid Blizzard released. Hakkar would toss Corrupted Blood on players and it might damage them for about 10 minutes. Players would disperse the effect to others if they got too near those infected. Following the 10 seconds were completed, or players completed the boss battle, the damaging effect was supposed to finish. Only it did not.

Programming supervision enabled the debuff to disperse beyond the website of this Hakkar boss struggle and to the world at large. Much like rats fueled the Bubonic Plague, characters' trained animals spurred the Corrupted Blood outbreak. Hunter characters may summon and discount pets to fight at their side at will. Once ignored, all of the consequences on the pets have been paused until it is called back. In consequence, the critters would contract Corrupted Blood during the boss fight, disappear then exhibit the symptoms again elsewhere in the world map when they were again summoned. There it might spread to other players and pets which came in contact with them.

Cities such as the dwarven town Ironforge and orc town Orgrimmar were overrun in hours. Non-playable characters, who couldn't die due to particular coding, could also capture the consequence, meaning any participant that passed by them could receive Corrupted Blood.

Once word got out, players hunted frantically for information about what was happening.

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