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Thread Title: Breath of Fire 2 Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

Game Genie Codes, GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. (some codes are official and others are unofficial).

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    Strago Breath of Fire 2 Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Breath of Fire 2

    46DA-87D4 Main character is different
    45DA-87D4 Main character is different
    FDDA-87D4 Main character is different
    F4DA-87D4 Main character is different
    F0DA-87D4 Main character is different
    74DA-8F64 Start with 50 HP
    10DA-8F64 Start with 100 HP
    B1DA-8F64 Start with 150 HP
    ECDA-8F64 Start with 250 HP
    DFDA-8FA4 + E0DA-8F64 Start with 500 HP
    D4DA-8FA4 + 33DA-8F64 Start with 750 HP
    FEDA-8FA4 Start with a lot of HP
    74DA-8464 Start with 50 AP
    10DA-8464 Start with 100 AP
    B1DA-8464 Start with 150 AP
    ECDA-8464 Start with 250 AP
    DFDA-84A4 + E0DA-8464 Start with 500 AP
    D4DA-84A4 + 33DA-8464 Start with 750 AP
    FEDA-84A4 Start with a lot of AP
    DDDA-8704 Start with 0 strength
    EEDA-8704 Start with MEGA strength
    DDDA-8764 Start with 0 stamina
    EEDA-8764 Start with MEGA stamina
    DDDA-87A4 Start with 0 agility
    EEDA-87A4 Start with MEGA agility
    DDD3-84D4 Start with 0 wisdom
    EED3-84D4 Start with MEGA wisdom
    DDD3-8404 Start with 0 luck
    EED3-8404 Start with MEGA luck
    EED3-87D4 Start with MEGA experience points
    C9FA-EFA6 Infinite HP in battle scenes

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    Default Re: Breath of Fire 2 Game Genie Codes

     ____  ___   ___     _______       ___  _____    _____ _____  ___   ____
     |   / |   \ |      /\   | |   |   /   \ |__      |       |   |   \ |
     |---\ |__ / |--   /__\  | |---|   \___/ |        |---    |   |___/ |---
     |___/ |   \ |___ /    \ | |   |                  |     __|__ |   \ |____
                                       |     |             
      ------                  ___      |     |       ------   ___          ___ 
     |         /\   |\    /| |     ____|_____|____  |        |    |\  | | |   
     |    --- /__\  | \  / | |--                    |    --- |--  | \ | | |---
     |_____| /    \ |  \/  | |___                   |_____|  |___ |  \| | |___
                           BREATH OF FIRE 2 GAME GENIE GUIDE

    Table of Contents:
    1. About this FAQ
    2. Version History
    3. Why Some Codes Don't Work
    4. Character Start-Up Codes
    -Character Codes
    -Weapons, Armor, and Items
    5. Battle Codes
    -Before Battle
    -During Battle
    -After Battle
    6. Over World Codes
    7. Town Codes
    8. Hunting Ground Codes
    9. Misc. Codes
    10. Item Change Codes
    11. Notes and Thanks

    1. About this FAQ

    This FAQ is copyright insannescorp55 (Elliot Olsen)
    ([email protected]). If you want to post this FAQ or use any of the
    codes in this FAQ on a website please contact me first and I will probably
    let you use it.

    2. Version History

    Version 1.0 - All codes entered, FAQ completed.

    Wednesday July 10, 2002

    3. Why Don't Some Codes Work?

    I have been receiving complaints from people about codes not working
    on their game. Based on my experience and other sources, I will explain why
    some codes don't work for your game.
    You see Nintendo sued Galoob many years ago, to try to stop Galoob from
    making Game Genies. Nintendo lost the lawsuit.
    Nintendo is actually changing the configuration in the game decks they
    are selling. One batch of decks lets you use your present codes. The next
    batch of decks made and released are so configured that they will not accept
    the old and proven Game Genie codes. The codes you receive are correct (This
    came from an anonymous informant).
    Nintendo also changes the configuration of their games. I made this
    observation after buying another Final Fantasy 3 game. I have noticed that
    there are still codes that won't work for both of them. This led me to
    believe that Nintendo is creating different versions of the games they make.
    They are doing this to either fix the bugs in their games and to frustrate
    Galoob from finding more codes.

    4. Character Startup Codes

    Character Codes

    EED2-8D04 Hero starts with Super Condition

    EED2-8D64 Change the item equipped in the Hero's weapon slot when
    starting a new game.

