Super NES Game Genie codes - Revolution X

CBA0-4DDD Infinite CDs
D96D-44DA Gold CDs are worth 5
F96D-44DA Gold CDs are worth 25
9D6D-44DA Gold CDs are worth 50
CD6D-44DA Gold CDs are worth 100
D96D-4FDA Silver CDs worth 5
F96D-4FDA Silver CDs worth 25
9D6D-4FDA Silver CDs worth 50
CD6D-4FDA Silver CDs worth 100
C2CE-1FAC Infinite energy
DEB8-1D0D + DEB6-340B Start with very little energy
00B8-1D0D + 00B6-340B Start with about 1/4 energy
66B8-1D0D + 66B6-340B Start with about 1/2 energy
AAB8-1D0D + AAB6-340B Start with about 3/4 energy

Note: This was also an arcade game with 2 "game machine guns" for players to aim with