Super NES Game Genie codes - The Ren and Stimpy Show: Time Warp

Codes only work for player one.

EE33-1F62 Flash longer after you die
EE33-1F62 Don't flash after you die
3CB1-14AC Infinite lives
CBBE-4468 + 6DBE-47D8 + DDBE-4768 + 62BE-47A8 Don't have to charge special attack
82ED-4DD6 Infinite energy
82EA-34D6 Energy never goes back up
CBEF-440B + 17EF-446B + 3CEF-47DB + 3CEF-470B Get 1 kitty gritty get 99
DD3A-1DA2 Start with 1 lives
D03A-1DA2 Start with 5 lives
DB3A-1DA2 Start with 10 lives