    EED2-8DD4 Hero starts with 510 Vigor and 296 Agility

    EED2-8DD4 Hero starts with 510 Vigor and 296 Agility

    EED2-8D04 Hero starts with Super Condition

    EED3-8464 Hero starts with 255 EXP

    EED3-84A4 Hero starts 65280 EXP

    D7DA-8FA4+ Hero starts with 999 HP

    D7DA-84A4+ Hero starts with 999 AP


    xx62-8D64 Replace xx with the following to start young Ryu with ________
    in his Wepn slot

    xx62-8F64 Replace xx with the following to start young Ryu with ________
    in his Armr slot

    0062-8F04+ Replace xx with the following to start young Ryu with ________
    xx62-8FD4 in his Shld slot

    xxD2-87D4+ Replace xx with the following to start young Ryu with ________
    ECD2-8704 in his 2nd Etc. slot

    0062-8404+ Replace xx with the following to start young Ryu with ________
    xx62-84D4 in his Helm slot

    xx62-8464+ Replace xx with the following to start young Ryu with ________
    FF62-84A4 in his 1st Etc. slot
    00 - Collar         01 - WindBR         02 - Charm          03 - ShinyBR
    04 - SkullBR        05 - LoveBR         06 - GutsBT         07 - WiseHoop
    08 - LifeBR         09 - HolySF         0A - IronBR         0B - KramerBR
    0C - D.Earing       0D - FastShoe       0E - *Blank*        0F - DmndBR
    10 - SilverDR       11 - KingSD         12 - QuartrST       13 - IronKN
    14 - RevetKN        15 - LongRP         16 - LongSD         17 - IvyWP
    18 - TwinBW         19 - MagicRG        1A - BronzeST       1B - BusterSD
    1C - CrossBW        1D - TreeST         1E - BurnKN         1F - HexadST
    20 - MagmaAR        21 - EarthAR        22 - DragonAR       23 - LifeAR
    24 - SilverAR       25 - BraveAR        26 - Bandana        27 - FrozenAR
    28 - SacredSH       29 - WindRB         2A - CrmsnCL        2B - BlndedAR
    2C - RainbwRB       2D - BreathAR       2E - NinjaML        2F - OceanRB
    30 - Noe'sRB        31 - WhiteSH        32 - HolySH         33 - DragonSH
    34 - JahAR          35 - FlameSH        36 - IceSH          37 - HeroAR
    38 - GiantSH        39 - WisdomRB       3A - StarSH         3B - BlndedML
    3C - BlndedSH       3D - MamothCL       3E - ElemntAR       3F - MotherRB
    40 - Mckrl          41 - Tuna           42 - Tendon         43 - Beef
    44 - G8Bait         45 - Minnow         46 - Unagi          47 - Srdine
    48 - Chkn           49 - Bait           4A - Meat           4B - Snper
    4C - PileWm         4D - Shrimp         4E - Liver          4F - Urchin
    50 - NinjaDR        51 - StockRP        52 - GoblinSD       53 - EmpireSD
    54 - WoodenDR       55 - FlameSD        56 - StarrSD        57 - MothDR
    58 - DragonSD       59 - ShortRP        5A - KingOfDR       5B - DamageSD
    5C - BreakSD        5D - WizardRG       5E - ElmoreSD       5F - FireRG
    60 - DeathBW        61 - SnakeST        62 - BlastKN        63 - KaiserKN
    64 - IceBW          65 - HeatST         66 - BirchST        67 - BusterBW
    68 - MeowST         69 - WonderRP       6A - CloakKN        6B - ThndrST
    6C - RiotST         6D - FireBW         6E - FinalKN        6F - AutoBW
    70 - DeadSoup       71 - Biscuit        72 - IceChunk       73 - Tolen
    74 - SprRib         75 - Octopus        76 - PanPizza       77 - Charcoal
    78 - KmikzeBL       79 - P.Pourri       7A - Shaker         7B - GoldBar
    7C - FireRock       7D - Roast          7E - HeroBT         7F - Egg
    80 - HolyRB         81 - SuedeAR        82 - SilkGL         83 - BronzeSH
    84 - *Blank*        85 - RangerCL       86 - SokletAR       87 - Bum'sCL
    88 - RistBand       89 - LeotrdCL       8A - SteelAR        8B - MystryHT
    8C - SaladBwl       8D - *Blank*        8E - IronSH         8F - *Blank*
    90 - 100C           91 - 10000C         92 - ShortBW        93 - BronzeSD
    94 - *Blank*        95 - OwlFruit       96 - Cake           97 - 1C
    98 - Mirror         99 - 1000C          9A - BoyDR          9B - *Blank*
    9C - *Blank*        9D - DreamBR        9E - FalseBW        9F - *Blank*
    A0 - BronzeHT       A1 - KnightHT       A2 - WiseRB         A3 - IronML
    A4 - CharmSH        A5 - CrmsnRB        A6 - RoyalHT        A7 - GuardSH
    A8 - ChainML        A9 - GlassRG        AA - IronAR         AB - NationHT
    AC - MoonMask       AD - Shorts         AE - QuickCL        AF - Backlaw
    B0 - GradeDR        B1 - ChuckDR        B2 - ThornWP        B3 - WacWP
    B4 - AmberRG        B5 - BananaDR       B6 - ShadowDR       B7 - ImortlRG
    B8 - ThndrRP        B9 - NorthDR        BA - EmblemRP       BB - DemonDR
    BC - PierceRP       BD - HushRG         BE - DoubleWP       BF - StormRG
    C0 - CrsntSD        C1 - TigerSD        C2 - GlassDR        C3 - LopOffWP
    C4 - NoTwinRP       C5 - SlicerDR       C6 - SoleSD         C7 - BrassST
    C8 - WorthRG        C9 - HolyRP         CA - BrassSD        CB - HandKN
    CC - FalseRG        CD - NatureWP       CE - Fork           CF - 9-TailWP
    D0 - Van.Ext        D1 - MoonDrop       D2 - Stamina        D3 - LuckCndy
    D4 - HelpBL         D5 - Antdt          D6 - WFruit         D7 - Extrac
    D8 - CureAl         D9 - LifePl         DA - WiseBL         DB - Vtmn
    DC - TearDr         DD - *Blank*        DE - PwrFood        DF - Herb
    E0 - DragonHT       E1 - SpiritRB       E2 - DemonSH        E3 - Napkin
    E4 - SunMask        E5 - StoneAR        E6 - SlashGL        E7 - SilverHT
    E8 - GoldAR         E9 - KingHT         EA - MightyAR       EB - ThndrGL
    EC - ArmyGL         ED - MedusaSH       EE - Plate          EF - ShinyHT
    F0 - F.Spice        F1 - Frizbee        F2 - DluxPole       F3 - CharmRod
    F4 - GutsBL         F5 - Medicate       F6 - Gold           F7 - Cond.Up
    F8 - TreePole       F9 - ShaveIce       FA - StickRod       FB - Smoke
    FC - DivideBL       FD - Dinker         FE - Worm           FF - MisoSoup





