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Thread Title: Final Fantasy VII gameshark codes

GameShark & Pro Action Replay Codes for the PS1 aka the PSX.

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    Default Final Fantasy VII gameshark codes

    Q: where can I find gameshark codes to ff7?
    A: you can gameshark codes for final fantasy 7 right here in this thread.

    Finally, the somehow complete codes for Final Fantasy VII.
    It include some of the most useful codes to be use in Final
    Fantast VII, also included is the most complete "ITEM" and
    "MATERIA" modifier codes. Please DO backup your game prior
    to using any of these codes and do not blame me if there is
    anything wrong with the codes.

    Master Code (Not Needed)
    Save Anywhere 8009D2A6 0000
    Have 5000000 Gils 8009D260 4B4C
    8009D262 004C
    Get 50000 EXPs After Battles 8009D7D8 C350
    Get 20000 APs After Battles 8009D7DC 4E20
    Item Modifier (See Appendix 1) 8009CXXX C***
    Materia Modifier (See Appendix 2) 8009XXXX FF**
    No Random Battle 8007173C 0000
    No Random Battle on Map 8011627C 0000

    Limit Attacks Codes

    1st Limit Bar Always Full 800F5E6A 00FF
    2nd Limit Bar Always Full 800F5E9C 00FF
    3rd Limit Bar Always Full 800F5ED2 00FF

    Cloud Strife's Limit Attack Full 8009C75A 0FFF
    Barret Wallace's Limit Attack Full 8009C7DE 0FFF
    Tifa Lockheart's Limit Attack Full 8009C862 0FFF
    Aeris Gainsborough's Limit Attack Full 8009C8E6 0FFF
    Red XIII's Limit Attack Full 8009C96A 0FFF
    Yuffie Kisaragi's Limit Attack Full 8009C9EE 0FFF
    Cait Sith's Limit Attack Full 8009CA72 0FFF
    Cid Highwind's Limit Attack Full 8009CB7A 0FFF
    Vincent Valentine's Limit Attack Full 8009CAF6 0FFF

    Appendix 1 (Item Modifier)

    Item Modifier 8009CXXX C***

    XXX - Defines the position of the item on the item list.
    Where BE0 is the 1st position and E5E is the last location,
    which is position 320. With every increment of one position,
    add HEX 2 to the last one, example:
    1st position == BE0
    2nd position == BE2
    3rd position == BE4
    4th position == BE6
    5th position == BE8
    6th position == BEA
    7th position == BEC
    8th position == BEE
    9th position == BF0
    10th position == BF2
    and so on until E5E. If you don't understand this, use a
    scientific calculator and change it to HEX mode, then punch
    in BE0 and press "+" then "2", everytime you add 2, the
    position is increase by one.

    *** - Defines the item that you want, refer to the bottom
    table for all usable items:

    600 = Potion 6A0 = Gatling Gun
    601 = Hi-Potion 6A1 = Assault Gun
    602 = X-Potion 6A2 = Cannon Ball
    603 = Ether 6A3 = Atomic Scissorss
    604 = Turbo Ether 6A4 = Heavy Vulcan
    605 = Elixir 6A5 = Chainsaw
    606 = Megalixir 6A6 = Microlaser
    607 = Phoenix Down 6A7 = A.M Cannon
    608 = Antidote 6A8 = W Machine Gun
    609 = Soft 6A9 = Drill Arm
    60A = Maiden's Kiss 6AA = Solid Bazooka
    60B = Cornucopia 6AB = Rocket Punch
    60C = Echo Screen 6AC = Enemy Launcher
    60D = Hyper 6AD = Pile Bunker
    60E = Tranquilizer 6AE = Maximum Ray
    60F = Remedy 6AF = Missing Score
    610 = Smoke Bomb 6B0 = Mythril Clip
    611 = Speed Drink 6B1 = Diamant Pin
    612 = Hero Drink 6B2 = Silver Barrette
    613 = Vaccine 6B3 = Gold Barrette
    614 = Grenade 6B4 = Adaman Clip
    615 = Shrapnel 6B5 = Crystal Comb
    616 = Bomb's Right Arm 6B6 = Magic Comb
    617 = Hourglass 6B7 = Platinum Barrette
    618 = Kiss of Death 6B8 = Centclip
    619 = Spider Web 6B9 = Hairpin
    61A = Dream Powder 6BA = Seraph Comb
    61B = Mute Mask 6BB = Behemoth Horn
    61C = War Gong 6BC = Spriggan Clip
    61D = Leco weed 6BD = Limited Moon
    61E = Fire Fang 6BE = Guard Stick
    61F = Fire Veil 6BF = Mythril Rod
    620 = Antarctic Wind 6C0 = Full Metal Staff
    621 = Ice Crystal 6C1 = Striking Staff
    622 = Bolt Plume 6C2 = Prism Staff
    623 = Swift Bolt 6C3 = Aurora Rod
    624 = Earth Drum 6C4 = Wizard Staff
    625 = Earth Mallet 6C5 = Wiser Staff
    626 = Deadly Waste 6C6 = Fairy Tale
    627 = Molbor's Tentacles 6C7 = Umbrella
    628 = Stardust 6C8 = Princess Guard
    629 = Vampire Fang 6C9 = Spear
    62A = Ghost Hand 6CA = Slash Lance
    62B = Basilisk Claw 6CB = Trident
    62C = Light Curtain 6CC = Mast Ax
    62D = Lunar Curtain 6CD = Partisan
    62E = Mirror 6CE = Viper Halberd
    62F = Holy Torch 6CF = Javelin
    630 = Bird Wing 6D0 = Grow Lance
    631 = Dragon Scales 6D1 = Mop
    632 = Impaler 6D2 = Dragoon Lance
    633 = Shrivel 6D3 = Scimitar
    634 = Eye drop 6D4 = Flayer
    635 = Molotov 6D5 = Spirit Lance
    636 = S-mine 6D6 = Venus Gospel
    637 = 8 Inch Cannon 6D7 = 4-point Shuriken
    638 = Graviball 6D8 = Boomerang
    639 = T/S Bomb 6D9 = Pinwheel
    63A = Ink 6DA = Razor Ring
    63B = Dazers 6DB = Hawkeye
    63C = Dragon Fang 6DC = Crystal Cross
    63D = Cauldron 6DD = Wind Slash
    63E = Sylkis Greens 6DE = Twin Viper
    63F = Reagan Greens 6DF = Spiral Shuriken
    640 = Mimett Greens 6E0 = Supperball
    641 = Curiel Greens 6E1 = Magic Shuriken
    642 = Pahsana Greens 6E2 = Rising Sun
    643 = Tantal Greens 6E3 = Oritsuru
    644 = Krakka Greens 6E4 = Conformer
    645 = Gysahl Greens 6E5 = Yellow Megaphone
    646 = Tent 6E6 = Green Megaphone
    647 = Power Source 6E7 = Blue Megaphone
    648 = Guard Source 6E8 = Red Megaphone
    649 = Magic Source 6E9 = Crystal Megaphone
    64A = Mind Source 6EA = White Megaphone
    64B = Speed Source 6EB = Black Megaphone
    64C = Luck Source 6EC = Silver Megaphone
    64D = Zeio Nut 6ED = Trumpet Shell
    64E = Carob Nut 6EE = Gold Megaphone
    64F = Porov Nut 6EF = Battle Trumpet
    650 = Pram Nut 6F0 = Starlight Phone
    651 = Lasan Nut 6F1 = HP Shout
    652 = Saraha Nut 6F2 = Quicksilver
    653 = Luchile Nut 6F3 = Shotgun
    654 = Pepio Nut 6F4 = Shortbarrel
    655 = Battery 6F5 = Lariat
    656 = Tissue 6F6 = Winchester
    657 = Omnislash 6F7 = Peacemaker
    658 = Catastrophe 6F8 = Buntline
    659 = Final Heaven 6F9 = Long Barrel R
    65A = Great Gospel 6FA = Silver Rifle
    65B = Cosmo Memory 6FB = Sniper CR
    65C = All Creation 6FC = Supershot ST
    65D = Chaos 6FD = Outsider
    65E = Highwind 6FE = Death Penalty
    65F = 1/35 Soldier 6FF = Masamune
    660 = Super Sweeper 700 = Bronze Bangle
    661 = Masamune Blade 701 = Iron Bangle
    662 = Save Crystal 702 = Titan Bangle
    663 = Combat Diary 703 = Mythril Armlet
    664 = Autograph 704 = Carbon Bangle
    665 = Gambler 705 = Silver Armlet
    666 = Desert Rose 706 = Gold Armlet
    667 = Earth Harp 707 = Diamond Bangle
    668 = Guide Book 708 = Crystal Bangle
    669 = <blank> 709 = Platinum Bangle
    66A = <blank> 70A = Rune Armlet
    66B = <blank> 70B = Edincoat
    66C = <blank> 70C = Wizard Bracelet
    66D = <blank> 70D = Adaman Bangle
    66E = <blank> 70E = Gigas Armlet
    66F = <blank> 70F = Imperial Guard
    670 = <blank> 710 = Aegis Armlet
    671 = <blank> 711 = Fourth Bracelet
    672 = <blank> 712 = Warrior Bangle
    673 = <blank> 713 = Shinra Beta
    674 = <blank> 714 = Shinra Alpha
    675 = <blank> 715 = Four Slot
    676 = <blank> 716 = Fire Armlet
    677 = <blank> 717 = Aurora Armlet
    678 = <blank> 718 = Bolt Armlet
    679 = <blank> 719 = Dragon Armlet
    07A = <blank> 71A = Minerva Band
    07B = <blank> 71B = Escort Guard
    07C = <blank> 71C = Mystile
    07D = <blank> 71D = Ziedrich
    07E = <blank> 71E = Precious Watch
    07F = <blank> 71F = Chocobracelet
    680 = Buster Sword 720 = Power Wrist
    681 = Mythril Saber 721 = Protect Vest
    682 = Hardedge 722 = Earring
    683 = Butterfly Edge 723 = Talisman
    684 = Enhance Sword 724 = Choco Feather
    685 = Organics 725 = Amulet
    686 = Crystal Sword 726 = Champion Belt
    687 = Force Stealer 727 = Poison Ring
    688 = Rune Blade 728 = Toughness Ring
    689 = Murasame 729 = Circlet
    68A = Nail Bat 72A = Star Pendant
    68B = Yoshiyuki 72B = Silver Glasses
    68C = Apocalypse 72C = Headband
    68D = Heaven's Cloud 72D = Fairy Ring
    68E = Ragnarok 72E = Jewel Ring
    68F = Ultima Weapon 72F = White Cape
    690 = Leather Glove 730 = Sprint Shoes
    691 = Metal Knuckle 731 = Peace Ring
    692 = Mythril Claw 732 = Ribbon
    693 = Grand Glove 733 = Fire Ring
    694 = Tiger Fang 734 = Ice Ring
    695 = Diamond Knuckle 735 = Bolt Ring
    696 = Dragon Claw 736 = Tetra Elemental
    697 = Crystal Grab 737 = Safety Bit
    698 = Motor Drive 738 = Fury Ring
    699 = Platinum Fist 739 = Curse Ring
    69A = Kaiser Knuckle 73A = Protect Vest
    69B = Work Glove 77B = Cat's Bell
    69C = Powersoul 73C = Reflect Ring
    69D = Master Fist 73D = Water Ring
    69E = God's Hand 73E = Sneak Glove
    69F = Premium Heart 73F = HypnoCrown

