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Thread Title: Ecco the Dolphin

This is the place to look over & submit all Sega Geneses Game Genie Codes

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    Default Ecco the Dolphin

    1 AKRT-JA64 Almost infinite breath„switch
    off to die if you get stuck

    2 AL2A-JA7L Protection from most jellyfish and
    many other enemies
    3 ALZA-JA5Y Protection from spiked shells
    and some other enemies
    4 AAVT-NAFC Protection from octopus
    5 HAVT-NAFC Octopus is fatal
    6 HCBT-LAEW Charging a school of fish restores
    health completely instead of partially
    7 SW2A-KGPJ + HC2A-JAFL Most jellyfish and some other
    enemies restore health instead
    of taking it away
    8 SW2A-KGPJ + TC2A-JGFL + Most jellyfish and some other
    E42A-JAFN enemies restore breath instead
    of damaging health

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    Default Sega Genesis - Ecco The Dolphin - Invincibility Game Genie Code

    After trying to get it for over an hour (with a lot of trial and error), I have finally pinpointed the code that makes you invincible (stars all around you)

    The Code is...



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