Super NES Game Genie codes - Spider-Man and X-Men: Arcades Revenge

DD68-646D Start with 1 life instead of 3
D068-646D Start with 5 lives
D168-646D Start with 7 lives
DB68-646D Start with 10 lives
FB68-646D Start with 26 lives
7468-646D Start with 51 lives
1768-646D Start with 100 lives
C266-D51D Spider-Man has infinite lives
C26D-090A Gambit has infinite lives
C2C2-D767 Wolverine, Cyclops and Storm have infinite lives
C261-A044 Spider-Man is invincible after getting hit (blinks)
CB69-0937 + E669-0147 Spider-Man jumps higher (if you jump too high in
some places you die)
DDCB-6144 Protects Spider-Man from most hits (lose no energy)
C2CC-A917 Protects Spider-Man from ground hazard (looks like silver weeds)