Dream TV

8FA6 3DA8 + 8FAA 3FA8 Almost infinite energy
DDCE C7DC Infinite lives
D9B8 1F04 Start with 5 lives
DFB8 1F04 Start with 1 life
D6B8 1F04 Start with 8 lives
8F23 3768 Monsters take only 1 hit to kill--except skeletons
8F84 17D8 Mega-jump--switch off to land again
DDC7 1DD8 Can't get hit--some characters are white
4DBD CF04 Start with 2/3 energy--1st life
4DCE CD0C Start with 2/3 energy--after 1st life
FDBD CF04 Start with1st life has 1/3 energy--1st life
FDCE CD0C Start with 1/3 energy--after 1st life