Battletoads in Battlemaniacs

DF6D-0D0D Start with 2 lives
D96D-0D0D Start with 6 lives
DB6D-0D0D Start with 10 lives
8986-CF01 Infinite lives--both players--Except Level 2, doesn't work on falling
8026-CD08 Infinite lives when falling
DD6D-04AD Start with 0 continues
D96D-04AD Start with 5 continues
DB6D-04AD Start with 9 continues
6D20-34A8 After getting hurt, for a while enemies won't attack and you're invisible
8280-4DD9 Take less damage from hits
82A7-3FAF Protection against most strength level 1 hits
8982-CFD1 Protection against most strength level 2 hazards
With the next two codes, you may continue with various numbers of lives
C96A-346F Infinite continues--player 1
C96B-34DF Infinite continues--player 2