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Thread Title: Secret of Evermore Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

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    Default Secret of Evermore Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Preacher in Nobila gives you the same items over and over again

    Sent in by Frank Brousseau

    1) Go to him and he'll talk all about that mumbo jumbo stuff. Keep
    pressing B until he say "This is a video game. Don't you see? We are
    characters in a video game." When the list of what to turn him into
    pops up. Cancel the screen and get an item from him.

    2) Go to the Inn and save.

    3) Reset and go back to the Preacher. Repeat the process.

    4) Go back to the Inn and save.

    5) Reset and go back.


    6) When the Preacher starts giving you a Jewel and only one Jewel, stop.

    7) Wait for the fight between Vigor and you.

    8) In the dungeon your put in with your so called 'Sacred Dog', have him
    sniff around to locate the secret room.

    9) Instead of the Centriun or what ever it's called being there, you'll get
    the Thug's Cloak. How strange and cool when you should get it later in
    the game, in Ivor Tower. For the items you get from the Preacher, when
    you in a different world like Prehistoria, later, later, later in the game, go
    back to Nobila to do the same technique of getting free items from the
    Preacher. You'll probably have better armor. So sell the junk for moola!!!!

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    Default Re: Secret of Evermore

    Make money just by exchanging currency in Nobila

    Sent in by Frank Brousseau

    1) Before you go to a new world, have a ton of money. Let's say
    100,000 dollars in Talons, Jewels, Gold Coins, or Credits.

    2) Go to the Currency Exchanger and exchange each and every one of them.

    3) You'll probably get over 456,908 dollars. This trick is only for when
    you have gotten near the ending of the game.

    Get a lot of Amulet of Annilhations

    Sent in by Frank Brousseau

    1) Just purchase a ton of Rice in Nobila from the seller who sells it for 3 Jewels.

    2) Go to the seller who sells the Amulets. He'll want 30 bags of rice!
    No problem. Say no and he'll reduce it to 15 Bags. Accept.

    3) Keep saying no for him to put it down to 15.

    4) When your low on Rice, go back to the Rice Seller. Purchase a ton
    more Rice until you can't get anymore.

    5) Go back to the Amulet Seller and do the trick. Try to get 99 of them.

    Get Spot's Collar without spending money

    Sent in by Jim Carlson

    Here is an easy way to get Spot's Collar without spending money! Once
    you get the Windwalker go to Strong Heart's hut, and have the dog talk
    to Strong Heart. He should give the dog Spot's Collar.

    Get rick quick

    Sent in by Robert Z

    In the very first part of the world the easiest way to make talons is go
    to the village buy 6 herbal essences and then go to the place next to
    bugmuck there is a shop with a raptor and 3 carni flowers in the area kill
    all enemies on the way there and sell the herbal essences at that place and
    you can sell them for 60 more talons then you bought them for (which is
    selling for 75 and you buy them for 15) and I did that for a while and I
    was able to buy the Amulet of Annihilation the guy was selling at the
    next place for 10,000 jewels and still had plenty of money.

    Where do you find the Diamond Eye in the pyramid?

    Sent in by Daniel Mullins

    First, you have to put your dog in the switch room. Then go with the kid
    into the pyramid. Then follow the path until you have to choose to go left
    or right. Go left. Keep going straight until you see an opening (the second
    opening). Go into it and take a right then go down until you see stairs.
    Kill the guys on the stairs and go through the door. Now your on top of
    the pyramid. Go south then down another set of stairs. Then go through
    the door. I kind of forgot the rest of the instructions but I know once you
    find the two buff pharos with masks on you kill them and they will give
    you the Axe. Use it to chop down weak walls. Then go find the room
    where your dog is and chop down the weak wall. Now you have your dog.
    Then go to the top of the pyramid. There is a gate up there. Push select
    and step on the switch with your dog. Then push select again and step on
    the other switch. You will automatically walk in the door. Kill the gold
    statue with Crush. Now you have the diamond eye.

    Sting spell

    Sent in by Ryan Fitzgerald

    To get the Sting spell for sure with out spending lots of time in the
    desert follow these steps.

    You must come out of the Nobilia marketplace into the desert. Press
    Select and be the dog. Hold the attack button and run so you have unlimited
    run. Run to the right until a tumble weed starts to follow you. Now run
    straight down and you will come right to it.

