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Thread Title: Killer Instinct Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

Game Genie Codes, GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. (some codes are official and others are unofficial).

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    Default Killer Instinct Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    3C61-D4DF Master code--Must be entered
    CBEC-37AF + 6DE8-3D0F + 6D64-44D5 Play as Eyedol
    CB64-4D61 Start a game and watch the ending (use practice mode to select
    different characters)
    CCE8-47D2 Win after 1 victory
    C8E8-47D2 Win after 2 victories
    CAE8-47D2 Win after 3 victories
    C2E8-47D2 Win after 4 victories
    C3E8-47D2 Win after 5 victories
    EEC1-34AF Player one takes all damage
    1D1B-1DA7 Players can pass through each other
    C265-1467 + 60E6-47D2 Always fight Jago
    C265-1467 + 6EE6-47D2 Always fight Combo
    C265-1467 + 6BE6-47D2 Always fight Thunder
    C265-1467 + 6FE6-47D2 Always fight Glacius
    C265-1467 + 6DE6-47D2 Always fight Cinder
    C265-1467 + 64E6-47D2 Always fight Orchid
    C265-1467 + BOE6-47D2 Always fight Riptor
    C265-1467 + CBE6-4702 Always fight Sabrewulf
    C265-1467 + CBEC-4702 Always fight Spinal
    C265-1467 + CBE8-4D62 Always fight Fulgore
    C265-1467 + CBE8-4FA2 Always fight Eyedol

