Normal game for the first five codes

DBEF-1F67 Start with 9 hearts
D1EF-1F67 Start with 6 hearts
DFEF-1F67 Start with 1 heart
DBEF-1DD7 Start with 10 lives
DFEF-1DD7 Start with 2 lives
C2CC-4704 Infinite lives
DD6F-4DD4 Infinite weapons
DDCF-3F6D Hearts from big jungle fruit restore all energy
D4C0-1FAF 20 seconds from hourglass
D7C0-1FAF 30 seconds from hourglass
E8CA-3DA4 Super-jumping Mowgli
ECCA-3DA4 Mega-jumping Mowgli
DD65-47AD The amazing rock! (Just for fun)
For the rest of the codes, don't go over 100 gems or the counter will reset
D4CA-4DDF Bonus gems worth 2
D7CA-4DDF Bonus gems worth 3
D0CA-4DDF Bonus gems worth 4
D4C2-4FAF Red gems worth 2
D7C2-4FAF Red gems worth 3
D0C2-4FAF Red gems worth 4