Super NES Game Genie codes - Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2

All codes only work for Shamino in easy mode

7760.47D8 Start with Crossbow
7060.47D8 Start with Longbow
7560.47D8 Start with Fireball wand
7660.47D8 Start with Boomerang
4E60.47D8 Start with Shuriken
7D60.4768 Start with 30 intelligence
D960.4768 Start with 5 intelligence
C2C3.47A7 Infinite energy--makes enemies invincible too
DF69.4FD8 Start with less stars
CB3B.1464 Stars never recharge
CB67.3764 Almost infinite stars
CB6C.4D68 + 4A6C.4DA8 Start with a stronger armor