    Appendix 2 (Materia Modifier)

    Materia Modifier 8009XXXX FF**

    XXXX - Defines the position of the materia on the materia
    list. Where CE60 is the 1st position and D17C is the last
    location, which is position 200. With every increment of one
    position, add HEX 4 to the last one, example:
    1st position == CE60
    2nd position == CE64
    3rd position == CE68
    4th position == CE6C
    5th position == CE60
    and so on until D17C. If you don't understand this, use a
    scientific calculator and change it to HEX mode, then punch
    in CE60 and press "+" then "4", everytime you add 4, the
    position is increase by one.

    ** - Defines the item that you want, refer to the bottom
    table for all usable materia:

    00 = MP Plus 2E = (glitch)
    01 = HP Plus 2F = (glitch)
    02 = Speed Plus 30 = Master Command
    03 = Magic Plus 31 = Fire
    04 = Luck Plus 32 = Ice
    05 = XP Up 33 = Earth
    06 = Gil Plus 34 = Lightning
    07 = Enemy Away 35 = Restore
    08 = Enemy Lure 36 = Heal
    09 = Chocobo Lure 37 = Revive
    0A = Pre-Emptive 38 = Seal
    0B = Long Range 39 = Mystify
    0C = Super Enemy-All 3A = Transform
    0D = Counter Attack 3B = Exit
    0E = Slash All 3C = Poison
    0F = Double Cut 3D = Gravity
    10 = Cover 3E = Barrier
    11 = Underwater 3F = <no name>
    12 = HP/MP Switch 40 = Comet
    13 = W-Magic 41 = Time
    14 = W-Summon 42 = <no name>
    15 = W-Item 43 = <no name>
    16 = <no name> 44 = Destruct
    17 = Enemy-All 45 = Contain
    18 = Command Counter 46 = Full Cure
    19 = Magic Counter 47 = Shield
    1A = MP Turbo 48 = Ultima
    1B = MP Absorb 49 = Master Magic
    1C = HP Absorb 4A = Choco/Mog
    1D = Elemental 4B = Shiva
    1E = Added Effect 4C = Ifreet
    1F = Sneak Attack 4D = Titan
    20 = Final Attack 4E = Ramu
    21 = Added Cut 4F = Odin
    22 = Added Steal 50 = Leviathan
    23 = Quadra Magic 51 = Bahamut
    24 = Steal 52 = Kujata
    25 = Sense 53 = Alexander
    26 = <no name> 54 = Phoenix
    27 = Throw 55 = Neo Bahamut
    28 = Morph 56 = Hades
    29 = Deathblow 57 = Tupon
    2A = Manipulate 58 = Bahamut ZERO
    2B = Mimic 59 = Knights Of The Round
    2C = Enemy Skill 5A = Master Summon
    2D = (glitch) 89 = (glitch)

    Special notes:
    1) This code should enable you to have a master level materia
    for every materia created. It even allow the Enemy Skills
    materia to have full 24 stars. Please post if this is wrong.

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!

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    Default Final Fantasy VII gameshark codes

    Hacked by: Lazy Bastard

    Final Fantasy VII

    Enemy 1 size mod: 8015475A ??00
    Enemy 2 size mod: 801552F6 ??00
    Enemy 3 size mod: 80155E92 ??00
    Enemy 4 size mod: 80156A2E ??00
    Enemy 5 size mod: 801575CA ??00
    Enemy 6 size mod: 80158166 ??00

    These size mods modify the size of your
    enemies in battle.

    Here are some good digits:

    05: Tiny
    20: Twice normal size
    30: Three times normal size
    40: Four times normal size
    50: Five times normal size
    60: Six times normal size
    70: Seven times normal size
    7F: Greatest size possible
    80: Upside down, greatest size possible
    90: Upside down, seven times normal size
    AO: Upside down, six times normal size
    B0: Upside down, five times normal size
    C0: Upside down, four times normal size
    D0: Upside down, three times normal size
    E0: Upside down, twice normal size
    FO: Upside down, normal size
    F5: Upside down, tiny

    1st slot character (the one on the right)
    color mod:
    801518F8 ??00

    2nd slot character color mod:
    80152494 ??00

    3rd character color mod:
    80153030 ??00

    Here are some good digits:

    7F: Totally black. Being of darkness.
    80: Really bright.

    Enemy 1 color mod: 80154768 ??00
    Enemy 2 color mod: 80155304 ??00
    Enemy 3 color mod: 80155EA0 ??00
    Enemy 4 color mod: 80156A3C ??00
    Enemy 5 color mod: 801575D8 ??00
    Enemy 6 color mod: 80158174 ??00

    Use the digits from the other color mod.

    All the codes below were hacked in
    Disc 1, cause my other saves were all
    deleted. My advice to you for the World
    Map Event Mod is to use the debug room to
    get an airship and to be out on the world
    map in Disc 1. I'm lazy, but I'll tell you
    how anyway, to save you some time and effort
    trying to find a way.

    Okay, go into the Debug Room, and turn off
    the code (Debug Room code) if it is on.
    Then go to the Northeast room and talk to
    the top-middle girl between Tifa and Aeris,
    and choose "Ex-SOLDIE Highwind"
    ( or "Cloud Highwind", it could be either).
    You will be warped to inside the Highwind,
    where you can talk to the guy (the pilot) above
    Cid and start flying. There, you have your
    airship at the beginning of the game,
    on the world map.

    Now it's time to see Squaresoft's secrets,
    hehe. Sorry, I don't feel like beating the
    game half-way through to find out if a code
    works on all discs, but please tell me if
    you test them on other discs and I will
    give you credit.

    Automatically on airship: 8010A59A 20E0
    This code works nicely with a joker command.

    I don't really know what to name this, but
    let's call it Event on World Map Mod
    (I later noted it was the event trigger
    for the airship). Okay, here goes:

    D00C84C8 0080
    8010A59A ????

    Push Square to activate the chosen event.

    Here are some digits that I have found
    that I think are cool:

    21EF: Weird sound, white flash, back to normal.

    22EF: Cloud: What the?!? Zooms to where
    Diamond Weapon should be, warps to airship,
    above where you were standing.

    23EF:Airship turns around, goes forward,
    stops, submarine instructions.

    24EF:Airship disappears, weird views are
    shown for a few seconds, automatic warp
    to Cargo ship.

