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                           A   LINK  TO   THE   PAST
                       GHOST  OF  THE  MISERY  MIRE  FAQ
Version 1.8
Super Nintendo
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Wii


A. Introduction [INT]
B. Items Needed to Start [ITM]
C. Steps [STP]
D. Experiments [EXP]
E. Theories [THE]
F. Identity Revealed? Hyrule Magic! [IDN]
G. Additional Versions [ADV]
H. Other Discoverers [OTD]
I. Supplemental Information [SUP]
J. Updates [UPD]
K. Legal Jazz [LGL]
L. Contact Info [CNT}


The first thing you're wondering is probably: What is the Ghost of the Misery
Mire? That's a good question, because chances are most people that find this
document have never heard of it. The Misery Mire should be well known to A
Link to the Past players; it's the wet, swampy, and rainy portion of the Dark
World in which the sixth dungeon can be found.

The Ghost is an invisible enemy in this area of A Link to the Past, which I
discovered by accident one day in late 1992/early 1993. To my knowledge, I
was the first to discover this strange occurrence and the first to document
it. This file is in fact a text-only rewording of information that had been
available on my web site for quite some time. My main reason for making this
file a lack of documentation about the Ghost on GameFAQs and other web sites
at the time of the original writing.

So, how did I happen to stumble on this Ghost? Quite accidentally, I assure
you. One day I was frustrated about having problems I was having in advancing
in the game. I don't recall what exactly, but it doesn't matter. So, being
frustrated, I was randomly slashing at air with Link's sword when the sound of
hitting an enemy came from the game.

I immediately noticed a few problems with that. First, there weren't any
enemies on the screen. Second, I was in a part of the Misery Mire that
normally has no enemies present at all. Considering these facts, I decided to
investigate the strange happening. A series of experiments, some successful,
some not, followed. Some of the results are mentioned in the Experiments

At one point, shortly after discovering the Ghost, I wrote a letter to Nintendo
of America's Game Counselors, a sort of support department that knew all the
best tips and tricks for Nintendo's games. The question of exactly what the
Ghost is was one of several things discussed in the correspondence. The
Counselor that replied to my letter confirmed the existence of the creature
(not yet dubbed the Ghost), but seemed to have no knowledge of it before that
point. The theory put forth by the Counselor will be mentioned in the Theories
section of this document.

Thanks for reading this FAQ, and good luck in your ghost hunting! :D


This section lists the various items needed to find the Ghost of the Misery
Mire or to reproduce my original experiments in finding the Ghost. I'm not
going to give you detailed instructions on how to find these items, as those
are available in various walkthroughs on

Bare Essentials: These are the minimum items needed to find the Ghost.
Titan's Mitt

Easy Way: These are needed for the _quickest_ method of finding the Ghost.
Each of these can or will be obtained as soon as you have the Magic Hammer from
the first Dark World dungeon, if you're willing to explore one dungeon early.
Magic Meter
Titan's Mitt
Bombos medallion

The Experiments: These are needed to reproduce some of my experiments.
Magic Meter
Titan's Mitt
Any item capable of damaging enemies (hookshot, bombs, arrows, etc.)

For extended experimentation, the reduced Magic Meter, Magic Mirror, and some
Green Potion or Blue Potion are also recommended. None of these are strictly
required, but they will allow you to perform additional experiments more
easily. If you have the above items, you're ready to go ghost busting!


The following steps are the easiest and quickest way of finding the Ghost of
the Misery Mire. To complete these steps, you'll need everything listed under
the "Easy Way" in the previous section. Also, if you've never used the Bombos
medallion in the game (quite possible, as it has no required use), go find some
normal enemies and use it on them. When you do, pay attention to the results,
including both the sounds and pillar of flames that spring up on the enemies
before they die; that's important to these steps. You may also want to bring
along the Ether Medallion, if you haven't already used it to shut off the rain
in the Misery Mire.

Step 1:
If you are not already in the Light World (aka the starting world), use the
Magic Mirror and go there. In the Light World, use the Flute to call the Duck,
and have the Duck drop you off at map point number 6, which is in the lower
left hand corner of the map screen you'll be shown. The duck will drop you off
at the bottom left corner of the Desert of Mystery.

Step 2:
There's two rocks on this raised area Link is standing on. Lift them (that
requires the Titan's Mitt) and throw them away. Under one of the rocks, you'll
find a Dark World Transporter. Step onto the transporter to be taken to the
Misery Mire.

