Final Fight 2

DDCE-1D6B Infinite lives
DDCF-C7D6 Start with 1 life
D4CF-C7D6 Start with 3 lives
D1CF-C7D6 Start with 7 lives
DBCF-C7D6 Start with 10 lives
DDA0-1DDC Infinite time
D4A0-1DDC Faster timer
0DED-1DAC Barbecue restores vitality 50% instead of 95%
DDED-1DAC Barbecue worth nothing
6DEE-470C Soft drink restores vitality 95%
DDEE-470C Soft drink worth nothing
33C5-1404 Both players can select same character
DDB4-4708 Players 1 and 2 can't harm each other in a 2-player game
D46A-14AF Slow motion--Switch off code until play begins
DFCC-C4DB Hitting someone with your super move makes you invincible
0DCC-C4DB Hitting someone with your super move uses all your energy