    Infinite bazooka shells

    Sent in by Lord Qaos

    To have infinite bazooka shells (thunderball and cryo bloast only), after
    you find as many as you can, go to the store and buy as many as you can.
    If you can get over 100, they will not run out.

    Get lots of experience points

    Sent in by Jessie F. Messer

    To get a lot of levels fight the Scull Claws on the chess board! There
    worth 400 experience and 50 gold coins! And they sometimes drop 150 gold
    coins, Pixie Dust, or more commonly Honey! There also great to Level
    magic on!

    Beating Carltron's Robot

    Sent in by Sirk of Elfi

    Here's an easy way to beat Carltron's Robot. Right when the battle
    begins, cast Berrier. You do not need to, but if this is your first try, do
    it. Then (this is the cool part) dash to the top left-hand corner of the
    battle ground. Push north a bit and find a secret space. From here the
    battle is over...Cast Energize (to speed things up) and equip yourself
    with Laser Lance. Just keep throwing LL until he dies. The best part is
    that he can not hurt you!!

    Mad monk tip

    Sent in by S.O.S

    The mad monk at Crustia will give you a Chooco Boo Egg, Magic Ground,
    and Meteorite if you buy that amulet for 10,000 jews.

    Fighting the probes

    Sent in by John Michael Hancock

    At the space station in Onitopia instead of sending your dog out to kill
    the probes use crush on them it only does 1 hit point of damage but it
    kills them anyway.

    Nobillia tip

    Sent in by Rex Greenwald III

    When you are sent to go after the wheel, pressure gauge, or diamond eyes,
    go back to Nobillia instead and you will be able to enter the palace! Even
    better, Horrace is inside and will give you the shield formula! Use this
    one with the energize formula to kill any boss without taking single hit!
    It makes Carltron easier than a mosquito.

    Diamond Eyes

    Sent in by Crimson Raven

    Once you get the Wheel and the Temperature Gauge, go talk to Tink, and
    he will tell you that you still need the Diamond Eyes. Now, go back to
    where you got the Temperature Gauge and get it again. Take this second
    Temperature Gauge to Tink and he will act as thought you gave him the
    Diamond Eyes. Then you get sent to Omnitopia, plus you still have the
    extra Temperature Gauge!

    Acid rain

    Sent in by Zachary Hubert

    To find acid rain, check off the trail after you beat Thrax the giant
    bug and save Stronghaeat. There is a hidden passage and a man who
    will give you it.

    Locked up in Nobilia tip

    Sent in by Kefka

    In Nobilia, when you're locked in the dungeon to prepare for the fight
    in the arena, take everything out of the pots in the room. Then have
    your dog sniff around. If he's sniffing in the right spot, he'll find a
    hidden passage leading to the armor you'll need to finish the arena fight.

    Beating Carlton

    Sent in by Michael Donnell

    The best way to defeat Carlton is after every enemy you beat heal yourself
    with your most powerful formula and keep using energize to have full
    power on your pow meter.

    Speed spell

    Sent in by Brian Bonnell

    To find the speed spell you go through the volcano and into its core,
    defeat the viper commander and get another mud pepper for the last
    rock then go back and you will end up in a room with a tunnel going
    down on the bottom left corner and a tunnel going up in the top right.
    Go to the bottom right corner and keep going left and you meet the
    alchemists who gives you the spell speed.

    Chocobo Egg

    Sent in by Kyle Shaw

    Here's an easy way to get the Chocobo Egg. Go to the market
    and keep buying pots till you find the egg in on off the jars.


    Sent in by Kyle Shaw

    To get Lance, go into Ivor tower and go to each house and talk to
    everyone. Once you come to a house and a lady tells you that
    her husband Lance has not returned, go up the stairs and go to
    the right you will see 2 chests. Leave them alone. Head for the
    stairs and before you can go down them, Lance will stop you and
    give you a spell. To get Sting, walk through the desert and
    stop at each Oasis. After a while you will see a man in one of
    them and he will give you Sting (cross the desert a couple of
    times). This spell summons a swarm of killer bees.

    Final Fantasy 3 characters

    Sent in by Zachary Hubert

    In the battle against Vigor in the colosseum, look into
    the center of the audience. There, in box seats, some
    Final Fantasy 3 characters will be watching the show!

