Directional Buttons - Move characters in fields or dungeons;
navigate among icons; move the cursor.
Select Button - If you have acquired the "Magic Map," you can
access the map by pressing the Select button while traveling in the field.
Start Button - Changes the character that you control outside
of battle. Also changes the tool they are equipped with.
Triangle Button - Calls up the field commands.
Help Function - When selecting an item or an action, if you do
not know its function, move the cursor over it and press the Triangle
button. A brief explanation of the function will appear at the bottom
of the screen. Whenever you obtain a new item (weapon, Armor, or magic)
first check its function by pressing the Triangle button.
L2 & R2 Buttons - Scrolls up and down on the items screen. At
the items screen, if all the items cannot all be displayed on the same
screen they will be displayed on a scrolling screen. You may scroll
through the screen by pressing the L2 button to scroll up and the R2
button to scroll down.
L1 & R1 Buttons - Change to a different character on the status
or equipment menu.
X Button - On the combat screen, accepts the selected menu
command; in dungeons, towns, or in the field, performs various actions
such as talk, search, pick up, throw, and dash.
Square Button - Use a tool. Note: The key to continuing in the
adventure is to use the tools you have effectively.
Circle Button - Cancels an action; returns to the game from
Save and Selection Screens.
Reset Game - To reset the game to the title screen, press L1,
L2, R1, R2, Select, and Start simultaneously. Any progress since the
last saved game will be lost.
Customizing Your Controls - You may customize the controls and
assign various functions to buttons of your choice. Note: During the
assignment of controls, if you assign different functions for the
Select, L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons, you will no longer be able to use
the original functions.

The Legend of Filgaia
The world of Filgaia is now only a shell of what existed long before.
Ages ago, under the protection of the Guardians, the world of Filgaia
was a prosperous land filled with ancient and magical beings. It was
a rich, green and fertile realm. All was well with the inhabitants of
Filgaia...until a surprise invasion by a race of Metal Demons with
bodies of steel robbed them of peace.

In order to survive, the three races of this world banded together; The
Guardians and humans fought together with the Elws, a clever race that
used technology laced with magic, to rid their planet of the alien demons.
Working together, they forced the Metal Demons to the arctic edge of
Filgaia where they have not been seen since. Having helped win the war
to save Filgaia, the Elw became disenchanted by the greed and
ruthlessness of the human race. They became alienated and abandoned
Filgaia after seeing the rapid decline of the planet.

Even though the war to save Filgaia was won, the planet suffered
terribly during the battle. Shortly after the war, plants began to
disappear one by one until most of the grasslands were nothing more
than desert wastelands.

As for the Guardians, the battle to save Filgaia drained them of their
power, and they were lost to the myths of time. Although some still
hold faith in the Guardians, they are now considered by most to be just
one of the many legends that surround the old world.

Now, 1000 years later, the war is but a memory, and slowly a new
civilization is rising from the ashes. But once again an ominous
cloud hangs over the horizon. The Metal Demons, who witnessed the
collapse of their own planet, Hiades, are preparing for the moment
when they can once again descend upon Filgaia and claim it as their
new home.

Three brave warriors will hear the call of the mythic Guardians. As
they ready themselves to embark upon a journey to save their world,
each is as unaware of the others' existence as they are of their own
fates. In a world brought to ruin under the merciless attack of an
alien race, the wheels of fortune are about to turn.

The Characters
Rudy Roughnight
Age: 15
Occupation: Outcast
Know as a "Dream Chaser," Rudy has wandered across the vast wastelands
of his world searching for a place to belong. Though he is only at the
innocent age of 15, he has the makings of a great warrior. Skilled in
the use of weapons of mass destruction (known as ARMs) of Filgaia's
forgotten ancient civilizations, Rudy often escapes trouble through
his superior firepower. Rudy was last seen working in the frontier
village of Surf.

Jack Van Burace
Age: 27
Occupation: Treasure Hunter
In his search for the "Absolute Power," Jack has spent almost his entire
life exploring and excavating ancient ruins. Jack's constant companion,
a sprite-like rat named Hanpan, has helped Jack in his numerous
excursions into the unknown. Aside from his friend, Jack has also
come to rely on the "Fast Draw," an ancient sword technique similar
to the gunslinger's quick draw. Behind his sarcastic facade lies a
mysterious past, Jack was last seen exploring the ruins of the Temple
of Memory.

