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Thread Title: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: Hidden Chests Locations by PContaminator

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    Default Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: Hidden Chests Locations by PContaminator

    Pool Contaminator

    ***Version info*** Version1.0 I probably not update this FAQ due to
    the fact that there is nothing to update!!!

    Hello, I am the Pool Contaminator you can reach me at [email protected].
    This FAQ cannot be reproduced in any way without my say so!!!

    CHEST 1: In the Mushroom Kingdom, when you first enter this place at
    the beginning of the game, enter the palace and hop on toads head as he
    starts walking towards the first door jump on the place above the door
    and the box is up there. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 2: In the Mushroom Kingdom, In the basement of the Item shop
    there is a man who will tell you where the chest is. (Flower)

    CHEST 3: In the same room as Chest #2, in the Rightmost corner of the
    room there is a box. You will need to jump of the guys head to reach
    it. (Flower)

    CHEST 4: In the bandits way, there is a spinning flower, jump on it
    and jump Up/Right at a diagonal angle. (KeroKeroCola)

    CHEST 5: In Rosetown, there is an item shop in the rightmost corner.
    Climb the boxes on the side of the building to get on the roof and go
    down the chimney like you would a pipe. Now you should be on top of
    a book case, move to the bottom right part of the case and jump.
    (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 6: In Rosetown, go to the house on the hill that has a switch to
    the stairs. Go upstairs and jump on the bed. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 7: In the forest maze, in the very first section go to the
    topleft corner and jump.

    CHEST 8: In the forest maze, After getting out of the fist under
    ground part you should be at a section that has a stump and a bee
    guarding the exit. go to the upper left corner and jump its some where
    around there. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 9: In the forest maze, go to the section where you see seven
    stumps being patrolled by two wigglers. Go into the farthest stump way
    in back there should only be a sleeping wiggler in here jump behind it
    and there is an invisible treasure chest there. (KeroKeroCola)

    CHEST 10: In the forest maze, in the section with seven stumps, go to
    the bottom right stump. there should be little spots of light on the
    ground. go to the larger spot of light in the center-bottom and jump.

    CHEST 11: In the Forest Maze, in the section with the seven stumps, go
    to the middle left stump. There should be no enemies in here. Go to
    the small light spot really close to the trampoline, from there move
    up/right two or three steps then jump. (Empty)

    CHEST 12: IN the forest maze, in the section with the save box, go to
    the upper-right corner and jump. (Red Essence)

    CHEST 13: In the pipe vault, there is a section with a long row of
    pipes. Go down the 2nd pipe and there should be a top row and a bottom
    row. The top row is a little hard to reach, get right in front of
    where the top and the bottom rows line up and jump, this should make a
    yellow block appear. Use the yellow block to get to the top row. Step
    forward 4 spaces and jump. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 14: In the pipe vault, step forward 4 spaces from where chest #
    13 is and jump. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 15: In yo'ster isle, Next to the entrance to the pipe vault,
    there should be a save box. Jump behind it and jump. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 16: In booster pass, in the first section go left of the
    entrance and climb the hill. The top of the hill should have only one
    cactus on it, get on the cactus and jump. (Flower)

    CHEST 17: In the first section of booster pass climb the hill in front
    of you. When next to the exit at the top go to the left corner than
    turn around so Mario is facing you. Take one step forward and jump.
    (Rock Candy)

    CHEST 18: In the second section of boosters tower where snifits are
    coming down the stairs, go to the to of the stairs and go to the corner
    to mario's right. Then step to the left on a black tile and jump.
    (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 19: In Boosters tower, after the thwomp see-saws you to the room
    with parachuting snifits, go to the farthest bottom-left corner and
    jump. It should be a black tile. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 20: At the top of boosters tower, where there are three yellow
    blocks making stairs along the wall and there is a save block there,
    climb the yellow block staircase and jump on top of the already present
    treasure-box. Once on top, jump! (Goodie bag)

    CHEST 21: In the same room as chest #20, go to the lower right corner
    and jump, its somewhere in that area! (Mushroom)

    CHEST 22: Spend the night in a regular room in the Marrymore Inn.
    Once you wake up, climb the shelf on the left side of the room and
    jump. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 23: This ones tough to follow!!! In the sunken ship with the
    fake Mario, there should be a few spots of light on the ground. Try to
    jump on the fake mario's head while he is standing on the light spot in
    the middle of the room. From there is an invisible box about 1-2
    spaces away from the lower wall, hit it with your head if you do the
    treasure should appear. (Flower)

    CHEST 24: In lands end, go to the cannon that shoots you to a platform
    moving up and down. On that platform turn so you can only see mario's
    back(push Up) and run and jump of the platform in that direction.