    74DA-8F64 "START WITH 50 HP"

    10DA-8F64 "Start WITH 100 HP"

    B1DA-8F64 "Start WITH 150 HP"

    ECDA-8F64 "Start WITH 250 HP"

    DFDA-8FA4 +
    E0DA-8F64 "START WITH 500 HP"

    D4DA-8FA4 +
    33DA-8F64 "START WITH 750 HP"


    10DA-8464 "START WITH 100 AP"

    B1DA-8464 "START WITH 150 AP"

    ECDA-8464 "START WITH 250 AP"

    DFDA-84A4 +
    E0DA-8464 "START WITH 500 AP"

    D4DA-84A4 +
    33DA-8464 "START WITH 750 AP"












    5. Battle Codes
    Before Battle

    6621-EFD7 Meet monsters from other land in Hero's home land.

    EE29-E7D7 Meet Chorky (big, really big fly) in Hero's home land. Fight
    this fly for experience.

    EE29-E4D7 Fight E. Sludge (weakest monster) anywhere on the field. Will
    not work in a dungeon or building.

    3323-EFD7 Meet a group of Jacky (monster) anywhere.

    3323-E4D7 Meet a group of Biruburu (monster) in Hero's home land.

    EE28-E4D7 Monsters from other land appear in the land East of Hero's

    During Battle


    EE04-EDD8 999 damage to enemy. Glitches but OK.

    00B8-E7D6 No damage when get hit (Invisible) by the enemy. Work against
    some (or all) Bosses. Now you can use the 999 damage to
    everybody code and feel safe.

    NOTE: The life meter get drained and back to full again but the HP
    remained the same.

    E32E-EF07 Infinite attack to a group of monsters. Glitchy monsters but
    no problem. Code below is better.

