Resupply tip

Sent in by J.P. Dostie

If you take the Japanese Navy, you may find that it takes a long time
before resupplying all your fleets. You may want to resupply ONE of your
fleet then depart it and give it a mission and proceed with only one or
two fleets at a time.


Sent in by Phil

Refitting your ships with the latest technology gives you a big edge.
You can buff up existing ships much faster than you'd think, due to a
program glitch. Get the fleet to the Home Port. *Don't* refuel. On the
last day of the month, select Ord-Arrange and Disband, then select
that fleet. Disband the 5 ships you want to beef up. Then select Fix-Total
Repair. Edit the 5 fields according to your preference. Armor and
Speed are related, if you maximize armor you will not be allowed to
raise speed very much. Same with Anti-Ship and Anti-Air. Maximize Load.
As you add repair items you should see the words *1 month* at the top
of the screen. For the glitch to work you should not add enough repairs
to push it over 1 month. When done press the confirm button (A on SNES).
If you want to add new technology you can do that next, that can also
affect the amount of time so keep it inside 1 month. When done, confirm
it with the button. The next day is the first day of the next month and
all your ships will be repaired. You get it all in 1 day! Use this same
glitch for Fix-Modify Fighter to get your carriers jet-fighter-ready.
It usually takes 2 months but you can make it 1 month plus 1 day with
this glitch. A few days before the end of the month you can also use
Fix-Modify Rocket on ships, one per day until the end of the month and
they will all be refitted by the first day of the next month. Once done
you will need to refuel them as Total Repair removes all your fuel.

In a 1 player game against the computer, use Select Options to Change
Participation to allow you to play as the other side too. Finish the days
play. As the opposition, Change Participation to delegate your former
team to the computer. Play as the enemy for a day. When the next day
arrives, Change Participation to become the opponent and finish your
turn. When you return to your original team, use Change Participation
one final time to return computer control of your enemy. The result: all
your disabled ships are returned to your Home Port for you and you can
see exactly where the enemy fleets are! any new fleets that are created
after are not updated for you will have to use the glitch again.