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    Default Re: Killer Instinct Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    1 Master Code - Must Be Entered 3C61-D4DF
    2 Play As Eyedol CBEC-37AF
    3 Start A Game And Watch The Ending (Use `Practice Mode' To Select Different Characters) CB64-4D61
    4 Win After 1 Victory CCE8-47D2
    5 Win After 2 Victories C8E8-47D2
    6 Win After 3 Victories CAE8-47D2
    7 Win After 4 Victories C2E8-47D2
    8 Win After 5 Victories C3E8-47D2
    9 Player 1 Takes All Damage EEC1-34AF
    10 Players Can Pass Through Each Other 1D1B-1DA7
    11 Always Fight Jago C265-1467
    12 Always Fight Combo C265-1467
    13 Always Fight Thunder C265-1467
    14 Always Fight Glacius C265-1467
    15 Always Fight Cinder C265-1467
    16 Always Fight Orchid C265-1467
    17 Always Fight Riptor C265-1467
    18 Always Fight Sabrewulf C265-1467
    19 Always Fight Spinal C265-1467
    20 Always Fight Fulgore C265-1467
    21 Always Fight Eyedol C265-1467
    22 Stay As Eyedol Once You Unlock Him Until You Lose And Choose Someone Else 1 6D64-44D5
    Miscellaneous Codes
    23 Player 2 Orchid Always Wins! D082-CDA7
    24 Player On Right Has A Messed Up Shadow 1D3B-1DA7
    25 Lights Show When Logos Normally ZOOM In And Out EE87-C4D1
    26 Combos Can Sometimes Be Avoided/Blocked! 2 53BF-37AF
    27 No-Mercy's/Humiliations Declared 1-Hit Ultimates! With A TON Of Bonus Points! 536F-4DA7
    28 Nintendo And Rare Logos Don't ZOOM In When You Turn On, They Just Appear 9987-CD61
    29 Nintendo Logo Doesn't ZOOM Out When You Turn On 3 F287-C701
    30 On Character Select Screen, Characters Change, But Bar Does Not Move (Random Select Makes It Move) E1E0-34AF
    31 Mega Non-Combo Hits And Points! 4 64B6-CFAF
    32 Bottom Half Of Number Disappears 5 EE6E-3**7
    Odd Combat Codes
    33 Players Can Only Inflict Damage At Medium Range (Good 2-Player Practice Mode) 1B6E-47D7
    34 Point Meter Is Not There, But Combo Points Are Shown After Combos 3E64-34AF
    35 Combo Announcement On Screen Is Glitchy, Doesn't Show Score Or Number Of Hits, Just The Combo Name 5BE2-3DD2
    36 Projectiles Don't Appear, Or Even Hit Opponent AC2D-44D7
    37 Projectiles Don't Appear, But They Hit Opponent, And You See Them Explode 2B27-44D7
    38 Weird Moves 4583-1F67
    39 Weird Moves Note - 1 of 3 6 N/A
    40 Weird Moves Note - 2 of 3 7 N/A
    41 Weird Moves Note - 3 of 3 8 N/A
    42 Humiliations Last Much Shorter D0A3-1F0F
    43 Player 1 Stuck On Left But CAN Fight/Player 2 CANNOT Combo Him/Her ACB6-44D7
    44 Player 2/CPU Are Invisible 9 3633-17AF
    45 Players Often Repel Each Other 10 45C0-37D7
    46 Easier DIZZIES! (Can Dizzy With Combo Breaker Too!) 53C8-37AF
    47 PINTS! 11 64B6-4FAF
    48 Opponent Turns Invisible For A Brief Time When Hit 12 D08C-1D6F
    49 No, Or Weird Reactions 13 D08C-1F0F
    50 Combo Booster! 14 D08C-146F
    51 Combo Interruptions. Combo Boosters Effects, Can Counter Combo 15 D08C-170F
    Damage Meter Codes
    52 When Energy Is Low, It Flashes Rainbow Colors! 16 EE64-3F07
    53 When Energy Is Low, It ALWAYS Flashes Green! 17 DE64-3467
    54 When Energy Is Low, It ALWAYS Flashes Red! FC64-3407
    55 When Energy Is Low, If Green Bar, It Flashes Red, If Red Bar, It Flashes Green! EE64-34A7
    56 Damage Meters Glitch When Character 1st Gets Hit 18 EE6E-37D7
    Handicap Codes
    57 Start The Fight, And The 1st Player Wins! DE66-3DD7
    58 Start The Fight, And The 2nd Player Wins! F466-3DD7
    59 No Time Limit 7966-3DD7
    60 It Only Takes The CPU 1-Hit To Kill You! (If You Block A Move, You Won't Lose Energy) 53C9-C4AF
    61 Player 1 Takes All Damage 19 DEC1-34AF
    62 Combo Handicap 1 20 D08C-17AF
    63 Combo Handicap 2 21 D08C-1FAF
    64 Combo Handicap 3 22 D08C-176F
    Rooftop Codes
    65 Rooftop Knock-Offs Disabled (Even Sky Stage!) ACBE-44D7
    66 Victim Falls Off Rooftops Unexpected Ways Periodically 23 EEB0-1FD7
    67 Get Pushed/Hopped Rightwards After Knocking Off Victim From Rooftop EEB0-1DA7
    68 Victim Never Bounces In Air After Rooftop Knock-Off EEB0-1F07
    69 Screen Scrolls To The Left After Victim Knocked Off Rooftop EEB0-1D07
    Victory Codes
    70 Beat The Game After 0 Victories! 24 CB64-4D61
    71 Beat The Game After 1 Victory CCE8-47D2
    72 Beat The Game After 2 Victories C8E8-47D2
    73 Beat The Game After 3 Victories CAE8-47D2
    74 Beat The Game After 4 Victories C2E8-47D2
    75 Beat The Game After 5 Victories C3E8-47D2
    76 Beat The Game After 6 Victories CEE8-47D2
    77 Beat The Game After 7 Victories 8DE8-47D2
    78 Beat The Game After 8 Victories CFE8-47D2
    79 Beat The Game After 9 Victories C4E8-47D2
    80 Beat The Game After 10 Victories C7E8-47D2
    Jumping Codes
    81 No Jumps (Fighters Pose Oddly Instead) 25 EEB1-1F0F
    82 No Jumps (Fighters Try To Jump, And Flutter Instead) DDB1-140F
    83 Players Can't Jump Forward Or Back B5B0-17AF
    84 Jumps Are Higher And Slower 64B1-17AF
    85 Up Jumps Are Lower / Forward Jumps Are SUPER High! DDB1-170F
    86 Up Jumps Are SUPER High! 26 DDB1-1F6F
    87 Push Up To Teleport To Right Side (Players Can Walkthrough Each Other!) 64B1-1FAF
    Always Fight Codes
    88 Always Fight Whoever CPU Picks To Be First 27 C265-1467
    89 Always Fight 28 C265-1467
    90 Always Fight Spinal C265-1467
    91 Always Fight Fulgore C265-1467
    92 Always Fight Eyedol 29 C265-1467
    Eyedol Codes
    93 Play As Eyedol Or Jago 30 CBEC-37AF
    94 Play As Eyedol ONLY 31 CBEC-37AF
    Design Your Very Own Battle Plan Codes
    95 Design Your Very Own Battle Plan NOTE 32 N/A
    96 Placing The "Non-Moving" Characters Code 33 E*E6-47D2
    97 Placing Eyedol Code 34 **E8-4FA2
    98 Placing Spinal Code 35 **EC-4702
    99 Placing Fulgore Code 36 **E8-4FA2
    Junk Codes
    100 Graphics Are Scrambled & Sound Is Altered/Silent 37 5B2B-37D2
    101 Glitchy Graphics When You Choose Your Fighter 38 5BE4-CDD2
    102 Laser Show During Intro -- Stays That Way Forever (Neat To Watch) 0087-C4D1
    103 Coolest Of The Junk Codes 39 4966-3DD7
    104 2nd Player Invisible 40 3633-176F
    105 Always Fight On Starting Stage 01E2-47D2
    106 Air Moves 66B1-4764
    107 Ultra Combo Only Counts As A Regular KILLER combo D5A2-14DF
    108 One Hit Drains All Of Player 1's Energy EEC4-34AF
    109 Dizzy 41 EECB-34AF
    110 Gives Spinal A Large Laserbeam That Emits From His Sword When Punch Buttons Are Pressed A113-DFDD
    # Note
    1 You can even enter Practice Mode as Eyedol! Note provided by xirtamehtsitahw.
    2 Tap back few times or jump away.
    3 It just sits there. Press start to skip it.
    4 Turn off GG until you make a hit, then IMMEDIATELY turn it on. It will keep hitting opponent forever. Turn off when you have enough points. Can cause super delayed landings and dizzies on opponent. Occasional game freeze. In the works.
    5 DD - 0
    D0 - 1
    D6 - 2
    DA - 3
    FD - 4
    F0 - 5
    F6 - 6
    FA - 7
    4D - 8
    40 - 9
    6 -Chief Thunder's Phoenix (HCT, aK) becomes a glitchy mohawk uppercut with a "Combo Breaker!" announcement, then your next hit is long range.