    EE2E-EF67 Infinite attack for your party to any monster and anywhere
    (even dungeon and building).

    NOTE: The monster does not attack or counter attack your party.
    It's a free hit.

    NOTE: The infinite attack code will not protect you when your
    name is changed (by the game) to Baba. So, don't use
    this code or your will lose.

    EE20-5DD7 Everybody give one damage.

    3320-E7D4 The party is invisible on screen. In battle: The party member
    is invisible when get hit.

    EE23-5DD7 When attack manually: If you do not choose the monster with
    red life bar, your character will not attack any monster and
    this lead to monster getting free hit.

    EE23-54D7 Life meter length effect. No FX change.

    00B8-E7D6 No damage when get hit (Invisible) by the enemy. Work
    against some (or all) Bosses. Now you can use the 999 damage
    to everybody code and feel safe.

    0060-EFD8 Enemy is invincible.

    When you go into battle many things may occur like the game
    saying Defense, Special, or Critical Attack many times, then
    hitting an enemy over and over. Sometimes you win the battle
    after only killing one enemy (If there are multiple enemies).

    After Battle

    EE20-5467 +
    EE20-5407 To get Super stats for Sten.

    EE27-5467 +
    EE27-5407 To get Super stats for Bow.

    EE20-54D7 +
    EE24-54D7 To get Super stats for Rand.

    EE27-5407 +
    EE24-5467 To get Super stats for Jean.

    EE27-5407 +
    EE20-5467 to get Super stats for Nina and Bleu. Also gives 999 hp to
    Hero, helps others too.

    NOTE: Once they go to L99, no further stats improvements are

    55E5-54D6 Monsters flash different color while dying.

    EEEB-5DD6 Defeated monsters retreat continually across the screen
    (wrapping). Turn off FX to exit battle.

    0DAD-7DD4 Raised to level 70 or above after battle.

    ??C4-EDD8 Change status after battle. ?? = 11, 55, 5E, 77

    EECE-EDD8 Effect in AP area.

    ??60-7DD1 Change color ? to everything.

    E5A0-5FD4 Stay as level 1 after gaining level in battle.

    55A0-54D4 Same as above but no experience show. Done on level 1

    ??A1-57D4 Gain HP after battle. ?? = 11, 55, 77, 99, C?

    5580-E7D7 After leave-battle effect. Show a mess up (look like) battle

    5580-E4A7 After leave-battle effect 2. Blinking screen. Each blink can
    bring out the Huntsvil and/or fishing spot.


    DDAD-7DD4 Raised to level 99 or above after battle.
    NOTE: Does no bring everyone to their full potential.
    EX: RYU (Hero)
    HP: 350+
    AP: 130+

    11AD-7DD4 Raises to level 20 or above after battle.
    Can be used over and over until a certain point.
    This will allow your Hero to develop slowly yet..
    better stats than the ones for level 99. Once it doesn't
    allow you to level up. Use the Level 99 Codes to finish
    it up.

    6. Over World Codes

    EE65-5F01 Walk thru field. Use other codes below to avoid meeting or
    getting killed by strong monster.
    NOTE: If you want the area to show on the map, you have to turn
    this off and select any menu and walk around the area. If FX
    is not off then the area you are on will not show on the
    map. Anyway, you can't see the map while the FX is on.

    ??2F-E767 No music on the field. ?? any number or letter will work.

    AA65-5701 Perfect walk thru wall in town only.(Only work in the town
    you begin). Cannot walk thru wall if in the room.

    EE65-5F01 Perfect walk thru wall on world map.

    EEC1-E7A2 Encounter enemy each step. Ignore the HP and AP number in
    status screen.

    3061-5DA1 After you walk out of town, the screen scroll around the
    world map and back to you. But only to find that Bow
    (the dog) is by himself. Turn the GG off and go into menu
    screen and out. When in battle both character do not exist.
    Game freeze after enemy attack.

    FB0C-7D64 Walk through water on the world map; walk through all land
    except the parts where you can see the rocky type side; and
    best of all, no enemies.

    NOTE: Does not allow you to talk to some people. When this happens,
    leave the room/place, turn off your GG, and come back in.

    EECA-EFD2 On World Map, always fight in the Forest. However, you will
    not actually be in the forest, as Spar's Natr magic doesn't
    call trees or anything, but it is cool. Also you can change
    slots 1&2 to vary the vegetation. Try DF in place of EE.