    Nobilia traders

    Sent in by The Nobilia Trade Committee

    The Nobilia traders are not very smart. They will allow you
    to just keep making money off of them if you know the correct
    order of trading! Here are the ways to make money from the
    traders: 1. Buy rice at the stand for 3 jewels a bag. Then go to
    the Appraiser and sell them to her for 4 jewels a bag! 2. Buy
    rice at the stand for 3 jewels a bag. Then go buy beads at the
    stand for 3 jewels and 1 bag o' rice. Sell your beads to the
    appraiser for a profit. 3. Buy rice at the stand for 3 jewels a
    bag. Then go and buy pots for two bags of rice each. You can sell
    these to the appraiser for a profit, too, and you will also make
    additional cash from jewels found inside of the pots! Also, this
    way you will not lose money searching for the Chocobo Egg. Also,
    stock up on spice, beads, and perfume on your first visit, because
    this will save you money later in the game.

    Item tip

    Sent in by [email protected]

    Once you get something like the Thug's Cloak, Moxa Stick,
    Ruby Heart, Wizard's Coin, etc., don't trade it for anything
    else, even another relic, particularly one that has little use.
    Try to get all the relics, and only give them up if they've
    served their intended purpose (Like the Queens Key. Trade
    it for Fire power after you've looted the castle. Speaking
    of the key, you have to find an old woman in the air vents
    who'll give it to you.)

    Preacher in Nobilia trick

    Sent in by [email protected]

    Talk to the preacher in Nobilia several times, and listen to his
    messages, which are, by the way, quite true. Eventually you get
    the choice to turn him into a chicken, goat, or basket. Try a basket
    for a bit of extra humor. And funnier-you can talk to this basket!

    Chicken trick

    Sent in by [email protected]

    If you talk to a chicken in Nobilia 100 times, particularly in the
    chicken-sellers booth) a voice will say "Do not taunt the chicknes!
    Taunt the goats if you like, but leave the chickens alone!" or
    something like that. Then an explosion will reduce you to one
    hit point. You can do it again, if you want. Once you do this, the
    chicken seller will say "As much as I hate to sell my chickens-especially
    to a chicken-taunter like you..."and the guy feeding chickens in the
    north square will say "These chickens are for sale. They're my
    friends. And you're not."

    65,000 defense points

    Sent in by Kevin Trinh

    To get more than 65,000 defense points you need the formulacall
    "Defend". Use it to make it get to level 6 or 7, but 9 is the best.
    Then use it on you, save your game before it worn off and reset
    the game. Load the game you just played and wait for the "Defend"
    worn off. Now go to see your stat and you'll see that you have more
    than 65,000 defense power. If not unequip everything you have.
    Enemies can barely hurt you now, but magic can still hurt you.
    You can even do this with "Atlas" to make you kill enemies faster.

    8 hit combo

    Sent in by Kevin

    To make the boy do 8 hit combo fomula, do this: Hit Select to
    control the dog, then hit X and choose the formula you want to
    use. Select the enemy you want to kill and press B, X, B, B, X,
    B, B, X, B, B, X, B, B, X, B, B..... and keep doing it till you can't
    do it anymore. Note: you have to do this fast to make him do it
    8 times. You can even kill some boss with this trick too. The
    maximum damage is 7992 HP.

    Unlimited run

    Sent in by [email protected]

    Charge your pow meter until it is at level three then start running
    with the attack button still down for unlimited run.

    Unlimited ammo for your bazooka

    Sent in by [email protected]

    Go to the waterfall that you fall in, that is right beside Horace's
    camp, point directly opposite of the waterfall then fire about five
    thunder balls, so that you are over the hole, now fire thunder balls
    so that you fly backwards out of the hole, then save your game
    then reload it and see that you have unlimited ammo for your bazooka.


    Sent in by Corinne Chamney

    A WARNING: If you sneak around a bit, you may find a way to escape
    fighting the Verminator. DO NOT DO THIS. If you do, later on you will
    find yourself in the Verminator's lair. The only way out is to reset.

    ANOTHER WARNING: Be careful where you try to land with the Windwalker.
    Only try to land in the designated areas. NEVER try to land in the
    ocean. It was too quick for me to tell where, but if you try to land
    in a certain unknown part of the ocean, you will find yourself in a
    port city with only one thing missing: the Windwalker.

    How to get across the Crustacia bridge

    To get across the crustacia bridge use the dog to jump across the bridge
    and then go up and take the elevator across After saving the robot guard
    in metropolis go back down and talk to the guardbot by your rocket.
    He gives you reflect.

    How do you cross the broken bridge west of the ship in World 2, Antiqua?

