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3d 3do 3ds 3rd 10 11 13 19xx 64 96 99 360 1001 2000 2010 2011 2012 2600 3000 ace acia action addams added advance adventure adventures age agent air akumajou aladdin alchemist alien aliens alive all-stars alliance alpha angel angry animal anthology apocalypse apple arcade arcana arena arkanoid armored army assassins assault atari australia auto avatar b.o.b ball baseball batman battery battle battletoads bazooka ben beta biohazard birds birth birthday black blade blast blazing blood bomberman borderlands boss bought boxing boy bratz breath broken bros brothers budokai bully burning business buster buy call carmageddon cartoon castle castlevania cell cfw challenge championship chaos chat cheat cheats chronicles city clancys clash climber club cobra code codes cola collection combat commodore conquer controller core count country creed crossing crystal cwcheat cwcheats dame dance dark darkness days dead deal deep defenders defense demo densetsu desert destiny destruction details disney dissidia donkey doom double dracula dragon dragons dream dreamcast drive duck duel dungeon duodecim duty dynasty e3 earth earthworm eater edge edition emblem enter episode eur europe eve evil evolution expansion extreme failure fallout family fantasy fate field fifa fight fighter fighters filter final fire fishing football force found fox france friends front fury fusion galaxy gale game gameboy games gameshark garou gate gauntlet gear generation genesis genie geo ghost giveaway god gold golf gran grand guilty guitar hardware harmony harry harvest head hearts hedgehog helix hero heroes history hole hunter hyper ii iii instinct instruction island iv jaguar jam james jap japan john joker jungle kart kill killer king kingdom kings kiseki knight kombat kong koukuu lagoon land league legacy legend legends legions lego life link list live loaded lost lucky macross magic major manual march mario mass master masters max medal mega megaman megami melee memories menace metal metroid mickey microsoft mission mmorpg modern monster monsters moon mortal multiplayer mutant mutants myth n64 naruto nba neo nes network news next-gen nfl night ninja nintendo ntsc-u ocean odyssey ogre olympic online ops original origins pacific pack paradise party past pc phantasy pilotwings pitfall play playstation pocket portable potter power prime princess pro psp psx punch-out puyo quest race racer racing rage real red replay rescue resident return revenge review revolution ring rise rising rivals road robin rogue round round-up rpg run saga samurai screen screens search secret sega series shadow shattered shinobi silver simpsons sims skies skyrim smackdown smash snes soccer soldier solid sonic soul souls south space sparta special speed spider-man splinter star stars storm story street strike suikoden super support sword swords syndrome syphon system tactics tag tale tank team teenage tekken tenkaichi tennis theft thunder time titles toki tom top tour tournament town trainer transformers treasure true turbo turbografx turismo turtles tv twilight uk ultimate universe unleashed update upgrade urban usa values version video vii viii vol.2 volume walkthrough war warfare warrior warriors wars week weird wii wild wings word world wrestlemania wwe wwf x-men x2 xbox yoshis ys yu-gi-oh zelda zone zueirama [eur] [gxxe01] [jap] [usa] [us] [wii] []
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