    7. Town Codes

    AA65-5701 Walk thru building in Hero's home town. Still trying to find
    the universal walk thru wall for every towns. Found the
    starter code that let you enter any building and can't move

    00E0-8FA2 Talk to any sale clerk, bring up the bank menu.

    01AD-5762 Walk into townspeople and your party will be warped to
    different places. But be careful, sometimes they get stuck.

    A20B-77D4 Fight enemies in buildings such as houses, shops, and inns;
    but you won't be able to talk to the owners of some
    establishments with FX on; also have the same effects as

    5581-7DDE Change town people to different person.

    2A30-770F "WALK THRU PERSON"
    You can walk through any person in any area. You can also
    walk through some other objects like treasure chests. The
    only disadvantage is that you won't be able to talk to people
    or get treasure in that area. To solve this problem, leave
    the area and re-enter with the effects off.

    If you talk to somebody, they will probably say something that
    another character in the game says.

    If you talk to somebody or go into battle or a shop, 4 digits
    (It looks like half of a GG code) will appear in the upper
    left hand corner. When you do different things the numbers

    EE3A-EFD2 Switch lead character's graphic when entering or leaving a
    or battle. This includes several Shaman forms as well as all
    the other guys and girls. Note: NEVER go into the Menu screen
    or else it will black out.

    EE3E-EFD2 Hero invisible in town-strange, disconnected scroll of people
    on World Map. Use R button for effect.

    8. Hunting Ground Codes

    DD20-5D07 In Huntvil: Food does not move and Bow's arrow does not move
    either but can still kill Food. Ignore everything else.

    00C0-5DDA Only one member can walk in the Huntvil.
    Altered from Whrek's code BBCD-54AA

    EEC1-54DA When pick up prize after kill (food in Huntvil) the screen
    scroll sideway and back. Now you move the screen not the
    character afterward.

    3320-EFA2 Another WTW code for HUNTSVIL. This time the animal can't
    hide in the grass brushes.

    9. Notes and Thanks

    Thanks to Jeff "CjayC" Veasey for posting this FAQ and hosting GameFAQs.com.

    DO NOT RECOPY THIS DOCUMENT! If you want to use these codes on another site
    please email me first ([email protected]).

    (c) 2002 insannescorp55 (Elliot Olsen)

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    Default Breath of Fire 2 Game Genie Codes: Breath of Fire II: Spell Cost Modifier Code FAQ by Storm

                                    /                       /
                                   /                       /
    ============================= /       -----------------  =====================
                                 /       /		   
                                /       /		   	
                               /        ----------------
                              /                       /
                             /                       /
                            -----------------       /
                                           /       /
                                          /       /
    ==================== -----------------       / ===============================
                        /                       /
                       /                       / 

    Copyright 2000,01 Storm (Scott Saniti Jr.), All rights reserved.
    The text of this file may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
    transmitted, or published, in any form or by any means, electronic,
    mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without being fully creditted
    and without the prior written permission from Storm.
    E-mail to [email protected].

    This file is designed to be read in a
    fixed width font capable of displaying
    at least 80 characters per line.


    Author: Storm ([email protected])
    Homepage: http://www.planetstorm.net
    Version: 1.0
    Date: December 13, 2000


    Part 1 - Introduction
    Part 2 - How to use the codes
    Part 3 - Modifier Values
    Part 4 - Codes


    The codes in this guide allow you to change the AP cost for the spells
    in Breath of Fire 2 (SNES).

    Please read all information before using the codes.

    NOTE: This file may not be distributed in any means by anyone. If you
    wish to share these codes, you may distribute the link to the page where
    you found this file, but not the link to the file itself.

    For more original Game Genie codes for this game and a few others, visit
    http://www.planetstorm.net/cheatzone, for more information on the author
    visit http://www.planetstorm.net/storm.

    If the codes don't work on your game, you probably have a different
    version of BoF2, Game Genie, or SNES control deck. This is due to either
    Nintendo fixing bugs in the games or to hinder Galoob from finding more
    codes. Try changing the third letter of the code.

    Storm or any of his affiliates can't be held responsible for anything
    that happens to your saved data, so use the codes at your own risk.


    The codes below allow you to change the AP cost for magic spells in
    the game. To make the spells cost 0 AP, put 'DD' as the first two
    letters. For a full list of values, please see my Game Genie values
    list. Remember that the spell cost will now affect everybody including
    enemies, so if you set it to 0, be sure that you are careful of
    enemies that might cast a strong spell on your party. The codes affect
    both in and out of battle situations.