    CHEST 25: In the second section of Lands end, stand between the
    platform and the cannon and leap to reveal a hidden platform. Using
    the cannon, propel yourself on this platform and reach the high place
    that was inaccessible before. Once here move to the farthest left
    corner and jump. (Flower)

    CHEST 26: In the section just before the sky bridge, there should be a
    plateau that has many levels just like a staircase. Be side the
    plateau there are two stationary purple flowers jump between them.
    (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 27: Beneath the sky bridge, there is a cave that leads back to
    the kero sewers. Once back here in the first section go to the corner
    in the back, evade the chow and leap over to get the treasure (Frog

    CHEST 28: After the first part of belome's temple where your fortune
    is fulfilled, a gate will open leading to a room with two visible
    treasure's. Climb the ledge and go to the left so your on a ledge
    facing on of the treasures. Jump onto the treasure that is closer to
    the entrance to this room and jump to reveal a hidden treasure above
    it. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 29: In the same room that chest 28 is in, you'll notice that the
    floor is made with tiles. Descend the stairs, so your on the first row
    of tiles then move along that row to the corner and jump. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 30: In Monstro town, go to the room with the exit door. Jump
    behind the bush and jump. (Flower)

    CHEST 31: In the bean valley, in the first section go down the right
    pipe, to the second section. Here go to the farthest left corner and
    jump. (Rock Candy)

    CHEST 32: In the section with 5 piranha plants growing out of pipes in
    bean valley, go into the lower right pipe. Go under the already
    visible treasure box and move to the left, to the 2nd to the last row
    of tiles, go onto the center tile and jump. (KeroKeroCola)

    CHEST 33: In bean valley, in the section with the five piranha pipes,
    go down the pipe to the far right and go to the farthest right point
    and move down 1 tile and jump (Red Essence)

    CHEST 34: In Nimbus land, go to the item shop and jump onto the box's
    in the back once on-top go to the highest point of the box's and jump
    toward-the desk. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 35: In Nimbus Land, go to the grand hallway and go to the
    upper-right corner next to the bird and jump. (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 36: In Nimbus land, in the palace, in the room that has pink
    walls, jump on the floating box and jump! (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 37: In the palace of nimbus land, right outside the small room
    where everyone is being held, go outside the room, move along the wall
    two steps away from the entrance to the small room and jump. (Frog

    CHEST 38: In the same room as chest 37, move along the wall to the
    left at the base of the stairs. If you found a secret entrance your on
    the right track, now follow the path until you reach the end and jump.
    (Frog Coin)

    CHEST 39: In smithy's factory in the first small room with only a save
    box in the center, go to the corner to the left and jump. (Mushroom)

    Congratulations, you have now completed the hardest and most time
    consuming side quest in Super Mario RPG. But its also the one that
    pays off the most!!!

    Coming Soon: My very own complete Walkthrough/FAQ for Super Mario RPG.
    Includes Complete Indepth Walkthrough of SMRPG, All optional quests,
    Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Items, Psychopath and Wish list, Inn and
    Shop Guide, and more...

    *I would like to thank Nintendo and Squaresoft for making the game
    (obviously) and Nintendo again a whole lot for making the players guide
    which I used as a reference for some of the treasure box's.

    *Thanks to Gamefaqs, for posting this FAQ. I know I can annoy CJayC
    sometimes with my constant E-mail so for I'm glad he's willing to even
    post this.

    *Thank you ED THE MOOGLE for helping me and encouraging me to do this.

    *Thanks to Kenny and Karl Schwab for just being the butt of all my
    jokes but more importantly being really cool friends.

    *Thanks to Cindy, you know who you are.

    *And last but not least.....I thank myself (one of the laziest people
    on earth) for summing up the energy to write this FAQ.