    To cross the broken bridge west of Crustacia, the ship town, you'll
    need your dog. Go to the town of Nobilia north of the desert and
    defeat Vigor in the Colosseum to get the dog back. Return to the
    bridge, press Select to switch to the dog, and hold left to make the
    dog jump across the gap. Voila!

    How do you find your way through the Hall of Collosia

    When you're in the Hall of Collosia, first locate and defeat the Mad
    Monk in the top right section to obtain the Bronze Spear, then find
    the old man who gives you the Fireball spell and saves your game.
    Return to the main chamber of the hall and go up to the top of the
    room. Equip the Bronze Spear and you'll automatically throw it up
    across the gap to make a bridge appear. Cross the new bridge and
    explore the upper section of the hall to find the Megataur. Defeat
    the Megataur to receive the Diamond Eye. Throughout the hall, use the
    Revealer formula to make bridges appear.

    How do you reach Tiny in the Great Pyramid Extension?

    To find Tiny in the Great Pyramid Extension, go up to the rock near
    the entrance of the area and use the Levitate formula to place it on
    the right switch. Place your main character on the left switch and
    put the dog on the middle switch to open the second gate.

    Player beware: This center gate in the Great Pyramid Extension can
    only be opened one time. If you open the center gate and leave before
    speaking to Tiny, you can't come back. Moral to the story: make
    absolutely sure that you talk to Tiny before you leave!

    Go up through the two middle gates to hear Tiny tell you that he
    doesn't want to see you, then step into the teleporter in the
    upper-left corner. When you reappear, step back into the teleporter
    you came from. When you reappear again, step back into the same
    teleporter you came from AGAIN. Continue this until you meet up with Tiny.

    How do you go through World 4, Omnitopia?

    Omnitopia's main district has several rooms that are connected by
    hallways, and some of the hallways are blocked. To clear these
    roadblocks, you must defeat the Sphere Bots in each area. To do this,
    press Select to switch to the dog, then enter the oval door in the top
    right corner of any room. (Face the door and press the B Button to
    open it.) The dog will hover up to the same level as the Sphere Bots
    so you can shoot them. Defeat all of the Sphere Bots to open the
    blocked passages.

    How do you get past the death plants in the Greenhouse?

    To stop the evil plants from attacking you in the Greenhouse, go to
    the Control Sector and activate the switch on the center computer to
    turn off the lights in the Greenhouse. (Face the switch and press the
    B Button to activate it.)

    Special Items

    Armor Polish

    You can find the Armor Polish in the Marketplace in Nobilia. One of
    the traders near the upper right corner will give it to you if you
    give him the Silver Sheath and 75 jewels. The Armor Polish will
    increase the boy's defense by 25-30 points.

    Chocobo Egg

    The Chocobo Egg is in the Ivor Tower. Go to the left side of town to
    the alley, where a trader will give you the egg for 9 perfume bottles
    and 9 beads. Be sure to get this before you defeat Mungola, as the
    egg trader will disappear permanently after the battle. The Chocobo
    Egg will increase your maximum hit points.

    Diamond Eyes

    You will get the Diamond Eyes at two different times during the game.
    When you first get them in Gothica, one will be in the Great Pyramid
    and the other in the Hall of Collosia. This first set of eyes will be
    given to Horace.

    The second set of Diamond Eyes are found after you have received the
    Windwalker. Talk to Tiny the Barbarian inside the Great Pyramid
    Extension to get them, then take them to Tinker in Tinker's Tower.

    Energy Core

    You will see the Energy Core will be in the town of Nobilia after you
    defeat the boss, Aegis, but you won't actually retrieve it until later
    in the game, in the second Chessboard Path. The Core will activate the
    computer in the Junkyard.


    The Gauge can be found on a ledge at the top of the Volcano Path. You
    must give the Gauge to Tinker in Tinker's Tower to help him complete
    the Rocket.

    Insect Incense

    The Insect Incense is found in the Ivor Tower alley, where a trader
    will give it to you in exchange for three Perfume Bottles and three
    Beads. He may not offer to trade unless you talk to him several times
    or already have the Staff of Life. The Insect Incense will help repel
    mosquitos and spiders.

    Jade Disk

    To get the Jade Disk, go to the market in Nobilia. A lady at the
    bottom left of the market will trade you the Jade Disk for 3 Chickens
    and 3 Beads. The Jade Disk will increase the boy's hit percentage.
    You can also trade it for the Centurion Cape.

