Super Empire Strikes Back

Super Empire Strikes Back
Developer: Sculptured Software
Original Publisher: LucasArts
Republished by: THQ

You now own Super Empire Strikes Back for the SNES. Before engaging the
Imperial Forces and its sinister agent, Darth Vader, we suggest you read the
following instructions. Good luck and may the Force be with you.

Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been
destroyed, Imperial Forces have driven the Rebel forces from their
hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led
by Luke Skywalker has established a new secret base on the remote ice
world of Hoth.

The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding your Skywalker, has
dispatched thousands of remote probes onto the far reaches of space....

How to Play

Super Empire Strikes Back is a single-player action-arcade game
which continues the struggle against the evil galactic Emperor and his
servant Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith. In Super Star Wars, the Alliance
successfully destroyed the Death Star. Now, from their new base on Hoth,
they continue the fight against the vast Imperial Forces.
You begin your adventure as Luke Skywalker, and aspiring Jedi Knight.
On foot and on your Tauntaun, you battle through the icy caves and plains
of Hoth, using your blaster and trusty lightsaber against the roving
creatures and the Wampa Ice Beast. Then, you jump in your snowspeeder
to defend the Rebel base against advancing Imperial AT-AT Walkers.
Next as Han Solo, and intergalactic smuggler, you fight your way through
the Rebels' Echo Base to get to the Millennium Falcon and escape the
Emperor's attack. In the Falcon, you'll try to evade Imperial forces and
beat the odds by seeking safety in a dangerous asteroid field. Then, as
Luke, you'll travel to the remote planet, Dagobah, to seek the mysterious
Jedi Master, Yoda, and learn the ways of the Force. Meanwhile, as Han
and Chewbacca, Han's Wookie companion, you head for Cloud City, high
above the planet Bespin, in search of Han's old smuggling buddy, Lando
Calrissian. Finall y, as Luke, you also travel to Cloud City, battling
towards an inevitable confrontation with the evil lord, Darth Vader.
This action-arcade game consists of many side-view and first-person
levels. At the end of the side-view levels, you will confront a huge, ugly
Super Boss. After defeating it you will advance to the next level. In
the first-person levels, you pilot a vehicle and engage in battle against
attacking enemies. After defeating a certain amount of enemies
successfully you will advance to the next state.
Be careful, your heroes have a limited amount of health, lives,
and Force (as Luke). There are many items you can pick up, which you
will increase your health, life, weapon, and Force Power.

Beginning The Action

At the Title Screen you have three choices: Start Game, Options, and Password.

1. Start Game
*Press the Start Button and get ready to plunge into the incredible Super Empire
Strikes Back action adventures.

2. Options
Press the Start Button and it will take you to the Option Screen. The Options
A. Difficulty.
*Choose a Difficulty level between Easy, Brave, and Jedi.

B. Sound Mode.
*You may play the game in Stereo or Mono.

C. Control Pad.
*This lets you cycle through various button control combinations.

3. Password
*Press the Start Button and it will take you to the Password Screen. Use
your Control Pad Up/Down and Left/Right to select the characters for
the Password and press the Start Button.

Note: Use your Control Pad Up/Down to move between these choices.
Use your Control Pad Left/Right to cycle through the different sub-options
of your selected choice.

The Controls

Side-View Areas

Your heroes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca are very easy
to control. Press the Control Pad in the direction you want to move. To
use your blaster or lightsaber press the Control Pad and the Y Button in
the direction you want to fire. Holding the Fire Button down and press
the Control Pad will allow you to fire in eight directions. Holding the
Control Pad Down and press the Fire Button will allow you to run and
shoot at the same time.

Start Button
*Press to enter your choice from the Option Screen.
*Press to pause & unpause during the game.

Control Pad
*Press to move your hero and aim your shooting direction.
*Press Up or down to activate elevators.
*Press Up to enter caves and certain doors.

Y Button
*Press to shoot .
*Hold down button for rapid fire.

B Button
*Press to Jump.

X Button
*Press to activate Thermal Detonators.
*Activates Force Power if selected (Luke only).
*Activates Thermal Detonator if Force Power is not selected (Luke only).

A Button
*Press to change your weapon (Luke only).
*Press for Special Moves (Han & Chewie).

L Button
*Press to look down.

Special Button Combinations

Super Jump
*Press the B Button twice in order to activate.

Slide or Roll
*Press the Control Pad diagonal Down to either the Left or Right in
order to slide or roll in appropriate direction.

Dismount Tauntaun or drop to lower platform
*Press the Control Pad Down & press the B Button.

Shoot in all directions
*Hold down the Y Button and rotate the Control pad in all directions.