    28EF:This is slightly interesting at least:
    an automatic battle with "ENCOUNT ERROR"?
    There is a message at the top of the screen
    that is interesting, too. And the "monster"
    talks to you if you do certain things.

    2AEF: Automatic warp to Midgar Gate.

    2BEF: Automatic warp to Junon.

    2CEF: Automatic warp to Chocobo Farm.

    05EF: Automatically on a Grey Chocobo (?)
    behind Chocobo Farm.

    09EF: Automatically on a regular Chocobo,
    on top of the submarine, in the middle
    of the ocean.

    0CEF: Tifa screws with Cloud.

    0EEF: Cloud:Not even a Chocobo...etc.

    0FEF: Tifa:Not even a Chocobo...etc.

    11EF: Airship moves a little, "Warks",
    and stops.

    13EF: Airship shortcircuits and
    "Oh, man, a breakdown? Now?" message
    is shown.

    15EF: Cid:Hey, hey, what are you trying
    to do, break the Highwind? Lets fight
    on the ground.

    16EF: Strange, green bubble appears at
    nose of airship.

    18EF: Automatic battle with Ultimate Weapon,
    who runs away after one hit, no matter
    how weak you hit him.

    1CEF: Makes airship appear above you;
    you can't get into it though.

    1EEF: Chocobo sound is heard.

    2DEF: Automatic warp to Wutai.

    2DEF: Automatic warp to Mt. Nibel.

    30EF: You and airship turn, automatic fight
    with Ruby Weapon.

    32EF: Cloud says:"First. I gotta do something
    about her." Then airship keeps turning and
    repeating what Cloud said. Go into a town
    and come back out to stop it.

    3FEF: Airship lifts off, acts like it is on
    water, slowly moves along, automatic warp
    inside airship, above where you were standing.

    36EF: Airship sinks into ground, automatic
    warp to airship landed in North Crater.

    3EEF: Airship rises, Warks, sits back down.

    D9EF: Automatic warp inside airship with
    Cid as leader.

    B1EF: Automatically on a regular Chocobo,
    in the middle of the ocean, Chocobo

    10E0: Cid, without, box, just loose in
    air: Not even a chocobo...etc.

    1DE0: Chocobo instructions

    1FE0: Buggy instructions

    23E0: Airship starts floating away,
    submarine instructions, airship stops

    25E0: Airship floats away, turns,
    auto warp to Costa Del Sol

    27E0: Airship is pulled away, weird views
    are shown, after a couple seconds, warp to
    Junon before getting on Cargo Ship

    29E0: Auto warp to where Midgar Zolem
    is impaled in tree, when you walk out,
    you are where you started.

    2CE0: Auto warp to North Corel

    2DE0: Auto warp to Yuffie betrayal,
    after you beat the Shinra Soldiers and
    walk out, you are automatically right
    outside of Wutai.

    2FE0: Auto battle with Ruby

    D0E1: Cloud is turned to his side;
    try walking around, it's pretty cool.

    06E5: Automatically on airship, but when
    you get out, you are on a Grey Chocobo.

    0CE5: Cloud: I got the feeling I'm forgetting
    something, airship turns and Cloud tells it
    to stay there for just a minute.

    01E0: Airship turns around

    04E0: Airship is transported to the far
    corner of the map

    14E0: Cloud jumps on airship like a chocobo,
    automatically in airship

    17E0: Airship is pulled away, one of the
    Weapons roars, Cid yells "#?*!, what energy!
    Damn! You think I'm just gonna give up!?
    Airship is usually inaccessible, as it's
    moved too far away by this point.

    21E0: Airship disappears, planet moans,
    white flash, back to normal, airship is moved.

    22E0: Earthquake sort of thing, Cloud says
    "What the...!?", fly to where Ultimate Weapon
    should be, autowarp into airship, above same location

    D0E1: This causes Cloud to be turned
    to his side on the world map. Odd.

    06E5: Automatically on airship, but when
    you jump out, you're on a grey chocobo

    That's all the digits I've found so far.
    If you find any, e-mail me and you
    will be given credit.

    Airship walk through walls (Fly through walls?)

    8010A596 0032

    This code lets the airship fly through
    anything. Two other people have hacked
    this code as well, but after me
    and with a different line of code.

    Airship floats at certain height mod.
    Don't worry, you can get in this time.
    Also try getting out. Cloud just sort of
    jumps out of the airship from 200 feet
    up in the air; it's pretty cool:

    8010A564 04E2

    Warp to some place I don't remember
    ever being in:

    8010A55A 0003

    Highwind's propellers always spin;
    this is almost too useless to post,
    but here it is if you want it:

    8010A5AC 0233

    Here is a code I hacked because the
    one at the GSCCC doesn't work. I accidentally
    found it when looking for something else, actually.
    I'm not sure if it gives the person in top
    slot infinite HP or if it gives Cloud infinite
    HP, so tell me if you test it:

    800F5BBC 00B1

    The code at GSCCC only changes the numbers
    you see, not what actually is your HP.
    For example, if you have 100 HP and you use
    the code at GSCCC, and you lose 50 HP,
    your HP will still say 100, but if you get
    hit another 50, you will die, because your real HP
    will still be going down with each time you get hit.
    My code actually works, I tested it.

    Okay, here is a code I hacked which is
    probably the beginning of changing Cloud's
    World Map Graphic. It sort of makes him
    have super-shiny, really colorful Superman underwear
    (You know how those super heroes always
    have underwear on the outside of their costumes).
    Anyway, this page's already too long,
    so here goes:

    10150008 FF45
    1015000A ADFF
    1015001C 6DFF
    1015001E ADFF
    1015002C FF4D
    1015002E ADFF

    100 Ft. tall mode:

    80116508 2500

    This code basically makes it seem like
    you are about 100 feet up in the air on
    the world map. It gives you sort of a 1st-person
    view, too.

    Slow motion:

    80051568 1F66

    This code makes the whole game, including
    cgi scenes and all, in slow motion.
    The music will stay at the same speed, though.

    Pulsating view:

    800E5658 0001

    This makes the world map a crazy rollercoaster
    that may even make you physically dizzy and sick.
    It's pretty damn cool.

    3D 360 Capabilities:

    800E56A4 13FB

    This is very hard to describe, but just go
    on the world map and turn left or right while
    in the low view and you'll be rather impressed
    with the effect.

    Upside down on world map:

    800E5654 0800

    This has the same effect as you picking up your
    tv and putting it upside down, without the effort.

    Darkness in towns:

    8007EB0E 00FF

    This makes all towns seem like the Debug Room.
    You can still see people and everything.

    Really zoomed out on world map:

    800C65EC 0100

    This makes the world map view really zoomed out.

    Really zoomed in on world map:

    800C65EC 0300

    Same thing, only really zoomed in.

    Extremely zoomed in:

    800C65EC 0700

    Same thing, only extremely zoomed in.

    No music whatsoever:

    80062FF8 0001

    This code eliminates all music from the game.
    Sound effects will remain, however, or else
    I would just tell you to mute your tv and
    I'd waste less time hacking. Makes the game
    more realistic, but who wouldn't want to listen
    to Nobuo Uematsu's great music?

    World map 1st Person mode:

    80115A48 0000

    This code actually just makes Cloud or
    whatever you control invisible on the
    world map, but it simulates a 1st person
    view perfectly and kicks ass when you're
    flying around in the Highwind.

    Music speed mod: 8009A11E 8000

    This is not the same as the one at GSCCC,
    the one there just makes the music go turbo,
    you can't change the digits for a different speed.
    Also, it doesn't even do a very good turbo,
    it just skips pieces of music to simulate a
    turbo music speed. This code allows you to
    make the music go at whatever speed you want it to.
    The digits 8000 are just some good turbo digits.
    Bring the numbers down to make a slow music code
    or whatever you want.

    Here is a code that I hacked a long time ago
    (in-town sprite switching!) but never finished,
    since I didn't have an in-town joker.
    But Magus, in the nick of time, hacked an in-town
    joker and sent it to me. Otherwise it only would
    have worked for those with a GSPro, and that
    wouldn't be fair, now would it?

    OK, here's what the code does: in any town,
    or place that acts like a town, for example
    a cave or your airship, pressing any
    one of the buttons or button combinations
    at the bottom of this code will change your
    control position, sort of like jumping
    from one sprite to another, out of Cloud's
    body and into some girl or something in a town!

    Now, certain buttons and combinations
    work in some places and those same ones
    might be the ones that don't work in other
    places, so try all the buttons and combinations,
    I have yet to find a sprite I can't control
    except for things that run and stuff, and even
    then I can control them sometimes.