    Jaguar Ring

    The Jaguar Ring is located in the Quicksand Field in Prehistoria. To
    find it, drop into any of the quicksand whirlpools in the top left
    corner of the field to appear at a cave in the upper right corner.
    Walk up into the cave and buy something from the man inside, and he'll
    give you the Jaguar Ring. Once you have the ring, hold the A Button
    when walking to run. Using the ring wears down your power meter,
    however, so you can't run for a very long time.

    Moxa Stick

    The Moxa Stick is located in the town of Nobilia. To get it, go to the
    lower left area and a man will trade the Stick for two Chickens, a
    Jeweled Scarab, and 12 jars of Spice. The Moxa Stick will increase the
    effectiveness of healing formulas and healing items. You can also
    trade it for Ruby Heart or Gloves of Ra in Nobilia. We think it's best
    to keep the Moxa Stick.

    Magic Gourd

    The Magic Gourd is located in the town of Nobilia. After defeating
    Vigor in the Colosseum, talk to one of the traders in the upper left
    part of town until he offers to trade the Magic Gourd for the Chocobo
    Egg. Believe it or not, we haven't found any use at all for the Magic
    Gourd. It doesn't seem to do anything.

    Mud Pepper

    The Mud Pepper is one of the ingredients needed to use the Levitate
    formula. The first one is found in Blimp's hut after defeating
    Salabog, the water snake. Later, you'll find more Mud Peppers in the
    Volcano Core and will be able to purchase them from Blimp's Cave.

    Oracle Bone

    The Oracle Bone is located in the Ivor Tower. A trader at the top will
    give you the bone for a Golden Jackal and a Jeweled Scarab. Once you
    defeat Mungola, this trader will move to the town of Ebon Keep along
    with most of the other townspeople. The Oracle Bone may cause some
    people to offer additional clues, and allow you to get the Force
    Field and Stop formulas from the man under the second Chessboard Path.

    Queen's Key

    The Queen's Key is located in the Ivor Tower. Once you pass through
    the Ivor Tower Sewer and talk to the Queen, go down to exit her room
    and the boy will take the key from the dog's neck. The key
    automatically opens all the doors on the right side of Ivor Tower
    castle so you can clear out the items found there. It can also be
    traded in one of the tower's rooms for Fire Power.

    Ruby Heart

    The Ruby Heart is located in the town of Nobilia. A trader near the
    bottom left corner of town will give you the heart for either a Moxa
    Stick or Tapestry, a Jeweled Scarab, and a Limestone Tablet. The heart
    will decrease the enemy's hit percentage when the boy is low on hit points.

    Silver Sheath

    The Silver Sheath is located in the town of Nobilia. A trader near the
    center of the marketplace will give it to you for the Sun Stone or
    Golden Jackal, and 10 jars of Spice. The sheath will increase the
    strength of your sword weapons. You may also trade it for the Armor Polish.

    Staff of Life

    The Staff of Life can be acquired from Horace after defeating Aegis.
    You can also go to the alley on the far left side of Ivor Tower town
    and give one of the traders 30 bags of Rice for it. The Staff of Life
    increases your main character's defensive power, and it cannot be
    traded for anything else.

    Sun Stone

    The Sun Stone is found in Nobilia. To get it, give one of the traders
    a Limestone Tablet and five bags of Rice. The Sun Stone increases your
    main character's endurance, and can be traded for the Silver Sheath.

    Thug's Cloak

    The Thug's Cloak is located in the towns of Ivor Tower and Ebon Keep.
    To get one, give a trader eight Perfume bottles and six Beads. You can
    also get one by talking to the Oglin in the Dark Forest, but you must
    have saved him from the well in Ivor Tower South, or he won't give you
    anything. The Thug's Cloak increases your main character's evasion
    percentage, and can't be traded for anything else.


    You need to get the Wheel to help Tinker make the Rocket. Once you've
    acquired the Windwalker, return to Bugmuck in Prehistoria and defeat
    Coleoptera's Heart in the top room. Hit the cocoon that it leaves
    behind to get the Wheel.

    Wizard's Coin

    The Wizard's Coin will be given to you by Oglin. If you've saved
    Oglin from the well in Ivor Tower South and if you've gotten the
    Thug's Cloak, find and talk to him near the lower right of the Dark
    Forest to get the Wizard's Coin. The coin will increase the boy's
    magic defense.

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