Super NES Game Genie codes - Tuff E Nuff

6D65-14D4 Each round is 80 seconds
1D65-14D4 Each round is 60 seconds
0D65-14D4 Each round is 40 seconds
4D65-14D4 Each round is 20 seconds
DDAE-CDA5 Allows you to select same player vs. same player in a 1-player vs.
2-player game (must select 2nd player using right button, not left)
EEA3-C7A1 Allows you to select any character in a vs. computer game.
F1CE-1FD9 Start with 1/4 health--player 1 only
4ACE-1FD9 Start with 1/2 health--player 1 only
04CE-1FD9 Start with 3/4 health--player 1 only

Use the stage select codes for practice only. You go back to Level 1
after completing the selected level. Also, ignore Level indication
D066-446F Play stage 2 in story
D166-446F Play stage 3 in story
D666-446F Play stage 4 in story
DC66-446F Play stage 5 in story
DA66-446F Play stage 6 in story
D366-446F Play stage 7 in story
FD66-446F Play stage 8 in story
F466-446F Play stage 9 in story
F066-446F Play final stage in story

For the rest of the codes, substitute "DD" for the 1st 2 characters of the
code to do no damage--May not work right in al cases. Substitute "55" to
win with one hit--May not work right in all cases. For "no damage" codes,
a fighter may take damage if he blocks
F62E-46F3 Syoh and Zazi's High Fist Thrust does more damage
4024-3BF3 Syoh and Zazi's Sliding Heel Kick does more damage
402F-16FE Syoh and Zazi's Big Head Thrust Punch does more damage--from
close up only
DD2F-16FE Syoh and Zazi's Big Head Thrust Punch does no damage
4020-CCBE Syoh and Zazi's Flying Side Kick does more damage--from close up only
4030-1B9A Syoh and Zazi's Ball of Energy does more damage
4C2E-1B2E Syoh and Zazi's Palm Hit Drop does more damage
403D-3CFA Zazi's Blue Thunder Punch and Syoh's Dragon Blade does more damage
F322-3617 Kotono's Straight Line Slash does more damage
F623-CC17 Kotono's Sweeping Knee Kick does more damage
F339-3614 Kotono's Flying Swallow Double Drop does more damage
F624-3C37 Kotono's Flying Side Kick does more damage
F332-3B44 Kotono's Flying Swallow Point Break does more damage
F33E-1C3F Kotono's Drawn Sword Mist Slash does more damage
F633-3B14 Kotono's Double Edge does more damage
403B-364F Kotono's Special Kick does more damage
4C3B-4BC9 Vortz's Middle Kick does more damage
F630-4B49 Vortz's Low Kick does more damage
4C3C-3830 Vortz's Low Aerial Drop Kick does more damage
4031-CB10 Vortz's Big Double Sledge Hammer does more damage
F33D-3C30 Vortz's Diving Knee Pad does more damage
4C3B-CB30 Vortz's Diving Elbow does more damage
4C30-18C9 Vortz's Lightning Tackle does more damage