Double your soldiers

Sent in by D. Nacalaban

Doubling soldiers before going to Battle: When you go into a battle you
enter a screen where you put your generals in. After you press enter or
O.K. at the bottom you then go to another screen that lets you enter the
amount of soldiers going into battle (the max of soldiers you can enter
is 300). When you are ready to go to war, you press the enter bottom at
the bottom and it will ask you if you are ready or not. You pick no and
you will go back to the screen where you have to pick your generals. You
then remove all of the generals and then enter them in again. After you
go into the screen when you assign your soldiers the soldiers that you
have entered before will be gone and they will be doubled. You can repeat
the process as many times as you want but only the soldiers that you
take into battle will be registered.