DFBD-CD6F Start with 1 life
D1BD-CD6F Start with 6 lives
DBBD-CD6F Start with 9 lives
D0BC-173B Get 4 shots from gun
DBBC-173B Get 9 shots from gun
F0BC-173B Get 20 shots from gun
4DB0-1F4B Get 20 seconds from time icon
0DB0-1F4B Get 40 seconds from time icon
8260-1465 + C2E9-44DF Don't take damage from most enemies
F3BE-144B 2x energy from gamma capsules
DDB8-171B Gamma capsules act as mega-gamma capsules
C96D-CDC6 Infinite transformation capsules once picked up
DA25-34A7 + DA34-47AD Super jump--sometimes
FB25-34A7 + FB34-47AD Mega-jump--sometimes
DCB7-44D0 MEGA damage from Hulk's uppercut
DCB1-4FD0 MEGA damage from Hulk's head butt
D0B7-44D0 x4 damage from Hulk's upper cut
D0B1-4FD0 x4 damage from Hulk's head-butt
C260-4746 Energy doesn't go down when Hulked-out
DDB2-1F0F Start on level 2
4DB2-1F0F Start on level 3
0DB2-1F0F Start on level 4
6DB2-1F0F Start on level 5