Category Title Hacker Code Notes
Top Always Fight Baraka Ermac12 ANLT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Jade Ermac12 CALT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Jax Ermac12 BNLT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Johnny Cage Ermac12 AJLT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Kintaro Ermac12 BTLT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Kitana Ermac12 ATLT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Kung Lao Ermac12 AALT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Liu Kang Ermac12 AELT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Mileena Ermac12 AYLT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Noob Saibot Ermac12 B6LT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Raiden Ermac12 A6LT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Reptile Ermac12 BELT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Scorpion Ermac12 BJLT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Shang Tsung Ermac12 A2LT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Shao Kahn BYLT-DE4J Once you beat him the game ends.
Top Always Fight Smoke Ermac12 B2LT-DE4J
Top Always Fight Sub-Zero Ermac12 BALT-DE4J
Top 10 Minute Fatality Time. Ermac12 A5WA-BBHY
Top Auto Babalities Ermac12 ADZT-CA4C
Top Auto Fatalities (Founded By Tony Hedstrom) Ermac12 ADZT-CA4C
When it says "Finish Him", don't press any buttons, and your player should do a fatality automatically. It worked about 90% of the time for me.
Top Auto Friendships Ermac12 ADZT-CA4C
Top Auto Kombat Tomb & Pit 2 Fatality Ermac12 ADZT-CA4C
Top Cage's Shadow Kick Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 A33A-CA9E
Top Finishing moves can be done at the end of any round. Ermac12 RHVT-A6X8
Top First player lies on floor. Ermac12 AM9T-BA2J
Top Full Room Fighting. Ermac12 AD2A-AA3W
Top Immortal Kombat Ermac12 CALA-DE4J Orginally made for the Genesis version of MK2 by AceKombat, so I made one for the 32X version of MK2, now this code give some of the characters rapid fire with there projectiles, also can do some strange combos, and if you timing is right, you can do a double Hat Throw Fatality with Kung Lao(From far away, hold Low Punch, press <,<,>, release Low Punch, press ^ at the right moment when the hat get close to the losers head, and then the normal Hat Throw, <,>, Low Punch and follow the same method
Top In second round, the loser from first round lies on floor. Ermac12 AS9T-BA2J
Top Infinite Time. Ermac12 ADVA-BE52
Top Instead of Finish Him/Her text, it saids Friendship. Ermac12 A5WA-AJG8
Top Kitana's Fan Throw Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 AV1A-CA88
Top Kung Lao's Hat Throw Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 A34T-CA6E
Top Liu Kang's High Fireball Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 A33A-CA88
Top Mileena's Sai Throw Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 AV1A-CA9T
Top No Finish Him/Her text. Ermac12 A5WA-AGG8
Top Rayden's Lighting Bolt Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 AV2T-CA7L
Top Reptile's Force Ball Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 AVYT-CA48
Top Revenge, On the Dead Pool stage when Shao Kahn saids Finish Him/Her, the loser will be able to move, Ermac12 RHVT-A6X8
Top Second player lies on floor. Ermac12 AH9T-BA2J
Top Shang Tsung's Flaming Skull Attack Does Massive Damage. Ermac12 AV0T-CA38
Top Timer is 2x as fast. Ermac12 CXXT-BA5A
Top Timer is 2x as slow. Ermac12 LDXT-BA5A
Top Added Background Layers Overlap Original Background Ermac12 FFABB4:00FF
Top Air Fighting AAMA-CAD6 This code works best when you play as Kitana, because if you do the Wave Punch, computer will not block it.
Top Background Color Modifier(s) FFB718:????
Two bytes codes for even better range of possibities Use any hex value from 00 to FF for some very cool colors.
Top Background Effects Out Of Place Ermac12 YLMA-ATHJ
Top Background Layers Does Cool Things When Players Move Around Ermac12 FFAC30:0001
Top Backgrounds Out Of Line Ermac12 YLMA-ACHJ
Top Character Sprites Are A little Higher In Select Screen Ermac12 FFAB5E:0014
Top CPU/Player 2 Is Confined To One Spot Ermac12 FFBAD2:0026
Top Dead Pool Acid Color Modifier FFB78E:????
Thise code will have some effects on other things aswell(Shadow Priest(s) in The Tower & Portal Stage, Flying Dragonflies in The Kombat Tomb, etc. Use any hex value from 00 to FF for some very cool colors.
Top Disfigured Backgrounds Ermac12 AGMA-AAHJ
Top Enable Secret Cheat Menu! RGTT-A6T2 At the title screen, select "Options", then select "Test Modes".
Top Floor Camera Angle Ermac12 FFAB64:0035
Top Gives You More Time To Do Fatalities Tony Hedstrom A5WA-AJHY
Top High Jump AD3T-AAZE Only works on "angled" jumps.
Top Hit Anywhere Both Players nolberto82 AD8T-AA3A
Top Infinite Time Without Freezing The Game Ermac12 FFAB8E:0015
Top Jump Across The Entire Length of The Screen AD5A-BTD0 Only works on "angled" jumps.
Top Jump Farther Across The Screen AD5A-BAM0 Only works on "angled" jumps.
Top Kombat Tomb & Pit 2 Fatality Are Edited Ermac12 FFBA86:0001
Top Liu Kang Sprite Out Of Place Ermac12 AEMA-CAG1
Top Magic Carpet Ride(Background) Ermac12 FFAB5A:0001 To Do This All That Has To Be Done Is To Either Go Back Full Screen On Player 1 or 2 side, But I Don't Advised You To Use This Code Against The Hidden Characters.
Top Move Off Screen Ermac12 FFAB56:00C8 From The Left only.
Top No Backgrounds Ermac12 ACMA-AAH8
Top Rayden Sprite Out Of Place Ermac12 AAMT-CAC1
Top Reptile, Sub-Zero, And Scorpion Sprites Move Up Ermac12 AAMT-CAD1
Top Round Announcement Modifier Ermac12 FFAB3C:00?? 01 - Round 1 02 - Round 2 03 - Round 3 04 - Round 4
Top Shadow Air Fighting BJMA-CAD6 You should also see your fighters moving low on the ground.
Top Shadow Fighters Tony Hedstrom AAMA-CADL
Top Super High Jump AD3T-AAPE Only works on "angled" jumps.
Top The CPU Will Never Win The Match AMVT-AA3N If you get to round 5, the game will automatically go to the "Game Over" screen. I'm guessing this is programming left over from the arcade version of the game.
Top Total Blackout Ermac12 XGMT-AAWA
Top When Both Players Choose The Same Character, Both ? Unknown AEFT-DELC
Top When Both Players Choose The Same Character, Both ?2 Unknown AEFT-DEKY
Top You Only Have To Win One Fight To Win The Match, B Tony Hedstrom SDVT-BJT6