Adventures of Batman and Robin

DB86-4FC9 Start with 9 lives--not on easy
D186-4FC9 Start with 6 lives--not on easy mode
DD86-4FC9 Start with 1 life--not on easy mode
DB86-4D19 Start with 9 credits
D186-4D19 Start with 6 credits
DD86-4D19 No credits
C988-340D Infinite lives
DD8A-4D6D No damage from enemies
DDB3-376F Don't start with any stars & spray gun ammo
FBB3-376F Start with 25 stars & spray gun ammo when starting game
77B3-376F Start with 50 stars & spray gun ammo when starting game
DDBE-3F0F Don't start with any explosives & smoke bomb ammo
FBBE-3F0F Start with 25 explosives & smoke bomb ammo
77BE-3F0F Start with 50 explosives & smoke bomb ammo
C9A1-34AF Infinite stars
C9A5-34DF Infinite spray gun ammo
C9AB-3D6F Infinite plastic explosives
C9A6-3F0F Infinite smoke bombs
466B-4494 Get full energy from hearts
4DAF-14DF Moon jumping
E6C7-34DF Super jumping
DD8D-C765 + EE8F-CDD5 Move slower
D08D-C765 + E88F-CDD5 Move faster
D58D-C765 + E68F-CDD5 Move even faster

On the next three codes, switch off if you get stuck

E38D-C765 + DF8F-CDD5 Moon-walk
E88D-C765 + D08F-CDD5 Moon-walk faster
E68D-C765 + E58F-CDD5 Moon-walk even faster