Ninja Gaiden Trilogy
1. DFCE-142F Start with very little energy-after first life
2. DFCE-142F Start with about half energy-after first life
3. DD81-1F97 Infinite time
4. B1C8-3DF8 Start with very little time
5. EEC8-3DF8 Start with lots of time
6. DDC5-4DF4 Start with 1 life
7. D7C5-4DF4 Start with 5 lives
8. D6C5-4DF4 Start with 9 lives
9. C9CF-CFBF Infinite lives
10. C9C3-3F2D Infinite energy

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos(tm)
11. DFB3-144F Start with very little energy
12. D6B3-144F Start with about half energy
13. C9BB-441F Infinite energy
14. C96F-1FC7 Infinite time
15. DFC4-1F47 Throwing stars don