      CODE       SPELL                    CODE       SPELL
    =========   =======                 =========   =======
    ??6C-E4F9   8.0                     ??67-E4F9   Freeze
    ??6B-84F9   Ag-Down                 ??61-74F1	G-Drgn **
    ??67-84F9   Ag-Up	            ??69-74F1   G-Drgn **
    ??6A-E4F9   Angel	            ??60-E4F9   Hail
    ??60-84F9   Atk-Up                  ??6A-54F9   Heal
    ??61-E4F9   Bolt X                  ??65-84F9   Hush
    ??66-E4F9   Bomb	            ??67-74F1   IceDrgn *
    ??6D-E4F9   Boombada                ??6D-74F1   IcePuppy *
    ??64-E4F9   Cold	            ??61-84F9   Idle
    ??64-54F9   Cure 1                  ??6B-E4F9   Missile
    ??63-E4F9   Cure 2                  ??6C-84F9   Pwr-Down
    ??6D-54F9   Cure 3                  ??62-54F9   Renew
    ??6C-54F9   Cure 4                  ??63-54F9   Renew X
    ??68-54F9   Cure X                  ??68-84F9   Sap
    ??67-54F9   CurePsn                 ??6F-54F9   S-Boom
    ??62-E4F9   Death	            ??69-84F9   Shield
    ??66-84F9   Def-Down                ??6A-84F9   Smoke
    ??64-84F9   Def-Up                  ??6B-54F9   Spark
    ??6F-84F9   Def-UpX                 ??60-74F1   T-Drgn *
    ??69-54F9   Drain	            ??69-E4F9   Thunder
    ??63-84F9   Exit	            ??6E-84F9   TimeWarp
    ??61-54F9   Fireball                ??65-E4F9   Tornado
    ??64-74F1   FireDrgn *              ??6F-74F1   T-Puppy *
    ??6E-E4F9   FirPuppy *              ??60-54F9   Typhoon
    ??6F-E4F9   Flame	            ??62-84F9   Warp
    TIP: You can also set the cost of a spell to 'EE' (255) to avoid having
    an enemy cast the spell on you, for example: tired of a certain enemy casting
    'Death' on you, you could just put 'EE62-E4F9' to make the Death spell cost
    255 and most likely they will not be able to cast it! One more thing about
    this, just flip the Game Genie off when it's your turn and the spell will
    be its normal cost.


    To make the game a little easier for you, try putting 'EE' for the
    first two letters for the codes below. It will keep most enemies from
    using their special attack!

    ??64-54F1 Chopchop
    ??6F-54F1 ColdBrth
    ??6E-74F1 Curse
    ??67-54F1 Dice
    ??6D-54F1 FireBrth
    ??60-54F1 GrndBeef
    ??69-54F1 Horror
    ??68-74F1 Psn-Atck
    ??6A-74F1 Psn-Brth
    ??61-54F1 Psn-Chop
    ??68-E4F9 RotBrth
    ??63-74F1 SwtBrth
    ??65-74F1 Zombie


    (*) Changing the cost of any of the hero's dragon spells may affect
    how much damage they deal.

    (**) There are two versions of the G.Drgn spell. One is where you have
    to use it against Ray, and the other is for normal battle usage.


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    Default Re: Breath of Fire 2 Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Miscellaneous Codes...
    Unlimited Z (Money) [GMO]
    028C1A12 0000FFFF

    Max Z (Money) [GMO]
    028C1A12 00003F42
    008C1A14 0000000F

    Unlimited Items Upon Pick-Up [GMO]
    088C1A29 00000009
    10300002 00000000

    Hero Current HP [GMO]
    028BDA10 0000E703

    Hero Max HP [GMO]
    028BDA12 0000E703

    Hero Current AP [GMO]
    028BDA14 0000E703

    Hero Max AP [GMO]
    028BDA16 0000E703

    Hero Quick Level Up [GMO]
    808C1BD6 00007F96
    808C1BD8 00000098

    Bow Current HP [GMO]
    028BDAB0 0000E703

    Bow Max HP [GMO]
    028BDAB2 0000E703

    Bow Current AP [GMO]
    028BDAB4 0000E703

    Bow Max AP [GMO]
    028BDAB6 0000E703

    Bow Quick Level Up [GMO]
    028C1C16 00007F96
    008C1C18 00000098

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