Super NES Game Genie codes - Total Carnage

DFC3-44D2 Start with 2 lives
DBC3-44D2 Start with 10 lives
DFCD-1DD2 + 40B5-1DD4 Start with 1 time bomb
DBCD-1DD2 Start with 9 time bombs
DFBC-47D4 Join in with 2 lives and 3 time bombs
DBBC-47D4 Join in with 10 lives and 9 time bombs
C932-341E Infinite lives
4029-3F12 Infinite time bombs
D6B3-C764 Shields last longer
DDB3-C764 Shields don't last last as long
6D27-441E Immune to damage from enemy
C930-4D4A Weapons don't run out until you die or change weapons