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    Default Re: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars: Hidden Chests Locations by PContaminator

    Super Mario RPG Weapons
    These tables and lists are from http://mikesrpgcenter.com/smrpg/smrpg.html
    Name At Cost Found
    Hammer 10 - Defeat Hammer Bros in Mushroom Way
    123 Seaside Town
    NokNok 20 - From toad ad bottom of Midas River
    20 Seaside Town
    Punch Glove 30 36 Moleville, Seaside Town
    Super Hammer 40 70 Marrymore, The Sea, Seaside Town
    Masher 50 - Found in Booster’s Tower
    Troopa Shell 50 90 Seaside Town
    Mega Glove 60 102
    Ultra Hammer 70 - Factory
    Froggie Stick 20 - From FrogFucius
    Cymbals 30 42 Moleville, Seaside Town
    Whomp Glove 40 72 Marrymore, The Sea, Seaside Town
    Ribbit Stick 50 86 Seaside Town
    Sticky Glove 60 98
    Sonic Cymbals 70 - In Bowser’s Castle behind an action door
    Finger Shot 12 - From Gaz in Roseville
    50 Moleville, Seaside Town
    Hand Gun 24 75 Marrymore, The Sea, Seaside Town
    Double Punch 35 88 Seaside Town
    Hand Cannon 45 105
    Chomp Shell 9 60 Marrymore, Seaside Town
    Chomp 10 - In Ancestor Room in Booster’s Tower
    Hurly Gloves 20 92 The Sea, Seaside Town
    Spiked Link 30 94 Monstro Town
    Drill Claw 40 - In Bowser’s Castle behind an enemy door
    Slap Glove 40 - Starts game with it
    100 Seaside Town
    Parasol 50 84 Seaside Town
    War Fan 60 100
    Frying Pan 90 300 Third item mole finds in mine

    Name De MD Cost Found
    Shirt 6 6 7 Mushroom Kingdom, Seaside Town
    Thick Shirt 12 8 14 Rose Town
    Work Pants* 15 5 22 Moleville
    Mega Shirt 18 10 22 Moleville, Seaside Town
    Happy Shirt 24 12 38 Marrymore, Seaside Town
    Sailor Shirt 30 15 50 The Sea, Seaside Town
    Fuzzy Shirt 36 18 70
    Fire Shirt 42 21 90 Barrel Volcano
    Hero Shirt 48 24 100 Bowser’s Castle
    Pants 6 3 7 Mushroom Kingdom, Seaside Town
    Thick Pants 12 6 14 Rose Town, Seaside Town
    Work Pants* 15 5 22 Moleville
    Mega Pants 18 9 22 Moleville, Seaside Town
    Happy Pants 24 12 38 Marrymore, Seaside Town
    Sailor Pants 30 15 50 The Sea, Seaside Town
    Fuzzy Pants 36 18 70
    Fire Pants 42 21 90 Barrel Volcano
    Prince Pants 46 24 100 Bowser’s Castle
    Mega Cape 6 3 22 Moleville, Seaside Town
    Work Pants* 15 5 22 Moleville
    Happy Cape 12 6 38 Marrymore, Seaside Town
    Sailor’s Cape 18 9 50 The Sea, Seaside Town
    Fuzzy Cape 24 12 70
    Fire Cape 30 15 90 Barrel Volcano
    Star Cape 36 18 100 Bowser’s Castle
    Work Pants* 15 5 22 Moleville
    Happy Shell 6 3 38 Marrymore, Seaside Town
    Courage Shell 12 6 60 Monstro Town
    Fire Shell 18 9 90 Barrel Volcano
    Heal Shell 24 12 100 Bowser’s Castle
    Polka Dress 24 12 - Starts the game with it
    NauticaDress 30 15 50 The Sea, Seaside Town
    Fuzzy Dress 36 18 70
    Fire Dress 42 21 90 Barrel Volcano
    Royal Dress 48 24 100 Bowser’s Castle
    * Work Pants also increase attack and magic attack by 10

    Level Ex Level Ex Level Ex Level Ex Level Ex
    1 7 13 19 3490 25 6692
    2 8 14 1640 20 3950 26 7320
    3 9 15 1950 21 4440 27 7968
    4 10 16 2290 22 4960 28 8634
    5 11 17 2660 23 5510 29 9315
    6 12 18 3060 24 6088 30 9999

