Castlevania - Dracula X

C96D-17FF Infinite energy
4D21-1707 Start with half energy
F421-1707 Start with 1/4 energy
7D21-1707 Start with 3/4 energy
DD29-1763 Small hearts worth 0
FD29-1763 Small hearts worth 10
4929-1763 Small hearts worth 25
C9A6-3D94 Item Crash doesn't use hearts
6D81-170F Start with 99 hearts
9D81-170F Start with 50 hearts
4981-170F Start with 25 hearts
DD85-1D6F Start with 1 life
DB85-1D6F Start with 10 lives
4085-1D6F Start with 25 lives
0B85-1D6F Start with 50 lives
BB85-1D6F Start with 99 lives
C9AF-47A7 Infnite lives
49A4-44D7 Start with 25 hearts after you die
9DA4-44D7 Start with 50 hearts after you die
BBA4-44D7 Start with 99 hearts after you die
DD6F-CFBF No Invincibility after gettting hit
EE6F-CFBF More invincibility after getting hit
C969-CD2D 1 hit and you're invincible
Castlevania - Dracula X