Step 3:
Link appears on a corresponding ledge in the Dark World. Jump down from the
right side of the ledge, and you'll be in the Ghost's area. It likes to hang
around in this corner area.

Now, if you've never been to the Misery Mire in your current game, it's going
to be raining here, and you may have a hard time seeing anything that you'll be
doing in a moment. If you have the Ether Medallion, head up to the dungeon and
use that medallion to stop the rain. Then head back down toward that ledge.

Now, regardless of whether you had to stop the rain or not, equip the Bombos
Medallion. You might want to select Bombos before you step on the Dark World
Transporter in step two, as I typically did.

Step 4:
This step is very simple: use the Bombos Medallion. You only have to do this
once. Now get ready, because after the multiple explosions animation, the last
step will take place.

Step 5:
You've done all the work, so now it's time to just watch. After the explosions
of Bombos are finished, all enemies on the screen will burst into flame. Is
there a pillar of flame on your screen that doesn't appear to be burning any
enemy? If so, congratulations, you've just found the Ghost of the Misery Mire!

What's your reward for this discovery? Bombs. Yup, the Ghost drops a varying
number of Bombs (anywhere between 1 and 8 at a time) when defeated in this

What's that you say? There wasn't a pillar of flame on your screen? That does
happen sometimes. Here are three things to remember about ghost hunting to
help you if this happens:
1) Like most enemies, the Ghosts can move around the map! If you have been
in the Dark World for a while, they may have moved to another area.
Return to the Light World via the Magic Mirror, and re-enter the Dark
World using the small portal the Mirror leaves behind. This returns the
Ghosts to their initial positions.
2) The Ghosts may die slightly off screen. This is particularly possible
with the Game Boy Advance version of the game. The screen area of the GBA
release is slightly smaller than that of the SNES version, but the range
of Bombos appears unchanged. That means Bombos and the other Medallions
can kill enemies that are just past the edges of your screen!
3) Once you've killed an enemy, it is gone until you leave the map and
return. Again, use the Magic Mirror to warp to the Light World and back.
If you warp out and back in, just repeat steps 4 and 5. You should see the
Ghost then.

For those that did find the Ghost after running through the steps, know that
you can repeat this process as many times as you want. The Ghosts will respawn
each time you leave the Dark World and return, so make handy use of that Magic

There are also two other Ghosts you can play with, one to the north
and one to the northeast. In the north, look for a tree stump on a small
island of shallow water surrounded by deeper water. One Ghost is just north
and east of this area. In the northeast (southeast of the island stump), look
for another stump past the plants northeast of the Mire entrance ledge. The
other Ghost stays near this stump. Sometimes you may find that both of these
Ghosts will be attracted to this area.


My experiments on the Ghost actually revealed very little information. I know
that it can move, and that hitting it with Link's sword can cause a knockback
effect that moves the Ghost away. It can be killed with any weapon (Bombos is
simply the fastest, most convenient way to reveal the Ghosts' location). No
item, to my knowledge, will cause the Ghosts to become visible.

The most interesting of my experiments was an occasional result of using the
Hookshot on the Ghost. Sometimes, the Hookshot will hit and damage the Ghost
like any normal enemy. At other times, however, the Hookshot will hit without
doing damage! Instead, you will hear the sound made when the Hookshot hits a
wall. This suggests to me that the Ghost is armored on at least one side, like
a Darknut from The Legend of Zelda.

dvdmth of the GameFAQs LttP message board notes:
"The enemy is not armored. The hookshot is stunning the enemy. While the enemy
is stunned, if Link does anything (moves, fires the Hookshot, swings sword),
you hear sounds similar to that which you hear when the hookshot hits a wall.
These sounds only play when Link is within a certain range of the enemy. Also,
they only last as long as the enemy's in stunned state."

I have since seen this behavior as well, although it did not appear in my
original experiments. If you use the hookshot several times from several
positions, you may see both results.

If you use Bombos to kill the Ghost, the game plays a sound before the
explosion animations of the spell. This sound is typically used for enemies
being hit by a weapon. The strange thing about this is that the sound normally
isn't used for Bombos in this manner. The sound is only played for the Ghost
at that one specific point in the attack. This sound glitch does not appear
to be present in the Game Boy Advance version.

Nicholas Harvey discovered the second Ghost in the Misery Mire. It's northeast
of the first Ghost, and near the center of the Mire. It seems to be virtually
identical to the first Ghost, and tends to stay near a stump. This led me to
discover a *third* Ghost a little bit northwest of here that sometimes
approaches the same stump.

