Double Accessory Equip for Adol (Same Accessory)

Normally, you can only equip one of each accessory type on a character (Life Ring III for example). However, there is a glitch which allows Adol (only Adol) to equip two of the same accessory that you normally could not (such as the Life/Defense/Skill Rings). To activate this glitch, go to Comodo and craft 6 of the desired item. Equip them on each of your characters as normal, except equip Adol's on the second accessory slot. Craft the 7th one, and hit confirm when asked to choose someone to equip it to (the character boxes are all greyed out). If done correctly, Adol will now have two of the same accessories equipped. This allows Adol to have bonuses like the following: - 0 SP Skill Cost with two "Skill Ring IVs" equipped - +1000 HP with two "Life Ring IVs" equipped (or +750 HP with "Life Ring III" etc etc) - Get +8 skill points per skill used with two +4 "Skill Point Amulets" (I do not know the exact translation for this item) etc. However, do note that once you de-equip one of the accessories from Adol, you will have to craft another one to utilize this glitch again, while making sure the other characters are all equipped with that accessory already. This glitch may work before you have all 6 party members, though I am not certain since I discovered this late in game.