AAAHH!!! Real Monsters

C282-04A7 Infinite energy
DD8E-4DD7 Infinite garbage
DDC8-0FAF Get nothing for each trash bag
4DC8-0FAF Get 20 for each trash bag
88C8-0FAF Get 100 for each trash bag
DDC0-3FDF Infinite lives
DDAA-1464 Infinite scares
DDCE-6F6D 1-ups worth nothing
D7CE-6F6D 1-ups worth 3
D9CE-6F6D 1-ups worth 5
DFC7-17FC Start with 1 life
DBC7-17FC Start with 10 lives
0BC7-17FC Start with 50 lives
DD69-37BF Start with 0 special scares
FD69-37BF Start with 10 special scares
4D69-37BF Start with 20 special scares
DDCA-AF0D Monster books are worth nothing
D4CA-AF0D Monster books are worth 2
FDCA-AF0D Monster books are worth 10
DDCB-A7DD Most health power-ups worth nothing
D4CB-A7DD Most health power-ups worth more