Super NES Game Genie codes - Spawn

FDB0-E4DB Start with 1/4 energy
4CB0-E4DB Start with 1/2 energy
73B0-E4DB Start with 3/4 energy
C208-87D1 Infinite energy
C203-84D1 Get hit and become invincible
FDDB-5FB9 Don't flash after getting hit
3C03-8F61 Almost invincible
C2F4-7FD1 Falling doesn't use any life points
C27D-8701 Special moves don't use any life points
D6D7-8F20 Some bullets do 2x damage
DDD7-8F20 Some bullets do no damage
EED7-8F20 Some bullets kill you
DB78-84B0 Some enemy punches electrocute you
DD78-84B0 Some enemy punches do no damage
EE78-84B0 Some enemy punches kill you
DBB0-EFA3 + DBCF-8763 Guys with pipes do 2x damage
DDB0-EFA3 + DDCF-8763 Guys with pipes do no damage
EEB0-EFA3 + EECF-8763 Guys with pipes kill
DB4B-7DF1 + DB43-E4F9 Flaming bottles do 2x damage
DD4B-7DF1 + DD43-E4F9 Flaming bottles do no damage
EE4B-7DF1 + EE43-E4F9 Flaming bottles kill