    OK, when you change control, if you just move
    somewhere but don't take over anything but
    an invisible sprite, just try another
    button or combination. Here's the code;
    I know it's long, but trust me, it's worth it,
    it's just cool as hell:

    D009AC5C 0004
    8009AC1E 0004
    D009AC5C 0001
    8009AC1E 0005
    D009AC5C 0008
    8009AC1E 0006
    D009AC5C 0002
    8009AC1E 0007
    D009AC5C 0100
    8009AC1E 0000
    D009AC5C 000C
    8009AC1E 0008
    D009AC5C 0003
    8009AC1E 0001
    D009AC5C 000A
    8009AC1E 0002
    D009AC5C 0005
    8009AC1E 0009
    D009AC5C 0009
    8009AC1E 000A
    D009AC5C 0006
    8009AC1E 0003
    D009AC5C 0808
    8009AC1E 000B
    D009AC5C 0802
    8009AC1E 000C
    D009AC5C 0804
    8009AC1E 000D

    OK, here're all the instructions and such
    I can give you for the sprite control code:
    this code was hacked on the first disc, since
    I erased all of my saves by accident, so
    I don't know if it will work on other discs.
    You could play the game from the beginning
    until you are in contact with another sprite,
    or you could just use my method: Use the
    debug room from New Game, when you're in
    the debug room turn the code off (or you
    could just have a save in the debug room like
    I do), walk into the Northeast (the one
    between straight up and straight right) room,
    talk to the girl sitting down (I don't remember
    her name, Priscilla maybe?) and choose
    "Ex-soldie Highwind" or something like that,
    you'll know it when you see it.

    OK, now, you're in an airship, on the world map,
    on the first disc. I think it's a pretty useful
    little shortcut, at least for hackers. Now, save,
    and reset, and come back, and load up your saved
    game with the code on (the sprite controller).
    Now just go to any town or even a cave or something
    that has characters or other kinds of sprites in it,
    and try out some of the buttons and combinations,
    you'll find you can control almost anything;
    hell, I spent like two hours laughing, swimming as
    the dolphin at Junon, moving people that stop you
    from going somewhere early in the game out of the way
    and going anyway, rolling around as the soccer ball
    at Costa Del Sol, and going on the airship and making
    all the members of my team stand in a line and having
    a friend of mine come over and watching him sit there
    without a thing to say, hehe.

    Here are the buttons and combinations that switch
    your sprite control:

    and Select returns you to normal

    Here's a code that I thought to hack after
    I hacked that sprite control code; it's what
    a lot of people have been requesting for a
    long time, and no one has ever been able to hack it:
    enemy control! And not some crappy Manipulate
    activator (no offense to whoever hacked that,
    I don't remember who, but anyway, it was a cool
    code and all, but this is much better!)
    this is an actual enemy control code. And it's
    only about 25% as long as the sprite control
    code, heheh.

    But anyway, here it is; code first and
    then instructions:

    D0062D78 0001
    800E7A48 0104
    D0062D78 0004
    800E7A48 0105
    D0062D78 0008
    800E7A48 0106
    D0062D78 0009
    800E7A48 0107
    D0062D78 0105
    800E7A48 0108
    D0062D78 0100
    800E7A48 0100

    OK, go into a battle and press any one
    of these buttons or button combinations
    and you'll switch between which enemy you
    control, and back to your 1st character
    when you want. I hacked this on the first
    disc as well, so you may want to use the
    method I told you above for this code as well,
    only do it with a saved game, since you'll
    need three characters in your party or this
    code will screw up.

    OK, here are the buttons and combinations:

    L2- 1st enemy
    L1- 2nd enemy
    R1- 3rd enemy
    R1+L2- 4th enemy
    L1+L2- 5th enemy
    Select- Back to 1st character

    Okay, I know you can't access your third
    character with this code on, but I'll work
    on it some time when I have more time to
    hack. Sorry.

    Battle area modifier: 8010A67E ????

    This code will make the memory think that
    you are walking in a certain area on the
    world map. For example, no matter where
    you are walking on the world map, it will
    think you are walking in...say...the Goblin
    Island forest. And, of course, all effects
    come with it, meaning you will get into
    fights only with things you would find
    on Goblin Island.

    Here are the digits I have found. The ones
    with stars by them are in my opinion the best.
    If you find any other digits, or want to request
    digits for an area, e-mail me and I will put
    your name by the requested or found digits.

    8200-Chocobo Farm area

    0200-outside Chocobo Farm area

    1E00-Goblin Island

    1F01-Goblin Island forest

    0100-Kalm area

    *0109-Kalm area burnt land

    *0227-Midgar Zolem area (no fights)

    0400-area outside of Fort Condor burnt area

    0509-Fort Condor burnt area

    0501-forest near Fort Condor

    0411-coast near Fort Condor

    1E11-island above Goblin Island

    9800-Mideel area

    1819-Mideel area forest

    1811-Mideel area coast

    1909-Mideel area burnt land

    1911-Mideel area burnt land coast

    1400-Temple of the Ancients area

    1419-Temple of the Ancients area forest

    1411-Temple of the Ancients area coast

    1509-Temple of the Ancients area burnt land

    1600-Bone Village area

    1611-Bone Village area coast

    1621-Bone Village area forest

    1620-Place in front of City of the Ancients

    160A-Snow area

    0E00-Nibelheim area

    0E11-Nibelheim area coast

    0F01-Nibelheim area forest

    0C00-close to Cosmo Canyon, right
    before crossing river to go to Nibelheim

    0D13-brown Cosmo Canyon area

    0C11-Cosmo Canyon area coast

    0A00-Gongaga area, all the way to
    before Cosmo Canyon area

    0A11-Gongaga area coast

    0A19-Gongaga area (and Cosmo Canyon area)

    0800-North Corel area, and around
    Corel Desert

    0811-Corel area coast

    8800-peninsula a little away from
    Corel area, not named

    0600-Costa del Sol area

    0611-Costa del Sol area coast

    0614-pass over mountain from
    Costa del Sol, to cave, to Corel

    1000-Rocket Town area

    1011-Rocket Town area coast

    1200-Wutai area

    1211-Wutai area coast

    1309-Wutai area burnt land

    1300-lower Wutai area

    1311-lower Wutai area coast

    0211-outside of Chocobo Farm area coast

    1C00-Cactus island grassy area

    1C08-Cactus island desert area

    960A-Chocobo area, snow

    Instant enemy weakener

    D0062D78 0001
    800F85AC 0001
    D0062D78 0001
    800F8614 0001
    D0062D78 0001
    800F867C 0001
    D0062D78 0001
    800F86E4 0001
    D0062D78 0001
    800F874C 0001
    D0062D78 0001
    800F8764 0001

    With this code on, get into a battle
    with any enemy (or enemies), and push L2.
    All enemies' health will be dropped to 1,
    no matter what, and can then be killed in
    one hit, no matter how weak the hit is.

    Very nice to have handy in an emergency,

    OK, the next one simply allows Cloud to
    hold 9999 MP, but you have to fill it up

    8009D862 270F

    Run faster in towns-

    8009AC2E FFFF

    Basically, this code explains itself.
    Go into a town, run around, you'll be
    faster. This'll be useful for those
    times when they time it perfectly so
    it's impossible for you to catch up
    with someone, hehe; probably just
    stop'em off and have to reset though.

    Door activator-

    D009AC5C 0001
    8009ACE6 FFFF
    D009AC5C 0002
    8009ACE6 0000

    This is, in essence, a stupid code.
    Go into a town and push either L2 or R2
    and all the doors, or sometimes treasure
    chests, or anything else around will either
    open or do whatever they do. It's different
    with each town, too.

    Screen fades to black-

    D009AC5C 0001
    8009AC40 0002
    D009AC5C 0002
    8009AC40 0001

    This is also a pretty useless code, but
    it's more useful than the one above.
    In a town, or place that acts like one
    (a cave, inside your airship, etc.),
    push L2 to make the screen fade to black
    as if a scene is about to happen, then
    push R2 to make it return.

    In-town Music Volume Mod:

    80062F5E ????

    This code simply controls the volume
    level of the music in towns and places
    that act like towns. Sound effects are
    not affected.

    Here are a few digits:

    0000 - Silence

    3000 - Quiet

    5000 - Medium

    7FFF - Maximum

    Text box paralysis disabled:

    D009AC5C 0800
    8009AC26 0000

    Normally, whenever a text box comes up,
    your character is automatically paralyzed,
    until the text box disappears. With this
    code on, you can just press "Start" and
    walk around while the text box is still up.
    All you have to do to make the text box
    scroll down as usual or disappear as usual
    is press "O", as usual. This also eliminates
    paralysis during events in which your
    character is doing something (like Cloud
    running somewhere without your control).
    Use caution, because sometimes during an
    important event, your character is needed
    to do something before the game can continue,
    and that something is nothing you can do
    manually (like Cloud shrugging his shoulders
    and jumping over something). Anyway, have fun
    with it, just save before doing anything
    big with major events.

    Enemy Max HP Mod:

    800F85B0 ????
    800F8618 ????
    800F8680 ????
    800F86E8 ????
    800F8750 ????
    800F8768 ????

    This code modifies all six enemies' Max HPs.
    The top one is enemy A, the next one enemy B,
    and so on. The digit 0001 will drop all enemies
    to the lowest possible max HP, as 0000 will
    simply cause all enemies to become invincible.
    FFFF will give all enemies 65535 max HP, and
    I'm sure you can figure out any other digits.