The Good Bee (or Golden Bee, in the GBA version), when released, will actively
attack enemies on screen, and returns to fly around Link when there are none.
The Good Bee seems completely unable to detect the Ghost, as it makes no move
to attack it.

Nicholas Harvey discovered this glitch: "After hitting the Ghosts with the
hookshot, running with the Pegasus Shoes makes hookshot sounds instead of
regular running sounds."

(Thanks to dvdmth, who also discovered this; I had forgotten I did this
experiment way back in the day.)
The Ice Rod normally freezes non-boss enemies for a short period of time. It's
completely fatal to the Ghost, however. There's no freezing effect; just an
instant kill.

The Fire Rod kills the Ghost in one hit. (Thanks to Matt Johnson)

Matt Johnson reports that both the Cane of Somaria and the Cane of Byrna can
kill the Ghost in four hits.

All three of the magic medallions, Bombos, Ether, and Quake, will kill the
Ghosts in one shot. It is sometimes possible to get two of the Ghosts to
die on screen when using a medallion. As with the Ice Rod, Ether will not
cause the freezing effect found in other enemies.

dvdmth discovered that the Magic Boomerang kills the Ghost in eight hits.

It takes two normal arrows to kill the Ghost. Only one Silver Arrow is
required. When using Silver Arrows, it is common to see the dropped bombs
appear as far as half a screen away from the monster's death cloud graphic.

A couple of people have reported strange graphical glitches when using
normal arrows to kill the Ghosts.

If you want to blow up the Ghost, it'll take two bombs.

The Magic Powder has no known result when used on the Ghost. Of course, it's
difficult to say this for certain - the Ghost is invisible and in constant
movement, so maybe I've just always missed it.


So what, exactly, is this strange thing I've called the Ghost of the Misery
Mire? There are several theories that have been presented over the years.
Here are the ones of which I have been made aware, and my thoughts on them.

1) It's just a game bug or glitch!
This, actually, is one of my own theories. :) It is the simplest explanation,
and that makes it the most likely, right? There is one problem with this
explanation, however: the Ghost seems to be armored. Why would a bug have
armor? Of course, all the odd sound effects the Ghost causes, as listed in the
experiments section, support the glitch concept.

2) It's one of the Mud Men that live in the sands of the Desert of Mystery.
This theory was put forth by the Game Counselor who responded to my letter to
Nintendo back in 1993. The Mud Men, for those not familiar with them, are
mud/sand-like creatures that rise up out of the desert sands in the Desert.

Personally, I don't see how that would be possible, but I can't completely rule
it out. Also, to my knowledge, the normal Mud Men don't cause any of the odd
sound effects.

3) It's one of the worm enemies that come out of the water in the Misery Mire.
I've seen this theory many times since the first text-only version of this FAQ.
The theory first appeared during an e-mail conversation between myself and
Tetraforce from It is a good proposal, but there are several
pieces of evidence that rebut it.
A) There are four worm enemies in the Mire. If all of these (and/or all
other enemies) are killed, the Ghosts are still present.
B) The Ghosts, the lowest one on the map especially, have the ability to
cross onto the dry land areas of the map. The worms do not demonstrate
this ability.
C) Bombos does not affect the worms if they are submerged under the ground
or water. This can be illustrated by using Bombos when a worm has just
gone under or is in the process of submerging.
D) The Ghosts can be killed while the worms are on screen, but not nearby.
E) Killing the Ghosts does not kill any of the worms (excluding mass
attacks like Bombos).
To be fair, it does appear to be possible to kill a worm with Bombos right
before the worm rises from the water, giving the appearance that no enemy was
present. It takes very careful timing (or luck), but it can be done. That
could support this theory, but the Ghosts can still be killed separately from
the worms.

4) David Duvenaud wrote in with this theory:

"I bet it is [a] sprite made [specifically] for that map, but the artists
never linked the sprites to it or something. As in, someone forgot to say
which image files that creature used, so by default it was invisible. Or maybe
someone put a light world creature in, but the game only loads the darkworld
tile set when it's in the darkworld. So it couldn't access it's image files."

That sounds like a pretty sound theory to me. It could go along nicely with
the Game Counselor's theory, too. Many people have suggested that the Ghosts
might be an unfinished enemy, a partially removed enemy, and other things of
that nature.

