I am very confused because ever since I bought my PSP I have read things about how it can't be hacked.

I bought a PSP Slim in China in about 2008. I didn't know anything about it, including what kind of motherboard it had, but the guy showed it to me on the spot that it was hacked.

It definitely has the motherboard that can't make a Pandora battery. (I forgot the model number but has 3000 in it, I believe.) I think it had like 4.01 M33 on it when I got it.

Since then I have read threads about how to hack them and it says that the only way it can be done is by using ChickHEN. I know for a fact that I never used that because it wasn't even out when I bought it. (I remember seeing it released maybe a year down the road.)

Since then I have upgraded to 5.00m33-6 and am not worried about how to use it. I am just confused on how my PSP got hacked if it supposedly can't. I just always assumed that a SLIM with this motherboard COULD be hacked (without using some new loader), but it COULDN'T create its own Pandora battery, and therefore required another PSP's battery to be initially hacked.

Any ideas? Thanks.