    Update: If you want to drop the HP of Emerald
    or Ruby Weapon to 1, add this line of code:

    800F85AE 0000

    After hacking the Max HP mod for all six
    possible enemies a few minutes ago, I stumbled
    upon another attribute: death/non-death.

    Here's the trigger for all enemies, on an
    L2 joker:

    C0062D78 0001
    800F85B2 FFFF
    800F861A FFFF
    800F8682 FFFF
    800F86EA FFFF
    800F8752 FFFF
    800F876A FFFF

    With this code activated, when you push
    L2 in battle, all enemies will die.
    There is about a half-second delay,
    but that's simply because that's the way
    the game was programmed (when you kill an
    enemy, there is always about a half-second
    delay before it flashes translucent red
    and dies). I've noticed that, for the scenes
    in which the enemy does not normally die but
    does something else (such as the Ultimate Weapon
    not dying over the crater near Junon, but
    over Cosmo Canyon), the enemy still does
    whatever it's supposed to do, which tells
    you that the end of a battle, by any means
    of you defeating the enemy, is considered
    by the game to mean that you've killed the
    enemies, and also that events occur with
    or without battle scenes occuring correctly.

    Enemy Status Mod:

    C0062D78 0001
    800F85E8 0001
    800F8650 0001
    800F86B8 0001
    800F8720 0001
    800F8788 0001
    800F8580 0001

    This might be even better than the enemy
    death trigger. The digits 0001 tell the
    game that the enemy is dead. Therefore, by
    using this code and pressing L2 in battle,
    all enemies will die without even the death
    animation, and, while the enemies still stand,
    the battle ends immediately with you as
    the victor. This works with every enemy
    I've tested it on, including Ruby Weapon.
    The same goes for the Enemy Death Trigger as well.
    Other digits than 0001 will cause whatever
    other ailments an enemy can have, including
    Confusion, Paralysis, Stone, Death Sentence,
    and all others. I'm too lazy to find all the
    digits, but if anyone wants to help out with
    that, post them or send them in to me; you
    will be given full credit, of course.

    In-battle action mod (L2):

    1st Character -
    D0062D78 0001
    80151920 00??

    2nd Character -
    D0062D78 0001
    801524BC 00??

    3rd Character -
    D0062D78 0001
    80153058 00??

    3C - Backflip

    OF - Hop forward

    F9 - Swing sword sideways

    34 - Jolt

    61 - Run

    84 - False Cure

    0C - Lie dead (false)

    40 - Block

    45 - Squating block

    46 - Kneel

    73 - Get sucked out of battle screen

    85 - False spell cast, no graphic effects

    92 - False spell cast, enemy skill effect

    A2 - False summon effect

    B8 - False item effect

    This code will make the desired character
    (haven't tested it or anything) do the desired
    ...thing at the push of the L2 button.
    Nothing actually happens; it's just visual.

    Continue always highlighted:

    801E8F38 0001

    This just saves those few seconds when the
    game has just finished loading up and is
    now checking to see if you have any saves.
    If you do, having Continue highlighted
    will allow you to instantly access the
    loading feature.

    In-town action mod when standing:

    D009AC5C 0080
    8009AC20 00??

    When walking:

    D009AC5C 0080
    8009AC22 00??

    When running:

    D009AC5C 0080
    8009AC24 00??

    00 - Standing still

    01 - Walking

    02 - Running

    03 - Fold arms, tap foot

    This code allows you to change what
    you're doing in towns, by use of a joker,
    set to the Square button. There are a bunch of
    other digits, but they depend upon which
    town or area you're in, and I'm too
    lazy to map all that out.

    In-battle enemy action mods:

    800F8590 0??? - 1st enemy
    800F85F8 0??? - 2nd enemy
    800F8660 0??? - 3rd enemy
    800F86C8 0??? - 4th enemy
    800F8720 0??? - 5th enemy

    100 - Regular stance
    001 - Acts as if hit
    003 - Attacks
    004 - Uses special attack
    005 - Secondary special attack
    006 - Third special attack

    Any further digits are simply more
    special attacks. Also, I use "special
    attacks" relatively. Some are not
    attacks at all, but other actions like
    curing, running away, and so on.

    To compose an actual code of this,
    I had to use a D0/D1 system, because
    the values, when modified with one write,
    stayed at their new value (in other words,
    if they were changed in the memory editor,
    they never returned to their original values).

    This would be the code to allow for the
    1st enemy's actions to be modded by an
    L2 joker:

    D0062D78 0001
    800F8590 0???
    D1062D78 0001
    800F8590 0100

    (thanks to Ace for the joker)

    With this code on, whenever you push
    L2 in battle, the 1st enemy will perform
    the action you've set for the ??? digits.
    You have to hold down L2 though, as with
    this system, whenever you're not pressing
    L2, the 1st enemy is in its regular stance.
    Switch the second line with any of the
    other enemies codes if you like.

    Alternately, you could use a simple
    joker system:

    D0062D78 0001
    800F8590 0???
    D0062D78 0004
    800F8590 0100

    With this, if you press (not hold) L2,
    the 1st enemy will perform the action
    you've set with the ??? digits, but will
    continue to repeat it. Push L1 to stop it,
    but try to do it after the enemy has
    returned to its regular state for a
    moment, as otherwise things can get glitchy.

    Sorry for the complication of this damn
    thing, but it was the best method I
    could think up. Any suggestions are welcome.

    OK, I managed to find the addresses that
    modify what graphic each of your characters
    (Slot 1, 2, and 3 in the menu) is represented
    by in town environments. This, unfortunately,
    only uses the list of characters that the
    normal character mod uses. As a result,
    you can have Cloud, Tifa, and Cid in your
    party, and run around as Red XIII,
    with Yuffie and Cait Sith popping out during
    events, but that's about the extent of
    its abilities. Here:

    In-Town Character Graphic Mods

    3009D391 000? - 1st
    3009D392 000? - 2nd
    3009D393 000? - 3rd

    0 - Cloud
    1 - Barret
    2 - Tifa
    3 - Aeris
    4 - Red XIII
    5 - Yuffie
    6 - Cait Sith
    7 - Vincent
    8 - Cid
    9 - Young Cloud
    A - Sephiroth
    B - Invisible
    20 - Invisible

    I'm fairly sure everything after B is
    nothing, but if anyone wants to check
    21 and above, they're welcome to it, heh.

    A problem to note is the fact that only
    Cloud, Tifa, Cid, and Red XIII were ever
    meant to lead the party, so other character
    graphics, when used as the graphics of
    character 1, will not allow room transitions
    (in other words, you can't change rooms
    unless you have Cloud, Tifa, Cid, or
    Red XIII as your main character). At the
    moment I can't see how this would be fixed
    if someone went about to try, but I'm
    open to suggestions.

    Another issue is the fact that graphics
    for most characters haven't been introduced
    at the beginning of the game, so generally
    until you've met a character, you can't
    use it as a graphic, which really sucks.
    Ahh, well...

    They're seperate pages over at the GSHI, but I'll add my Ultimate Weapon and In-Town Graphic Mod projects here; they explain a few previous codes, and leave open-ended a couple of interesting projects, at least:

    Ultimate Weapon Project

    Post One


    Coordinates (above Chocobo Farm) -
    8010A480 AEBE
    8010A482 0003
    8010A488 17C1
    8010A48A 0002
    8010A484 04E2

    Graphic Mod - 8010A4C4 220B
    Stance Mod - 8010A4D0 0X0Y

    Changing X from 0 to an actual value causes Ultimate to start slowly falling as he does when you finally defeat him. Increasing the number increases the speed, and dropping it back to 0 halts it. Modifying Y changes Ultimate's stance.


    Coordinates (above Chocobo Farm) -
    8010A560 AEBE
    8010A562 0003
    8010A568 17C1
    8010A56A 0002
    8010A564 04E2

    Graphic Mod - 8010A5A4 8203 (Rainsphere)


    Coordinates (above Chocobo Farm) -
    8010A640 AEBE
    8010A642 0003
    8010A648 17C1
    8010A64A 0002
    8010A644 04E2

    Graphic Mod - 8010A684 ????


    World Map Sprite Control Mod (Rainsphere) - 8010AD40 ????
    A474 - Ultimate
    A554 - Airship
    A634 - Cloud

    If the GSCCC enemy mod is used to change the enemy you fight when the battle with Ultimate initiates, Ultimate just goes crazy after battle and flies everywhere. When you hit him, Cid freaks out and says "What're you trying to do, break the Highwind? Let's fight on the ground!".

    Universal enemy mod (LM's code) digits for Ultimate are - 0119, then 011F

    Ultimate can be called on the world map for the event of one of the first battles (although the battle seems somewhat different, the game treats it as one of the first battles) at the address 8010A59A (my world map event mod) with the digits 18EF. This only counts as one of the first battles, not the final one, but after using it as one of the first battles, the final battle doesn't work as the final battle, but like one of the first. However, Ultimate stays in place, and the next battle after that counts as the final battle. Whew, that was a mouthful.