5) Mr Man, who also discovered the Ghost, wrote in with this information:

"I have no real theory about what it is, except that I have noticed something
strange. When I was killing the ghost with my sword, I noticed that the bombs
that it dropped appeared a long ways away from me, and to the side, even
though it was 90 degrees from where I was attacking. This leads me to
[believe] that it is some long enemy that can only be hit at the tale, and
drops the bombs at its head."

That belief also seems very sound. The Ghost could be something like the small
Moldorms seen in many dungeons of the game, as they behave in a very similar
manner. Killing the Ghosts with arrows can also create the same item dropping

6) Darby Bryan-Dye writes,

"A lot of Game programmers that I have met have told me stories about little
things such as the ghost that they put into the game for personal reasons. A
lot of the time these are listed as easter eggs. But from time to time
Programers do it as a way to prove that they worked on it. One of my friends
who worked on Myst, even has a hidden picture of himself inside the game
(though you have to hit the right combination of keys on your key board to see
it). So it is possible the ghosts are just something a programmer threw into
the game just so he could show someone later that it was his work."

Definitely a good possibility! If that is the case, only the original
programmers will ever be able to tell us.


Thanks to Hyrule Magic, we may finally know what the Ghosts truly are, although
the question of why they exist remains a mystery. Hyrule Magic is a level
editor that can be used to modify ROMs of A Link to the Past. Among its
features are maps of the game with enemies marked in their initial positions.
As you might guess, this means that Hyrule Magic shows the starting locations
and true name of each Ghost.

In Hyrule Magic, the Ghosts are labeled as "Fireball Zora," a name which the
editor also used for the Zora-like enemies in the deep waters of the Dark World
and the fireball-spitting waterbound Zoras of the Light World. The following
was posted by ETG on the GameFAQs LttP message board:
"It is a zora. First I used Hyrule Magic to remove every enemy except the
ghosts. Then I moved one of them into the deep water north-east of where it

"For the next one I placed some deep water where the ghost appears.

"The third one I used bombos on (because there was nothing better to do with

"I think that they are in a perpetual state of 'underwater' because they are
not over deep water they can't do their 'appear, shoot, disapear' act."

So, when used to edit the area surrounding the Ghost or the position of the
Ghosts themselves, Hyrule Magic reveals the Ghosts to be these "Fireball
Zoras." Supporting sound evidence also backs up this conclusion. The odd
hookshot-related sound behaviors have been observed with the normal, visible
Fireball Zoras as well.

If you would like to try experimenting with this yourself, Hyrule Magic can be
downloaded from Zophar's Domain ( The Misery Mire is
listed as Overworld Map 70 in the editor. If you have trouble finding Hyrule
Magic on Zophar's, it was on this page as of February 2007: A Google search for the term
"hyrule magic" (quotes included!) may also turn up other download sites.

There is one problem with the conclusions made in regards to Hyrule Magic and
the Fireball Zoras that should be kept in mind. We assume that Hyrule Magic is
correctly identifying and saving the Ghosts when a ROM is altered. There is no
solid reason to think otherwise, but the Ghosts are glitchy creatures. It is
potentially possible that the identification as a Fireball Zora is coming from
another glitch related to the monster.

However, most of the behavior of the Ghosts can be duplicated on the Light
World Zoras found near Zora's Domain. When combining these facts with Hyrule
Magic's results, I think we can safely say that the Ghosts of the Misery Mire
are glitched Fireball Zoras.


A Link to the Past has been released in several addition versions beyond the
original Super Nintendo game on which I discovered the first Ghost of the
Misery Mire. This is a summary of each release, as of the latest version of
this FAQ.

Game Version Ghosts?
Super Nintendo Yes
Super Nintendo (Player's Choice) Yes
Game Boy Advance Yes
Game Boy Advance (Player's Choice) Unconfirmed, but likely
Wii Virtual Console Yes

Thanks to everyone who wrote in before this to say that they found one or more
of the Ghosts in the GBA and Wii releases - you been added to the Other
Discoverers section. And shame on the one person that wrote in saying the
Ghosts weren't there on GBA! ;P


I know that I'm not the only person to find the Ghost on my own. Here's a list
of some other people that have discovered the Ghost:

Mr Man
Nicholas Harvey, discovered the second Ghost

The following people confirmed the existence of the Ghost in the re-released
Player's Choice version of LttP:
Dan Giglio
Michael Delaney

The following people found the Ghost in the GBA version before I got it:
Astro Al
Dan Hogan
Lewis Daggart

Thanks to these folks for writing me to confirm the Ghosts in the Wii release:


The original version of this documentation, in HTML format, is available at my
personal web site, listed below. This text-only version has actually been
greatly expanded from the original, which focuses on the steps of finding the
Ghost. Some screen shots of the Ghosts are available at the web site, however.