To run & shoot simultaneously
*Press the Control Pad either Left or Right and Press the Y Button
simult aneously.

To bring up Force Power Menu
*Press the Select button to bring up the Force Menu, and use the L or
R Buttons to cycle through your available Force Powers.

Note: The above button selections are the defaults of the controller.
You may arrange these buttons yourself through the Option selection
at the start of the game.

First-Person Levels

You are controlling a special vehicle, such as the snowspeeder, the
Millenium Falcon, and the X-wing starfighter.

Start Button
*Press to pause and unpause your game.

Control Pad
*Press to move your vehicle in the appropriate direction.

Y Button
*Press to shoot.
*Hold down for rapid fire.

B Button
*Press to use Boosters on the Snowspeeder and X-wing.

L Button
*Press to fire left tow cable on the Snowspeeder and left photon torpedo
on the X-wing.

R Button
*Press to fire right tow cable on the Snowspeeder and right photo
torpedo on the X-wing.

Game Screen

Health Bar Indicator
*By picking up Health Sword icons you will extend your overall Health
Bar Indicator.

Force Bar Indicator
*By picking up Force Orb icons you will increase your Force Power.

*Every time you destroy an enemy you will receive points which will
be added immediately to your over all score list.

Note: Luke will be able to use the Force once he has been trained by
the Jedi Master Yoda.

Scoring Screen

Force/Health Bonus
*Bonus points for Force or Health remaining on a completed level.

Life Bonus
*Bonus points for hero lives remaining.

Your Heroes
On each level, one of your heroes is dedicated to battling the
forces of the Emperor. You will control your hero until you have
completed that level.

Luke Skywalker

Luke's Actions
*Standing with Gun.
*Running with Gun.
*Jumping with Gun.
*Ducking with Gun.
*With Lightsaber

Luke's Lightsaber Attacks

*High Attack
*Low Attack

Han Solo
*Standing with Gun.
*Running with Gun.
*Jumping with Gun.
*Ducking with Gun.
*Throwing Detonator.

*Standing with Gun.
*Jumping with Gun
*Ducking with Gun.
*Kashyyykian Spin

Your Vehicles
*Millenium Falcon.

Your Weapons & Power-Ups
Your hero can power-up his blaster by picking up the blaster icon.
Once you have collected this icon, you will be able to shoot with a
more powerful weapon, but you will lose your previous power-up
weapon. If your hero dies, you will lose your blaster power-up and
continue with your regular laser blaster.
If you are controlling Luke, you are also able to choose your lightsaber.

1. Laser Blaster
*Standard Gun.

2. Flame Blaster
*Eliminates your enemy with a fire blast.

3. Photon Seeker
*These Energy Protons will follow your enemy and destroy them.

4. Rapid Ion Gun
*Fires a powerful rapid Ion blast.

5. Plasma Wave Blaster
*Launch it at your enemies at watch them get destroyed by a plasma wave blast.

Other Assorted Weapons & Power-Ups

1. Plasma Shield
*This Plasma shield will protect you for a short amount of time against
enemy hits.

2. Thermal Detonators.
*Use these Thermal Detonators against your enemy and watch them be
vaporized by an energy blast.

3. Health
*Pick up these power-ups to increase your health.

4. Force Orbs
*Pick up to increase your overall Force Power.

5. Bonus
*This will double the following item points you collect.

6. Health Sword
*Pick up these items to increase your overall health bar indicator.

7. Extra Life
*This will add another life to your hero.

Force Power-Ups

There are many Force power-ups that Luke can collect and store to use later.

1. Health
Converts Luke's Force Power to Health.

2. Elevation
Luke can float.

3. Freeze
Luke uses to freeze all enemies.

4. Invisible
*You become invisible.

5. Mind Control
Luke uses to confuse enemies so they don't attack.

6. Deflect
Luke deflects enemy shots.

7, Super Lightsaber
Luke can throw and control his Lightsaber.

8. Anti-Motion
Slows down enemies and their bullets.

Note: To deselect your current Force Power, select the first icon (the
Rebel Symbol) from your Force Power Menu.

Some Of The Levels

Area 1: Hoth

*Outside AT-AT.
*Inside AT-AT.

Area 2: Asteroid Field
*Asteroid Field.
Area 3: Dagobah

Area 4: Cloud City
*Cloud City.
*Carbon Freezing Chamber.

Some Enemies
*Hoth Hog.
*Ice Cat.
*Snow troopers.

Bounty Hunters

Some Super Bosses
*Ugharro Mining Crusher.
*Imperial Probe Droid.
*C-A-T (Combat Attack Transport).
*Swamp Creature Habogad.
*Wampa Beast.