    Name HP Ex Gold Power Up Item
    Alley Rat 105 3 Once Again
    Amanita 52 3 0 HP Max Mushroom
    Amebiod 220 49-51 0
    Apprentice 120 1-3 4
    Arachne 82 6
    Armored Ant 230 5
    Artichoker 200 10-12 10
    Axem Black* 550 (50) 0 - -
    Axem Green* 450 (50) 0 - -
    Axem Pink* 400 (50) 0 - -
    Axem Rangers* 999 (50) 0 - -
    Axem Red* 800 (50) 0 - -
    Axem Yellow* 600 (50) 0 - -
    Bahamutt 500
    Bandana Blue* 150 0 Lucky -
    Bandana Red* 120 18 10 Once Again -
    Belome* 30 40 - -
    Belome* 1200 150 20 - -
    Big Bertha 350 35-36 14 Defence Up
    Birdo* 777 (60) (30) - -
    Birdy 150 16 3 Attack Up
    Blaster 120 0 Defence Up
    Bloober 130 12 0 Lucky
    Bluebird 200 14 6 Defence Up Bracer
    Bob-omb 90 4 0 Pick Me Up
    Body 300 (78-80) 0 Defence Up
    Body guard* - -
    Boomer* 2000 57 9 - -
    Bowyer* 720 60 50 - -
    Box Boy* 900 150 Attack Up -
    Bundt* 900 (75) 0 - -
    Buzzer 43 4 1 Attack Up
    Carroboscis 90 4 HP Max
    Chained Kong 355 35-37 8
    Chewy 90 14-15 0 Attack Up Sleepy Bomb
    Chomp 100 0
    Chomp Chump 150 12 20 Crystalline
    Chow 80 Attack Up
    Clerk* 500 50 20 - -
    Cloaker* 1200 (120) 0 - -
    Cluster 60 8 8 Defence Up
    Corkpedite 200 (78-80) 8 Attack Up
    Count Down* 2400 (200) 100 - -
    Croco* 16 10 - -
    Crook 38 10 10
    Crusty 80 24-26 7 Attack Up
    Czar Dragon* 1400 (150) 0 - -
    Dandorite* 20 30 - Flower Jar
    Ding-A-Ling* 1200 (200) 0 Attack Up -
    Director* 1000 80 - -
    Dodo* 800 70 0 - -
    Domino* 900 (120) 0 - -
    Doppel 333 40-42 12 Attack Up
    Dry Bones 0 11-12 5
    Enigma 150 10-11 5 HP Max
    Exor* 1800 (100) 0 - -
    Factory Chief* 1000 (180) (100) - -
    Fautso* 420 0 - -
    Fink Flower 200 2 HP Max
    Fireball 10 8-9 0 Lucky Pick Me Up
    Forkies 350 32-33 14 HP Max Sleepy Bomb
    Frogog 80 3-4 4 Hp Max
    Geckit 100 0 Once Again
    Gecko 92 10-12 0 HP Max
    Glum Reaper 180 35 3 Attack Up
    Goby 40 3 2 Mushroom
    Goomba 16 1 0 HP Max
    Goombette 100 0 Attack Up
    Gorgon 140 0 HP Max
    Grate Guy* 900 (90) (25) - -
    Greaper 148 13-15 0 Lucky Pure Water
    Gu Goomba 132 15 1 HP Max
    Guerrilla 135 8 8 Able Juice
    Gunyolk* 1500 (180) (100) - -
    Hammer Bro* 3 10 - -
    Heavy Troopa 250 32 4 Defence Up
    Hidon 600 100
    Hippopo 400 78-80 50 Lucky
    Hobgoblin 50 4 3 HP Max Pure Water
    Jabit 150 18 0 Defence Up
    Jagger* 600 0 0 - -
    Jawful 278 0 HP Max
    Jester 151 10
    Jink* 600 - -
    Johnny* 820 - -
    K-g 30 2 0
    King Bomb* 500 0 - -
    King Calamari* 800 (100) 100 - -
    Knife Guy* 700 (90) (25) - -
    Kriffid 320 6 Defence Up
    Lakitu 124 10 3 Attack Up
    Left Eye* 300 (100) 0 - -
    Leuko 220 3 HP Max
    Li’l Boo 66 29 0 Defence Up
    Machine Made 120 22 0 Once Again
    Machine Made 200 0 HP Max
    Machine Made 100 0 Attack Up
    Machine Made 300 30
    Machine Made 800 180 50
    Machine Made (Bowyer) 1000 150 40
    Mack* 20 - -
    Mad Adder* 1500 (120) 0 - -
    Mad Mallet 200 20 1 Attack Up
    Magikoopa* 1600 10 - -
    Magmite 26 5 1 Lucky
    Magmus 50 18 3 Lucky
    Malakoopa 95 7-8 3 Attack Up
    Manager* 800 - -
    Mastadoom 19-21 0
    Mega Smilax* 1000 (120) 0 - -
    Mezzobomb 150 0 0
    Microbomb 30 0 0
    Mr Kipper 133 8 2 Defence Up
    Muckle 320 6 3 HP Max
    Mukumuku 108 8-9 1 Lucky Maple Syrup
    Neosquid* 800 (100) 0 - -
    Ninja 235 6
    Octolot 99 5-6 4
    Octovader 250 HP Max
    Oerlikon 85 22 0 Attack Up
    Orb User 8 4-6 2
    Orbison 30 16-18 0 Defence Up
    Pinwheel 99 22-24 0
    Pirahna Plant 168 5 5 Attack Up
    Pounder 180
    Poundette 150 3
    Pulsar 69 14-15 12 Lucky Pick Me Up
    Punchinello* 1200 0 0 - -
    Puppox 300
    Pyrosphere 167 17 2 Once Again
    Raspberry* (75) 0 - -
    Rat Funk 32 2 6 Once Again Able Juice
    Reacher 184 8 Defence Up
    Remo Con 88 7-9 7 Lucky
    Ribbite 250
    Right Eye* 500 (100) 0 - -
    Rob-omb 42 6 1 Defence Up
    Sackit 152 19-21 30 Once Again Max Mushroom
    Shadow 85 3-4 2 Lucky
    Shaman 150 17 4 Lucky
    Shelly* 500 (60) (30) - -
    Shogun 150 24 10 Defence Up
    Shy Away 140 30 Lucky
    Shy Guy 78 1
    Shyper* 400 0 0 - -
    Shyster 3 2 Hp Max Honey Syrup
    Sky Troopa 10 1 1
    Sling Shy 120 3 20 Lucky
    Smelter* 1500 0 0 - -
    Smilax* 200 (120) 0 - -
    Smithy(body)* 1000 0 0 - -
    Smithy(first)* 2000 0 0 - -
    Smithy(head)* 8000 0 0 - -
    Snap Dragon 90
    Snifit 200 1-3 15
    Sparky 120 4 1 Defence Up
    Spikester 50 2 Once Again
    Spikey 20 1 2 Attack Up
    Spinthea 230 4 Attack Up
    Spookum 98 7-8 4
    Springer 122 Once Again
    Star Cruster 72
    Starslap 62 2 Once Again
    Stinger 65 13 1 Once Again
    Stumptet 500 15 Defence Up
    Tentacles* 260 (100) 0 - -
    Terra Cotta 180 25 0 Once Again Mushroom
    The Big Boo 43 0 Defence Up
    Torte* 100 - -
    Tub-O-Troopa 500 40-42 11 Lucky
    Valentina* 2000 120 200 - -
    Vomer 0 18-20 0
    Wiggler 120 6 10
    Yaridovich* 1500 120 50 - -
    Zeostar 90 10 3 Once Again
    Zombone* 1800 (150) 0 - -