    When the GSCCC enemy mod is used with Ultimate's digits on a regular enemy, it counts as the first Ultimate, but never the second.
    Moreover, when other digits are used on the second, it doesn't act like the second, and Ultimate just sits there after battle.

    When the graphic of Ultimate is changed (even if it's changed back), the triggering effect of running into him and battling him is disabled. After leaving the world map and returning, the trigger will work again. You'll note that this has also erased the game's memory of you having fought Ultimate, and reset Ultimate's behavior to that of the first battle, so that he'll run away after one hit, even if he's above Cosmo Canyon. He'll remain in the same spot if this is the case; fight him again for the second battle.

    What lies directly ahead...

    Let me start by explaining that there are quite a few invisible sprites on the world map, with no graphics assigned to them. Most of these are at what I call the "zero point", a point on the map where all coordinate values equal zero. This point is in the top left corner of the map, and is where you end up if something really glitches your introduction to the world map from a battle or town scene, and your point on the map cannot be determined by the memory. Anyway, there are about 9 to 10 invisible, unused sprites there at any given time. My theory, and what would generally be assumed, is that these sprites, or sprite slots rather, lie waiting until they are used up periodically, whenever the need for a new sprite on the map arises. That said, you should better understand the next idea.

    When Ultimate is eliminated entirely, the digits for the sprite you are controlling changes, while you continue to control the airship. Your new digits are the ones previously used by Ultimate. This leads me to believe that Ultimate's sprite slot did not turn dormant, but was rather eliminated entirely. So now, in comparison to when Ultimate was on the map, there are no longer "x" amount of sprite slots, but "x-1". I don't know exactly how many sprite slots there are at any given time, and cannot think of a way to determine the number as there are digits that glitch between digits that send me to the zero point or yield control of another visible sprite; sometimes there are as many as ten before another working digit - you can never really determine when you've reached the end of the working digits for sure - and it would be inconceivable to test 65,535 possible combinations of digits when a little more than 99% of them would require a reset after testing.

    Now, all this may sound a bit odd, and perhaps unfounded and arbitrarily used as a stop-gap for the way I've decided to think of things, but it's not. My in-town sprite control mod frequently yielded control of graphic-less sprites. These were, I assume, simply slots left in reserve for events in which, for example, a member of your party walks out of you in a town to say something, or you chase someone through a cave. Each room in a town (or cave, etc) also usually has a zero point, where most or all empty sprite slots are, although I've never really looked into this to find whether or not these points are actually at a value of zero in coordinates. I assume they are. Anyway, more so than the empty sprite slots that can be observed, I found more support for the way I believe the sprites on the world map are working by looking at something I happened to have stumbled upon a few weeks ago when hacking for in-town sprite action triggers: the address that modifies the amount of sprites, visible or not, in the present room in a town.

    8009AC1C 00??

    If, using the Mem. Editor, you drop the value at this address by one or two, it's likely nothing will appear to happen. This is because unused slots are being eliminated. After a few more, you'll see some people or other sprites around you disappear, and eventually, if you drop the value to "0000", you'll disappear. Note that when you disappear, you can't even move around as an invisible sprite, as you could if you used the sprite control mod to control an unused slot. This is because your entire sprite slot, with triggers and all, has been eliminated. The same, I believe, is happening to Ultimate after he's defeated.

    This said, it's obvious that in order to bring Ultimate back properly, I need to first increase the number of sprites by one, back to what it used to be. So I need to find the address which controls the amount of sprite slots there are on the world map. If I don't do this, and decide I'd rather bring him back improperly (heh) by simply patching him into one of the empty slots, I'll be assuming that at whatever point the code will be used, the conditions concerning sprites will be the same as they were when I hacked the code; that Ruby Weapon, Diamond Weapon, the submarine, the Rocket (at Rocket Town), the Mako Cannon (at Midgar), that dome that appears over the Northern Crater, the Buggy, a chocobo, and the Tiny Bronco are all not around, and that the Condor still is. This would be a ridiculous stretch, and the code could only be used during a very retracted window of time. Therefore, I'm resigned to the task of finding that address. Once that is found, I'll still need to find the address that controls the coordinates of the trigger for battle with Ultimate, and set them to correspond with Ultimate's coordinates; a simple "copy bytes" code would work for this. Next, I have to take into consideration that the two types of battles with Ultimate on the world map, the first fights and the final, are reached by two different triggers. I'll have to create a system by which, after the first battles, the first trigger will be turned off completely, and the second one will be set to the same coordinates as Ultimate. And that being the case, I'll need to find not only coordinates for the needed triggers, but also the addresses that turn them on and off.

    The good news is that I think Ultimate will be the hardest Weapon to bring back, and the others will be relatively easy after I finish him...or her...or whatever.

    Post 2

    OK, I've found a bit more that adds a little to the combined confusion of things, heh.

    Whatever You Control

    Coordinates (above Chocobo Farm) -
    801FEE90 AEBE
    801FEE92 0003
    801FEE98 17C1
    801FEE9A 0002
    801FEE94 04E2

    For some reason, whatever (sprite) you're controlling, these addresses control your coordinates. I wonder what the hell the memory uses these for...

    And two more notes:

    If you change the graphic of the sprite you're controlling, you then get the new graphic's controls. If you become the airship, pressing Triangle will bring you onto the deck of the Highwind; if you become Cloud, pressing Triangle will bring up your menu.

    You cannot initiate a battle with Ultimate by running into him with anything but the airship.

    These may be helpful at some point, and they may not. I'm just compiling facts, that's all...it helps me think clearly, so I don't go off on tangents.

    Post 3

    OK, first off, I've noticed that those graphic mods work a little differently than I thought they did. Here's an example; Ultimate:

    Graphic Mod - 8010A4C4 XXYY
    XX - Sprite behavior
    YY - Graphic Mod

    And here're all possibilities for YY digits in three situations I decided to record. "?" indicates an invisible graphic or sprite.

    YY of graphic mods (Ultimate still around)

    00 - Cloud
    01 - Tifa
    02 - Cid
    03 - Airship
    04 - Chocobo
    05 - ? (stuck in a small cube of movement)
    06 - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    07 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    08 - ? (stuck in a small cube of movement)
    09 - Highwind's propellers
    0A - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    0B - Ultimate Weapon
    0C - Condor
    0D - Submarine
    0E - Gold Saucer
    0F - Rocket
    10 - Rocket holder thingy
    11 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    12 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    13 - Chocobo
    14 - Mako Cannon
    15 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    16 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    17 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    18 - Sphere over North Crater
    19 - Hidden Forest
    28 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    29 - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    2A - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    FF - Cloud

    Ultimate is gone

    00 - Cloud
    01 - Tifa
    02 - Cid
    03 - Airship
    04 - Chocobo
    05 - ? (stuck in a small cube of movement)
    06 - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    07 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    08 - ? (stuck in a small cube of movement)
    09 - Highwind's propellers
    0A - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    0B - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    0C - Condor
    0D - Submarine
    0E - Gold Saucer
    0F - Rocket
    10 - Rocket holder thingy
    11 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    12 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    13 - Chocobo
    14 - Mako Cannon
    18 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    19 - Hidden Forest
    1C - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    1D - Ruby Weapon
    28 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    29 - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    2A - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    FF - Cloud

    Ultimate is gone and Ruby exists

    00 - Cloud
    01 - Tifa
    02 - Cid
    03 - Airship
    04 - Chocobo
    05 - ? (stuck in a small cube of movement)
    06 - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    07 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    08 - ? (stuck in a small cube of movement)
    09 - Highwind's propellers
    0A - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    0B - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    0C - Condor
    0D - Submarine
    0E - Gold Saucer
    0F - Rocket
    10 - Rocket holder thingy
    11 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    12 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    13 - Chocobo
    14 - Mako Cannon
    18 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    19 - Hidden Forest
    1C - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    1D - Ruby Weapon
    28 - ? (moves at the speed of Cloud)
    29 - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    2A - ? (moves at the speed of a chocobo)
    FF - Cloud

    Underwater - 2nd Disc

    Dropping down underwater in the submarine, I realized that under the sea is simply an extention of the world map, with different graphics and a different number of sprites. I did a bit of work there, just for fun, and it was worth it.

    Submarine Graphic Mod - 8010A304 XXYY

    YY -

    00 - Cloud
    01 - Tifa
    02 - Cid
    0C - ?
    0D - Submarine
    11 - Crashed Airship
    12 - Underwater Reactor
    19 - ?
    1A - "Key to the Ancients"
    1B - Some kind of...patch of coral...or something
    1C - Red Plane thingy
    1D - ?
    1E - Emerald Weapon

    Item 1A can be taken over somehow (I can't remember) through the debug room. I've never seen item 1B before...I assume it was taken out of the game at some point.

    I also found that Rainsphere's old world map sprite control mod works underwater.