    -Cinder's Inferno (F,F,aK) is wierd, his Flaming Palm (B,B,QP) glitches and says "Humiliation". Then it either freezes or continues, and you do your victory stance, but your opponent neither falls down, or dances.

    -Eyedol's Fireball (HCT, aP) is wierd. Try 3 of them.

    -Jago's fireball (HCT, aP) freezes game.

    7 -Riptor's air-fireball (HCT, aP) glitches, and says "Combo Breaker". His ground-fireball (HCT, aP) becomes a glitchy Tail Stab No-Mercy. Then you just sit there.

    -Orchid's fireball is wierd, it sometimes freezes.

    -Spinal's Ultra, the person just falls down, when they usually fly back. His fireball (HCT,aP) is always a searing fireball.

    -TJ Combo, there is nothing odd about him.

    -Fulgore's Eyelaser (HCB,FK) glitches, when you do it in a combo it glitches, and the combo just stops. His Ultra (F,D,DF, QP) is TOTALLY screwed on the EyeLaser part. The Ultra just stops, and they either fall over or stay standing, then when the EyeLaser part is done, he finishes the combo. If standing becomes a Brutal Combo, if they fell, he just does it.

    8 -Spinal's morph combo's are messed up only when in the combo is a messed up move. (Ex:D,D,MP against Fulgore).

    9 Has less glitches, invisible, and projectiles. I'm working on NO Glitches.
    10 Projectiles are SUPER FAST. Blood stays in mid-air sometimes. I couldn't get a No-Mercy to work. I think it was just me.
    11 When loser loses energy bar, he/she freezes. Turn off GG to unfreeze. Although while frozen, you can do anything, except hit them! If you press pause, it will make the noise that your opponent makes when he/she dies! During freeze on "Danger", you have unlimited time to do no-mercies/humiliations! Also, you can make them fall and scream a million times over. Just keep turning off the GG when they freeze, and when they hit the ground, turn it right back on, and they will get back up, and freeze. Just repeat that! You can also do non-hitting combos, but you can't do long ones. EX: Sabrewulf (B),F,MP,(B),F,MK. He will slap the air a couple times, and uppercut but your opponent will NOT get hit!
    12 When you combo them, they are completely invisible, unless it's a slow combo, so it's pretty tricky to do a long combo. Some No-Mercies, like Jago's sword (B,F,F,QP), your opponent will turn invisible with every hit.
    13 Opponents either turn invisible or make wierd stances, or sometimes make NO reaction at all! Sometimes Humiliation/No Mercy victim animation altered. Like Orchid's "Flash".
    14 Combo enders disabled except for the CPU. Orchid Can Combo Past Her To Infinity! Combos unannounced and do more damage! If you can find a LESS damaging code, you might have an answer to 80 HIT COMBOS!! Unless the counter only goes to 48, the highest combo in the SNES version.
    15 Anytime! Don't need Combo Breakers!
    16 EE64-37D7 works too!
    17 DD64-3707 works too!
    18 There is still a line where the energy is.
    19 Player 1's AIR-combo endings are messed up, because it thinks player 1 is getting hit, it pushes player 1 into the air. Neither Player 1 nor 2 can do Ultras.
    20 Harder to do chained combos & Ultras.
    21 Even harder for chained combos, Ultras are virtually impossible!
    22 Harder to do chained combos & Ultras. Combos unannounced. Combos do more damage. (Orchid's continuous combos can wipe you out!) Some hits don't push back opponents.
    23 Once Combo's Charge & Punch bounced victim in air first, Orchid's Spinning Slash shot 'em right down.
    24 Use Practice Mode to change select character. CBE8-47D2 works too!
    25 Fulgore, becomes invisible, until he is hit or moves.
    Glacius, preforms a Quick Kick.
    Orchid, game freezes.
    Sabrewulf, preforms a crouching Quick Kick.
    Chief Thunder, becomes invisible, until he is hit or moves.
    Riptor, preforms a Quick Punch.
    Cinder, game freezes.
    TJ Combo, tries to jump, but flutters.
    Jago, tries to jump, but flutters.
    Spinal, game freezes.
    Eyedol, preforms a Fierce Punch.

