Gotta post about this amazing game. Has anyone ever played it?
It was one of the first games ever made by Blizzard back in 1992. (They are now mainly known for World of Warcraft and Starcraft)
It was released on other systems, like the Genesis, DOS, Amiga, and later on GBA. (GBA version is a good port.)

It's an action/puzzle game where you control 3 vikings, each with their own unique abilities. Only one can jump, another has a shield/can float with it, and is the only with weapons, a knife and bow/arrow he can also use to hit switches and buttons.

You have to switch back and fourth between them, solve each level, and get them all to the exit without any of them dieing.
It's very addicting, fun, and original. It's an amazing game.

You can also play a Flash Demo of the game at Blizzards site, to get to know it.