    Hidden Treasures
    Map Location Area Found
    Mushroom Kingdom -Basement of item shop -Far right side of the room. Step ontop of the man to reach it
    -Main entrance of castle -???
    Bandit’s Way -Second area -Jump off the second red flower towards the blue flower
    Rose Town -Item shop -Above shelves in the very top corner
    -Second floor of house at the north end of the town -Above the bed
    Forest Maze -First area -One step right from the left side of the screen
    -In room after first underground room -Top, far left of the area
    -In area down the right most pipe in the area with all the pipes and caterpillars -Stand in centre of largest light-brown patch and jump
    -Down second pipe on the left in same area as above -Near corner just above and to the left of the spring
    -Down leftmost pipe in same area as above -One step away from the left edge of the area
    -Area with the first save box -Top-right corner
    Pipe Vault -Down second pipe in the row of pipes -Find a hidden yellow block to get onto the top level and then move four tiles and jump
    -Same as above -Four more tiles away from previous treasure
    Yoster Isle -Entrance from Pipe Vault -Top of the screen; just up and left of the save box
    Booster’s Pass -First area -On the highest platform, at the top-left corner of area
    Booster Tower -In room with parachuting enemies -Left corner of room
    -Same room as above -Walk into deep hole in the wall and jump
    -In last room before Booster with the save box -Bottom corner of room
    -Same room as above -On top of treasure chest at the top of the screen
    -Second room -At the top of the stairs
    Sunken Ship -In room with the mirrired Mario -In the middle of the room at the right side. Jump on top of the other Mario to reach it
    Land’s End -First area -Jump in the hole at the top right side
    -First area -Jump north off yellow block
    -Second area -At the top of the screen (see Secrets), left side, over the edge
    -Fourth area -Between the two blue flowers closest together
    Belome Temple -In room after the first big gate -Above the first floating treasure chest
    -Same room as above -Follow north wall at the bottom of the stairs to the corner
    Monstro Town -Entrance room of town -Left side of the room
    Bean Valley -Next area after pipe on the right at the entrance -Bottom-left corner
    -In area with five pipes and watering shy away, enter the east-most pipe -Along the bottom-right side near the middle
    -In southmost pipe in same area as above -Left side of the screen
    Nimbus Land -Item shop -Clibm onto the highest stack of boxes and run and jump off the stack facing south
    -In the castle in the big hallway with 3 doors -In the corner at the top left end of the hallwar
    -In room after the room with the statues of Mario and friends -Right above the treasure chest
    -In castle in room with big stair case -Bottom right side, just before the door
    -Same room as above -Find hidden path at the bottom of the stair case to Mario’s right