    Underwater Sprite Control Mod - 8010AD40 (Rainsphere) (Same as on map)
    A394 - ?
    A2B4 - Submarine
    A1D4 - Crashed airship

    Moving on...

    I was sitting and pondering over how exactly the triggers of each sprite on the world map worked, ...wait, let me explain a bit.

    My old theory was that triggers had independent coordinates, and were seperate entities from sprites. This allowed me to understand how at certain times there were places where you would suddenly have an event occur, with no sprite involved, such as Yuffie running off with the party's materia south of Wutai, which happens as you reach a certain point on a hill. To patch this theory up, I assumed that the triggers of sprites (such as the fact that you battle Ultimate when you run into him with the Highwind) must simply have coordinates that perfectly mirror those of the sprite they're assigned to; a programmed version of a few GS Copy Bytes codes, if you will. There was still a problem with this theory, however. What happened when a sprite's trigger changed?

    To be able to continue on with my work, I consoled myself that one of two things would happen:

    A - The original trigger would move off somewhere else, and the new one would move to the same spot as the sprite, taking its place.

    Obviously the spot to which the old trigger would be moved to wouldn't be random, and it couldn't be sent to the zero point to sit on top of the ocean, or I would have already set off dozens of old triggers the first time I was sent to the zero point trying to control an unused sprite slot. So it must be moved to the zero point, and then dropped to a Z-Coordinate that would make it inaccessable. This would also be the place from whence the new sprite had come, and a number of others were waiting.

    B - The original trigger would be turned off so to speak, and the new one would be turned on. With this idea, much more flexibility was allowed. Both triggers could have always been at the same coordinates as the sprite, or the new trigger could have been anywhere, and since it wasn't turned on, it would never have an effect on anything. I could then assume that the new trigger was waiting at the zero point, at 0 Z-Coordinates like everything else there, and not in some arbitrarily lowered point below accessibility. Idea B was in my mind more likely than Idea A.

    Even with these possible answers ("especially with them" is more fitting), my entire original theory was just too rickety. However, it was the best way I could think of triggers at the time, and it allowed me, for the moment, to move on to other aspects of the project.

    Anyway, back to what I was saying...

    ...and thinking about the way that if you control Ultimate's sprite, then change back to your own sprite and run into Ultimate with the Highwind, nothing will happen. This obviously meant, according to my theory, that his triggers were either turned off, moved away, or both. I found it odd that this would happen over a simple sprite control change. After a while of thinking, I began running through my mind other things I had encountered hacking, hoping to find something that might give me some idea of how the memory was working. Eventually, for some reason, my old World map event mod popped into my head.
    I thought about it for a second, then moved on. A few seconds later, I stopped and went back to it; I had an idea. What if the world map event mod was itself a sort of multi-trigger? I thought back to the mental notes I'd made about the code when I first hacked it and did some testing. It would only work if you were on the 1st disc, and had an airship. From this, I decided that if it was indeed a kind of...trigger mod, it must be the airship's trigger mod.

    This would mean there were trigger mods for every sprite. To test this, I took the address of the world map event mod, and added the universal difference between sprites (the difference between any address containing data for one sprite and the equivalent address for the sprite right before or after it in the memory). As I found back when I was hacking sprite coordinates earlier in the project (and used to save a lot of hacking time), the difference is E0.

    After adding E0 to the address 8010A59A and finding that address in memory, and noting that Ultimate is usually right after the airship in any sequence, I went and flew toward Ultimate, until I could see him but was still a good distance away. I then went and grabbed an old set of digits for the world map event mod, and changed the first 2 digits at my new address to the first two of the digits I'd grabbed. I did this because of the way the value of the world map event mod works, in case you were wondering. Anyway, a message box popped up saying something, and Ultimate jumped back a space. I was quite content with this result: I'd essentially found the trigger mods of all sprites (or the means by which to easily find them), and discovered that triggers were simply a property of sprites and not independent objects.

    There are still two problems about the way these triggers work.

    The first is that this new idea leaves no answer concerning those triggers out in the middle of the world map with no sprites. There are two explanations I can think of for this:

    A - If you remember back to the discovery of the zero point and the massive amount of empty sprites, I've already said that there's no real way for me to test all possible values of the world map sprite control mod, as there are too many glitched slots between unused sprites. Sprites themselves could possibly be used as triggers on the world map, if they were assigned a certain trigger (or trigger value), but never assigned a graphic. You'd simply be running into an invisible sprite, with an event trigger. But are we to assume that there are invisible sprites standing on every town?

    B - The memory could work in such a way that if you were using the correct sprite for a particular event, when you reach a certain set of coordinates (probably a small range of coordinates), your own trigger would change (more accurately, the trigger for the sprite you're controlling would change), and since you are in exactly the same spot as yourself (heh), the trigger would instantly be...pulled, heheh.

    The second problem is that I haven't really figured out how these triggers work. If you modify the trigger of a sprite near you, without it even touching you it could affect both you and that sprite, or even just you. It's quite odd. Perhaps tomorrow, when I'm a bit more awake, it'll be easier to think about. I'm getting damn tired about now, and I keep losing my train of thought.

    For now, if you want to test digits for Ultimate, first get onto the world map with exactly the same amount of sprites that I have. Don't worry;
    that's easy. Go into the debug room, and into the northeast room. Talk to the girl between Tifa and Aeris, and choose "Ex-SOLDIE Highwind" (or "Cloud Highwind", it could be either). You will be warped to inside the Highwind, where you can talk to the guy (the pilot) above Cid and start flying.

    8010A4BA ???? - Ultimate's trigger mod
    0000 - No trigger. Running into him will do nothing...you can even run through him
    17A8 - Ultimate's trigger value for the last battle

    Also note that if you use the digits 17A8 on your own trigger mod (aka "world map event mod", heheh), you'll instantly initiate the last battle with Ultimate.

    I'm tired as hell now, so I'll go to sleep in a few. Maybe I'll have time to work on this a bit tomorrow. 'Night.

    *(as predictably lazy as I am, I never did a damn thing "tomorrow", or since then at all, heh. I intend to, but these days I have no idea when it is I'll get around to it. Maybe I'll work on it tomorrow, LOL)

    In-Town Graphic Mod Project
    Post 1

    This project is something I couldn't help but mess with a bit once I'd thought of a few things while pondering world map sprites in comparison with what I already knew about in-town sprites. Anyway, just bear with me...these are notes, and weren't really intended to be part of a post...I've just become so lazy these days that it's easier to post my original notes, with some comments before and after, heh. Here:

    Universal difference between sprites - 84

    Number of sprites in room - 8009AC1C 00??

    Sprite 1

    Sprite 2



    80074FB8 ????
    80074FBA ????


    80074FBC ????
    80074FBE ????
    80074FC0 ????
    80074FC2 ????

    Time before next blink (?) - 80074FB4 ??00

    Rotation - 80074FE4 00??

    More Coordinates (?)


    80074FEC ????


    80074FF2 ????

    Another (Y)

    80074FF8 ????

    Visibility Mod - 80075008 - 000?

    0 = Yes
    1 = No

    Sprite 3



    8007503C ????
    8007503E ????


    80075040 ????
    80075042 ????
    80075044 ????
    80075046 ????

    Time before next blink (?) - 80075038 ??00

    Rotation - 80075068 00??

    More Coordinates (?)


    80075070 ????


    80075076 ????

    Another (Y)

    8007507C ????

    Sprite 4

    In-Town Sprite Numbers (seem to be consistent; solved with sprite control mod)

    0 - Cloud
    1 - Tifa
    2 - Barret
    3 - Red XIII
    4 - Blah
    5 - Cait Sith
    6 - Blah
    7 - Cid

    "Blah" digits (both of them, and any others discovered) are always either invisible sprites, the character right after them, or some miscellaneous character like an average townsperson. This list, therefore, will not always have the correct digits, but will usually have the correct order of characters within your party. Use it as a possible reference, not as a guide.

    What I'm attempting to modify is what graphic is called into memory, per sprite slot, per room. After a little thought, I'm not even sure if this is possible, as what I'll be calling will be from ROM, and a GSPro only accesses the RAM. Assuming it isn't possible, I'll try a different approach to an in-town graphic mod, as I have a few other theories I came to before this most recent idea came to mind.

    My original doubt in the possibility of modifying what was called from the memory upon entering a room was quelled when I pondered the room mod hacked by Czar a million and a half years ago (surely you've used the debug room code; this is the room mod with digits - found by RPGod - for the debug room). Before you actually enter a room, but after you've done whatever it takes to initiate the room change (walking through a door, walking into a town from the world map, etc), the memory calls up whatever room it needs to. If you walk into the barn at the Chocobo Farm, it obviously calls up the data for the barn. This can be overridden by simply using the room mod and giving it digits for, say, the first room of Tifa's 7th Heaven (the bar); walking into the barn with this code on would bring you to Tifa's bar. If what room the game is told to call - upon the next room change (or when a save is loaded or a new game is started) - can be modified, it's logical to assume that characters - graphics, more specifically - to be called up could also be modified.

