Wow its been a long time since ive been here but in that time ive learned alot of things about programming,writting and many other usefull skills with psp,ps3,360,Wii,and of course pc but that doesnt help me at all with this problem lol. I think there is something wrong with my power switch because at first my psp would do something like this but nowhere near as bad.It would do that but if i put it on hold right after i turned it on it would be fine but i would have to put it in between power and hold for me to be able to do anything without it turning off 2 seconds after i turned it on but now i cant even do that,all i can do is turn it on and put it on hold for a sec so it wont turn off and when i try and put the switch between power and hold i cant do anything at all,i can still see the screen but when i try to press anything at all it doesnt do anything.So can someone please help me with this and tell me what i need to do or point me to something or someone that can help???? :D