    Item Map Location Found
    Wilt Shroom Booster’s Tower Talk to Knife Guy and currectly guess which hand the yellow ball is in
    Brite Card Booster’s Tower Play Knife Guy’s game many(?) times
    ??? Land’s End To get the treasure chest that is out of reach on the second area, reveal heddin yellow block just in front of the hole where rats jump out of
    Cricket (Pie?) Land’s End Jump into the hole in the mountain at the right side of the area with the sky bridge. You will eventually find a pipe to take you to the Kero Sewers where you can reach a treasure you couldn’t reach before
    (?) Key Monstro Town Talk to the thwomp several times and the key outside will drop from its ledge
    Treasure Room Belome’s Temple Give key to Belome when message reads ‘No visitors past bedtime’ to enter the treasure room (8 Frog Coins, 4 flowers, Max Mushroom, Royal Syrup, Fire Bomb)
    ??? Mushroom Kingdom Return old man at the bottom of the town’s wallet
    None Rose Town Stay the night at the inn after ______ and Link will be in the other bed
    Safety Ring Sunken Ship In first room with Bloobers, go behind the barrels and through the door
    Frog Coin Sunken Ship In the same room as above go on top of the water and to the bottom left side of the room
    Frog Coin Sunken Ship In the room with dry bones enemies shortly after the room with the Mario doopleganger there is a door hidden behind the wall of blocks
    Flower Jar Marrymore Stay in the Honeymoon suite three times
    Game Mushroom Kingdom Talk to grumpy boy playing Game Boy in the inn several times and he will sell you the game for 500 coins
    Flag Mario’s Pad In Mario’s house under the bed
    Greaper Flag Rose Town Behind the wooden flower at the entrance that says ‘Welcom’
    Big Boo Flag Yo’ster Isle Between the letters ‘O’ and ‘A’ of GOAL at the end of the race
    Ghost Medal Mostro Town Find all three flags and then sleep in the 3 Musty Fear’s bed

    Bowser’s Castle
    Puzzle Course 1

    Part A: Coin game
    Try to get the count to 1, 6, 11, or 16. Once you match one of these numbers, pick the opposite of what he picks (eg. he picks 2, you pick 3; he picks 4, you pick 1).

    Part B: Magic buttons

    Hit the stars.

    Part C: Ball Solitaire

    Kick the balls from one location to the other following this pattern:
    A1 -> A3
    A4 -> A2
    C1 -> A1
    A1 -> A3
    C4 -> A4
    B2 -> B4
    D2 -> B2
    D4 -> D2
    D1 -> D3
    D3 -> B3
    A4 -> C4
    B2 -> B4
    C4 -> A4
    A4 -> A2

    Puzzle Course 2
    Part A: Quiz Game
    Question Answer
    How many legs does wiggler have? 6
    The man getting his picture taken at Marrymore hates what? Getting his picture taken
    Who is the famous composer at Tadpole Pond? Toadofsky
    How many underlings does Croco have? 3
    Who helped you up the cliff at Land’s End? Sky Troopas
    What does Birdo come out of? An eggshell
    Who is the famous sculptor in Nimbus Land? Garro
    What color is the end of Dodo’s beak? Red
    The boy getting his picutre taken at Marrymore can’t wait ‘til which season? Skiing
    What’s the password in the Sunken Ship? Pearls
    What is Raini’s husband’s name? Raz
    Where was the 1st Star Piece found? Mushroom Kingdom

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  5. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Instruction Manual
    By final kaoss in forum Snes Instruction Manuals
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