    Either each individual slot can be modified upon a call up, or they work in sets. In other words, perhaps I'll eventually be able to put Cloud in a wheelchair in the same room as Cloud with the Buster Sword and the regular Cloud; and perhaps the memory uses graphic sets instead of individual graphics, so that I'll only be able to modify which set of graphics is called up, which would allow for me to use Cloud in the wheelchair, Cloud with the Buster Sword, and the regular Cloud, but only individually, as there is never a point in the game where, in any room, all three of these Clouds is present at the same time. It should be noted that I would also get all of the other graphics from whatever town/event the graphic set value represents.

    For example, let's say there was a room in the game, somewhere, that at some point had a Cloud with the Buster Sword, a Sephiroth, a Tifa, a Red XIII, and a female shopkeeper (for variety, heh), and no other graphics. If indeed the memory uses graphic sets, and I chose the value for the graphic set of this room/event (the graphic set for the event that caused the presence of all of those characters, in this room), I would get all of those characters. Any room I went into would have those characters, and no others. So if ol' Seph was graphic 2, then graphic 2 in any room would always be Sephiroth. This could cause problems. If there was a room in the game where there were quite a few sprites (with visible graphics; not empty sprite slots), and each of them needed to be talked to, you'd have to walk around until you found the invisible ones (the ones with no graphics), assuming the memory still acknowledges sprites with no graphics as still having actions and responses, and doesn't instead somehow bundle sprite responses with sprite graphics (as it does on the world map). The memory won't allow for more than one sprite to have the same graphic, so even if I also found individual graphic mods within the available graphics in a room (they would only be able to change to graphics from the graphic set I caused to be called up), I still wouldn't be able to fill the other, empty sprite slots with, say, Sephiroths, because the memory would contradict itself in noting that graphic "blah1" was in sprite slot 1, and graphic "blah1" was in sprite slot 2. At least, that was my original assumption. After all, that's the way the world map works.

    I began to think that maybe the memory would allow more than one of the same graphic when I thought of those rooms of the debug room where there are more than one of the same graphic. I can't completely conclude that the same graphic value could be used twice, however, because perhaps in one of those rooms graphic "blah1" is Yuffie's graphic, and so is graphic "blah2", and therefore it's not breaking any of its own laws while still prohibiting the use of the same graphic value twice in the same room. I'm too lazy to ponder all that, so I'll deal with that after I've finished actually hacking a graphic set mod.

    But, then again, perhaps the simple answer is the correct one, and each individual graphic to be called up can be modified. This would explain the way you can go into (as far as I can see, using the USO code at inappropriate times) almost any event with any combination of characters, and they still jump out at their designated times, and do what they're supposed to do (or, in the case of characters that aren't supposed to be used in an event, take over the actions of a character that is). Are we to assume that the memory has allocated values for every possible combination of graphics you could ever use? It's possible, but I don't think it's very likely. Therefore, I'll first assume that each individual graphic to be called up can be modified, and if I'm wrong, I'll start over, and assume that the memory uses graphic sets. Anyway, on with it...

    It is most likely that, even if they do correspond to the numbers above (way above, thanks to my obese compendium of notes, heh), the values of graphics will not simply be things like "0002" or "0003". Graphic values on the world map were things like "CE02" or "8203"; in-town graphic values are probably similar.

    Since I'm trying to modify what's "called up" upon entering a room, I must implement whatever I need to implement before I actually enter the room.

    The simplest way of going about all this is to change what character is in a particular slot in my party, before entering a room with an event, or at least a room in which both of my other characters come out. This is important because I'm fairly sure the memory won't naturally call up graphics in rooms/events for characters that aren't going to appear. Simply switching my slot 2 and slot 3 would not work, as the memory doesn't care what order my party is in; it's only concerned with who's in it. So I must either use PHS or the USO code (or anything else that would achieve the same effect) and change the character in one particular slot (and then run searches accordingly).

    Another thing to note is the way sprites and graphics work on the world map (and may work in towns). I'm too lazy to go and get actual numbers from somewhere in my notes, so I'll give you an example instead. If sprite "blah1" contains the graphic of Ultimate Weapon, I'll simply call it Ultimate Weapon's sprite, during this example, to simplify things. So, let's say, for example, that the sprite values were arranged as so (now remember I'm inventing all of this, so mathematically it probably won't be sound):

    80091234 A634 - Ultimate Weapon
    80091234 A754 - Airship
    80091234 A874 - Cloud

    This, is, basically, how these three are actually arranged. From Cloud, the sprite values go down to the airship, and then to Ultimate, and so on. Now let's say the graphic values (which are at a different address for each sprite slot) were arranged as so:

    80092000 4502 - Cloud
    80092048 7403 - Airship
    80092090 5404 - Ultimate Weapon

    Remember that the first two digits of each value here are graphic behavior. The actual graphic mod is just the last two digits. Looking at the above (fictional) sprite control mod and graphic mods, you'll notice something interesting (and if you don't, I'll tell you anyway, heh). While, as I've said, the values of the sprite control mod go down progressively from Cloud, to the airship, to Ultimate Weapon, the graphic values go up from Cloud progressively, in exactly the opposite manner (graphic mod addresses, by the way, are in the same order as values of the sprite control mod) . This may be the way sprites/graphics work in towns; instead of using the list of digits way above, perhaps the inverse should be used as a reference point. I won't know this for sure until I've hacked the code, heh. I'll first assume that things work in regular order, and if that seems to fail, I'll of course try things assuming inverse order. Either way it's something to keep in mind.

    Everything I've done so far has just been to build a sort of rough base from which to start. I'll actually do some hacking using these theories probably tomorrow. I am finally out of school for a while. If anyone wants to jump in, be my guest; it'd be great to have another hacker to compare notes with, or even someone doing testing. Ahh, well...

    Post 2

    I managed to find the addresses that modify what graphic each of your characters (Slot 1, 2, and 3 in the menu) is represented by in town environments. This, unfortunately, only uses the list of characters that the normal character mod uses. As a result, you can have Cloud, Tifa, and Cid in your party, and run around as Red XIII, with Yuffie and Cait Sith popping out during events, but that's about the extent of its abilities. Here:

    In-Town Character Graphic Mods

    3009D391 000? - 1st
    3009D392 000? - 2nd
    3009D393 000? - 3rd

    0 - Cloud
    1 - Barret
    2 - Tifa
    3 - Aeris
    4 - Red XIII
    5 - Yuffie
    6 - Cait Sith
    7 - Vincent
    8 - Cid
    9 - Young Cloud
    A - Sephiroth
    B - Invisible
    20 - Invisible

    I'm fairly sure everything after B is nothing, but if anyone wants to check 21 and above, they're welcome to it, heh.

    A problem to note is the fact that only Cloud, Tifa, Cid, and Red XIII were ever meant to lead the party, so other character graphics, when used as the graphics of character 1, will not allow room transitions (in other words, you can't change rooms unless you have Cloud, Tifa, Cid, or Red XIII as your main character). At the moment I can't see how this would be fixed if someone went about to try, but I'm open to suggestions.

    Another issue is the fact that graphics for most characters haven't been introduced at the beginning of the game, so generally until you've met a character, you can't use it as a graphic, which really sucks. Ahh, well...

    Any input?

    Post 3

    Someone else brought this address to my attention, although I don't remember who exactly. It was probably Liquid:

    3009ABF5 000?

    1 - The game is loading a map

    2 - The game is not loading a map

    I'm not quite sure how that'll help me, but it may be useful to know at some point. Anyway, I began using this simple joker system to do some testing:

    D009AC5C 0001
    3009D391 0002
    D009AC5C 0002
    3009D391 0000
    D009AC5C 0004
    3009D391 0008

    Press L2 (Tifa), L1 (Cid), or R2 (Cloud), and your character graphic changes. Change rooms for it to take effect. What I noticed when running searches was that the value of 8009AC1E, my old in-town sprite control mod, changed as my character's graphic changed. What I assume this means is that my graphic isn't changing at all...instead my sprite is changing, and the graphic for whatever sprite I change to is...turned on, so to speak.

    OK, I've noticed that the visibility mod is being triggered. If I control a sprite, the visibility mod for that sprite is set to a value of 1; if not, a value of 0.

    I thought for a moment that since graphic values are probably set at 0 as default, and to a higher number when they're a visible graphic, the best approach would be to keep in mind, when I'm searching for the graphic mod of one character, that even though I'm effectively changing my graphic with the "testing code" above, I'm really changing the value of a different graphic mod each time I change graphics. So when I come in to a room as Tifa, and I take control of her sprite automatically, I change the value of her graphic mod to that of the graphic of Tifa, but I'm not at all affecting the values of the other graphic mods (except perhaps the value of the graphic mod of whoever I was the last time I was in the room, as it's now not a visible graphic, heh).

    0 Not allowed! Not allowed!

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