Move armor across rivers by placing an Infantry Regiment in the river then using the Organize option to move the armor into that Regiment, then simply order them to drive out

Always set up defense on one side of a bridge. When attacked, place one unit directly in front of the bridge (in battle mode of course), and a unit (preferably armor in all cases) on either corner. The enemy will then be forced to move single file over the bridge, straight into your waiting tanks. By the time the enemy unit gets organized enough to return fire (bear in mind that your three units will get the first shot), they'll probably be so weak in numbers that casualties on your side will be almost nothing.

Jagtigers are attracted to Infantry for some reason, so use Infantry as a punching bag for the mighty Panzer to waste ammo on while you hit him from behind with 75mm or Shermans.

Use the Organize option to group all armor and weapons of the same type together to make a force 99 strong. It is better to have three mighty regiments with all your firepower than four entire Divisions with firepower spread thin as peanut butter among them. By organizing lots of armor into one Regiment, in combination with the bridge defense technique, I have held off and eventually annihilated entire divisions.

Be careful not to place all your brass in one Regiment.