The most recent version of this document is available on my personal web site.
Check the Legal Jazz section of this document for more information.

02/21/2007 - Version 1.8 - Nintendo Wii Edition
The presence of the Ghosts in the Wii Virtual Console release of the game has
been confirmed by several people, so the main point of this update is to
note that.
The Game Boy Advance section has been renamed to "Additional Versions" and
I've changed the Legal Jazz section. I've loosened the requirements on who
can use this FAQ and how.
Several other sections have be rearranged or slightly updated.
This is the final update, at least until A Link to the Past is released on
another Nintendo console (with or without the Ghosts).

03/20/2006 - Version 1.7 - "Yes, I'm still alive" Edition

Updated my e-mail address. The other is still valid, but I'd rather use this
new one in the future. Better spam filters. ;)
Added "Quick Jump" labels to each section.
Added Theory 6.
Added more info for theories 3 and 4.
Added more Experiments: Silver Arrows, Medallions, Canes, Fire Rod.
Added a few notes to Hookshot experiment.
Updated Strange Sound experiment with GBA note.
Corrected a few spelling errors, mainly in quotes.
Updated my web site address in Legal Jazz to match the same in Contact Info.
Rewrote the known problems at the end of the Steps section, to include the
GBA screen size problem.
Added blurb about ghosts #2 & #3 at the end of Steps.
Moved Hyrule Magic information out of Experiments. It's all consolidated
into "Identity Revealed?" now, with a little rewrite. Also removed the
screenshot URLs from ETG's quote, as they are no longer valid links.
I'll probably be adding a screenshot of Hyrule Magic's map editor, showing
the locations of the Ghosts, to my web site in the next few days after
this release.

12/30/2002 - Version 1.6 - Game Boy Advance Edition.

The presence of the Ghosts in the Game Boy Advance version of LttP has been
confirmed. See the new section: Game Boy Advance.
Added Arrow and Bomb experiments.
There's a couple of other small changes, nothing important.

05/15/2002 - Version 1.5.1 - Mostly a maintenance release.

Removed the bit about the GameFAQs message board thread from Supplemental
Information, as that thread has expired.
Updated Theory #3 a little bit. I was recently contacted by the person that
first presented that theory to me via e-mail, so that person's name has been
added there.
Added NeoSeeker to the list of places with permission to add this file.
Removed stuff about the server my personal site is on not having a 24/7

02/20/2002 - Version 1.5

A couple of people have confirmed that the Ghost is indeed present
in the "Players' Choice" version of LttP. In light of this, the Problems
section has been removed. The people that confirmed this have been
added to the "Other Discoverers" section.
A couple of people have had trouble finding Hyrule Magic on Zophar's
Domain, so the Hyrule Magic portion of the Experiments section was updated
a little to help anyone else with the same problem.
A new section, "Identity Revealed?" was added. Given the nature of this
section, this will probably be the last FAQ update unless something new
or interesting is discovered.
Added a URL to Supplemental Information.

01/05/2002 - Version 1.4

I now have confirmation of sorts that there are three Ghosts in the Misery
Added "Hyrule Magic" to the Experiments section, to explain this.
Also added "Ice Rod" and "Magic Boomerang" to that section, and updated
Now I've got to sort the screenshots on my personal site again, because I
have screenshots of the third Ghost mixed with those of the second.

01/02/2002 - Version 1.3

Experiments and Theories has been broken up into two sections.
A second Ghost of the Misery Mire has been discovered by Nicholas Harvey!
Nicholas has been added to Other Discoverers, and the following has been
added to the Experiments section:
Information on the Second Ghost
A sound made by the Ghosts when Bombos is used
The Good Bee and the Ghost
Pegasus Boots
Also, more screenshots of both Ghosts have been added to my personal

12/31/2001 - Version 1.2

Added Other Discoverers section, moved a little content from Supplemental
Information to that section. Renamed the Theories section to Experiments
and Theories. Added Mr Man's discovery/thoughts to that section, also.

12/18/2001 - Version 1.1

Added David Duvenaud's theory.

12/18/2001 - Version 1.0

The first text-only version of this information, and first release of this


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