I am excited about the new PSP Go but currently have a PSP 2000 and in the past had the original PSP. I don't know if I really want to do another update.

One thing I do like about the PSP Go is I think the fold up design is nice and also I find the
PSP-2000 to be hard to play games and hold for a long time and I think that may be easier on the PSP Go. Yet the PSP Go seems pricy and I've heard it has shorter battery life.

Currently I have a 4GB card in my PSP-2000. What is the maximum memory card I can install in the PSP-2000?

Also, I have priced 16GB cards and it seems that even if I was going to buy a new PSP-2000 I could buy it plus a 16GB memory card for cheaper and have better battery life. It seems this would make it a better option.

I know the UMD drive will go away and I see how with the PSP Go I could repurchase and download all the software I have on UMD. My question: If I upgraded my PSP-2000 to more memory would I be able to also download the UMD's I have currently onto the memory stick in my PSP-2000? Or would this require the different hardware or software/OS on the PSP GO? Thank you for help with the above questions.