Cecilia Lynne Adlehyde
Age: 16
Occupation: Princess/Mage
The daughter of King Adlehyde, this beautiful flaxen-haired princess
has the ability to communicate with the Guardians. She has spent
almost her entire youth in the mysterious Curan Abbey where she
received training in magic and discovered the mysterious powers of an
ancient family heirloom, the Tear Drop. By combining elemental crests,
Cecilia is able to cost various spells. Quickly approaching her 17th
birthday, she is preparing to return to her home at Adlehyde Castle
where a celebration awaits her.

Opening Menu - After following the setup procedures for the PlayStation
game console, turn the power On and the Wild Arms title screen will
appear. When you press the Start button at the title screen, the
Opening Menu will appear. Use the left and right Direction Buttons
to select a game option, and press the X button to accept. The
selected option is highlighted on the screen.

Load - If you have saved a game using a memory card and you wish to
continue your journey, you may load the saved game here. The
highlighted book is the data block you have selected to load.

New Game - To start a new journey, select this item from the menu and
press the X Button to begin a new game.

Memory Card - Wild Arms lets you save your game data with the use of
memory cards (sold separately). Insert a memory card in Slot 1 or
Slot 2 of the PlayStation game console before you start the game.
Note: You cannot copy from one card to another. If both cards
contain identical data or data saved to the same book. Do not remove
the memory card while saving or loading games, or damage may occur.
When using a memory card that has not been formatted, the following
message will be displayed: "Format Slot 1". Select OK and press the X
button to format the card. If you select Cancel, the memory card will
not be formatted, and you will not be able to save your game to that
memory card.
Copy/Copy All - Copy saved data from one memory card to another.
You will not be able to use the "Copy All" function if the other
memory card does not have enough empty blocks.
Delete/Delete All - Delete saved data. You will lose the data
in the deleted blocks.
Undelete - You will be able to retrieve data as long as you do
not perform another operation after deleting the data.
Exit - End memory card management and return to the menu.

Character Selection
When you start a new game you may select one of the three main characters
to control at the beginning of the game. As the game progresses, you
will be able to unite these three characters and use them together.

Entering Names - As you play, you may enter your own names for the
characters. The naming screen will open with the default name for
each character. Use the Direction Buttons to scroll through the letters
and enter the name of your character. Use the X button to select a
letter and the O button to delete a letter. Select "OK" when you have
finished entering your name. To use the default names, press the Start
button and then select "OK".

Save and Change Characters
You can save your progress in the middle of the game. To save, you need
one empty block on the memory card. Select a block by using the
Direction Buttons and accept by pressing the X Button. If you save
over a recorded block, the existing data will be deleted. There are
two locations in which you can save your game:
1. In each town, you will find a red Parrot. If you talk to
this "Memory Bird," you will be able to save your game's progress and
change the character you are currently controlling. If you wish to
save your game, select "Save" and follow the on-screen directions.
2. When you are inside a dungeon, you can save your game at
a "magic encampment." Enter the magic encampment and press the X
Button. The following message will appear: "Do you want to record
your journey?" Select "Yes" and follow the on-screen directions.

If the three characters have not come together yet, you will be able
to change the character you are controlling by selecting "change" while
talking to the Memory Bird. Select the character you wish to control
by pressing the up and down Direction Buttons. If the three
characters are in team mode, press the Start Button and use the
Up/Down Direction Buttons to select your character.

Game Over
During combat, if not of the three characters can fight any more, the
game will end. The Opening Menu will appear. If you have previously
saved your game, select "Load" to continue your journey. If you have
not saved your game and you wish to begin a new journey, select
"New Game." Furthermore, during an event that has a time limit, if
you cannot clear the event within the allotted time, the game will end.

Field Controls
This section explains how to control your characters' movements around
fields, towns, and dungeons.

