I have a couple of questions regarding magic memory sticks. Would appreciate it a lot if you could help me clear these up.

1. Does it matter what size a MMS is? Would a 8GB memstick work just as well as a MMS as a 264mb one, for example, would?

2. When you make a MMS using a PSP, (the memory stick is in the PSP and the PSP is connected via USB wire to the comp) as opposed to doing it via a memory card reader, does that MMS become usable only for that PSP, or can that same MMS be used in conjuction with a Pandora to unbrick/install CFW on any PSPs?

3. When you install CFW/unbrick a PSP using a MMS + Pandora, does the PSP then need that MMS inserted to boot everytime? Or can any memory stick be used to boot the PSP regardless - is the memory stick just for the unbricking/installing CFW process?

Would mean a lot to help get these cleared up, thanks a billion to anyone who can take the time out to help me.