Configuration mode screen

Start match and finish the fight. Hold R + X + A at the continue screen
until the next match starts. The configuration mode screen will appear.


Highlight the "Story Mode" option, then hold L + R and press Start for bosses.

Options mode

Start a one player game, and press X + A + L when the fighter's names are
displayed to highlight options mode.

Select your opponent's character

Hold L + R on the character selection screen to control the other player's
selection. Hold L + R and press Y to select your opponent's character. That
character will be CPU controlled at the current difficulty setting.

Change the fighters' abilities

To change the fighters' abilities, start a game. When the match begins,
end it quickly (win or lose, it doesn't matter) and when the Continue
Screen appears, hold down R, X, and A. Keep holding them down
until the next match starts. When the Configuration Screen appears,
you can make your changes.