    You can change the 1st 2 letters, I changed them to DD, and it didn't change some effects, although others combinations might change the effects.(Next one)

    26 Back jumps are high. Forward jumps makes players flutter. -Crazy Takeoff: Forward jumps - Up jumps.
    27 This is the master code for the "Always Fight Codes".
    28 * =

    0 - Chief Thunder
    1 - Glacius
    2 - Sabrewulf
    3 - Riptor
    4 - Chief Thunder
    5 - Cinder
    6 - Jago
    7 - Chief Thunder
    8 - Jago
    9 - Jago
    A - TJ Combo
    B - TJ Combo
    C - Orchid
    D - Chief Thunder
    E - Glacius
    F - Jago
    29 Eyedol falls off his stage, but you don't see the ending, you just keep on fighting him.
    30 No one else. Move cursor RIGHT and you will only be able to select Eyedol, but go left, and it will switch between Eyedol and Jago. You CAN practice with him!
    31 Is there a way to use EVERYONE including Eyedol?
    32 KI follows the GG instruction manual's chart. Smallest/Largest effect. So if you want to design your OWN battle plan, 1st you need 2 Game Genies in all at once (11 characters - 10 codes), 2nd look at the following codes,and put characters in where you want them!

    33 I call these the "non-moving"characters because when not using the GG, these characters move around on the battle plan when you start different games. Spinal, Fulgore, Eyedol DO NOT move, so you have to use different codes for them. Look below. Sorry you can't NEVER have them.

    0/4/7/D - Chief Thunder
    1/E - Glacius
    2 - Sabrewulf
    3 - Riptor
    5 - Cinder
    6/8/9/F - Jago
    A/B - TJCombo
    C - Orchid
    34 1st - CB
    2nd - CC
    3rd - C8
    4th - CA
    5th - C2
    6th - C3
    7th - CF
    8th - 8D
    9th - 8F
    10th - 84
    NEVER! - CD
    35 1st - CB
    2nd - CC
    3rd - C8
    4th - CA
    5th - C2
    6th - C3
    7th - C3
    8th - CE
    9th - 8D
    10th - 8F
    Sorry, you can't NEVER have him.
    36 1st - CB
    2nd - CC
    3rd - C8
    4th - CA
    5th - C2
    6th - C3
    7th - C3
    8th - CE
    9th - 8D
    10th - 8F
    Sorry, you can't NEVER have him.
    37 Some stages look REALLY neat.
    38 Graphics are really messed up when 2nd Player plays. In tournament, if you move once, you cannot move again. To get out of this press select, and exit.
    39 The 1st thing you have to do is fight on 1 of 4 rooftop stages, including the Special one, and you have to knock them off. 1) Never ending Humiliations, reset to stop. 2) After any No-Mercy/Ultra/ Ultimate, the dead guy gets back up and does his/her pissed-off stance. Like when the time runs out. Sabrewulf's Stab B,B,MK), Cinder's burn (B,B,MP), Riptor's Eat (HCT,MP), and Thunder's uppercut (HCB,FK) all rule! 3) No time limit! Like this helps. 4) The 1st Rooftop end you do, when they fall off it shows eyedol's stage ending. They fall into the lava, and yell 12 times, and finally die. Fulgore sounds like a camera.
    40 This code clears up most of the glitches that the old code had. (Combo # doesn't disappear, doesn't slow down as much)
    41 Both players get dizzy when knocked down, and stay that way until they are hit.

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!

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