ok..I have this problem for over a month now and still can't fix it..my psp go isn't powering up, but when i connect the charger..it charges, so my best guess now is that the power fuse blew...my problem now is i don't know where to buy it, so I'm wondering if the power fuse from a psp 1000-3000 is compatible for psp go.

thanks for the help...

ps. i haven't updated my tuts and haven't helped alot recently here because of my problem. sorry.

EDIT: oh! is it safe to bypass my fuse instead?, i think my problem occurred because of disassembling it without removing my battery and touching all over the board, and after this problem i swear over my pet's grave to never open it again, and i don't charge it on higher voltage/current, I know, I'm taking electrical engineering.