Lufia And The Fortress Of Doom
1. 4DB4-D401 Move around caves and world map quicker
(except when leaving a vehicle--for example, the boat)
2. 8236-0F34 Infinite hit points
3. 823A-0FC4 Infinite magic points in battle mode
4. DDB8-6FD9 No HP lost when walking over swamp ground
5. D0B8-6FD9 More HP lost when walking over swamp ground
6. DF30-A718 Cheap bombs--1 gold each
7. DF3C-0D18 Cheap smokeballs--1 gold each
8. 6D8F-0DC4 Immune to all petrifying effects (stone, poison, confused, etc.)
9. 95A8-67A4 Shopkeepers don't charge for purchases--some shops only
10. FD34-0448 More agility points from speed potion
11. FD30-0438 More intelligence points from mind potion
12. FD31-07C8 More strength points from great potion
13. FD3D-0F18 Higher max level of magic points from spell potion
14. FD33-DDC8 Higher max level of hit points from power potion