On Land - By using the Direction Buttons, you will be able to move a
character in eight directions. When you approach locations that you
can enter, such as towns and dungeons, the view will zoom in and
the name of the place will be displayed. Press the X Button to enter.
Note: There are areas within a dungeon that you can access by
jumping off ledges. If you don't see an edge on a path or walkway,
you may be able to jump down by continuing to press the Direction Buttons.

By Ship - As the story progresses, you may be able to borrow a ship.
To get on the ship, move your character so that it touches the ship and
press the X Button. To get off the ship, move the ship so that it
touches a beach. The only terrain that allows you to get on and off
the ship is a beach.

Picture-in-Picture Screen
When the three main characters enter the same town or dungeon but are
not traveling together, a small screen displaying the location of the
characters you are not currently controlling will appear. The
picture-in-picture screen will automatically appear as soon as your
character stops walking.

The characters can perform various actions. You should learn about each
action before you embark on your adventure.

You can talk to people by moving your character next to that person and
pressing the X Button. Even if there is a counter or a desk between
you and the other person, you can still hold a conversation.
Note: Pressing the X or O Buttons when one of the characters is
talking continues the conversation.

Hold down the X Button to make your character dash forward. Release
the X Button to decelerate.

Stand in front of the object you want to investigate and press the X
Button. Examine all treasure chests; you may find valuable objects
inside. You can also read sign on the walls and books.

Lift Up
Press the X Button when you touch objects like wooden boxes to lift
the object over your head. Try this on different objects to find out
which ones you can lift.

Once you lift an object, you will be able to throw it in eight
different directions by using the Directional Buttons and then
pressing the X Button. Try this when you want to find out what is
inside a box, or when you want to activate a switch.

You can move some statues and blocks by pushing them. Move your
character so that they are touching the object you want to move and
continue to press the Direction Buttons in the direction of the object
to push it.

Field Commands
When your character is not in battle, you can view the field commands
menu by pressing the Triangle Button. Use the Direction Buttons to
select a command and press the X Button to execute
Note: If you do not know the function of a command, move the
cursor to the command and press the Triangle Button. A help message
will appear to describe the function of the command.

Item (Bag Icon)
This command allows you to use items from the characters' inventory.
Press the Circle Button to display the subcommands.
Note: Press the Triangle Button to see the effects of that item.
Use - Select an item by pressing the X Button, then press the
X Button again without moving the cursor to use the item. Next,
select the character who will use the item. Items in grey are not
available for use while your party is traveling.
Arrange - Arranges the item screen by items that can be used
and items that are equipped.

Skills (Spark Icon)
This command enables you to execute the innate skills each character
possesses. After selecting a character, select the command. Commands
that are grey are not available to your character while traveling.

Equip (Vest Icon)
This command enables you to equip the characters with weapons and armor.
After finding or purchasing weapons or armor, you must equip a
character with the new item. This screen also enables you to check the
effect an item has on your character's attributes. A yellow arrow means
the character's attributes will go up and a blue arrow means that the
character's attributes will go down.
R. Hand (right hand) - Select this when you want to equip a
weapon in the right hand.
L. Hand (left hand) - Select this when you want to equip armor
or a special item (Buckler, Orb of Power) in the left hand.
Body - If you have purchased or found a wearable item that
can protect your character's body (Coat, Body Armor, Cloak, Robe),
select that item to wear it.
Head - If you have purchased or found a wearable item that
can protect your character's head (Cowboy Hat, Ribbon), select that
item to wear it.
Rune - Select this when you want to equip a Rune.
Auto Equip - Automatically selects the equipment that will
provide you with the maximum abilities. Note: Auto Equip will not
change the Rune (if you acquire a rune) or the equipment in your
character's left hand.

Auto-Battle (Megaphone Icon)
Wild Arms allows you to set a character on Auto-Battle during combat
so that you will not have to control their every action. Press the
Triangle Button to call up the field commands menu and select Auto-
Command (Megaphone). You may select Auto-Commands for each of the
three characters separately. Try different kinds of commands, based
on the status of the monsters and parties involved. You may choose
a command by selecting the desired command with the Direction Buttons
and pressing the X Button. If a character is using Auto-Commands
their name will be displayed in yellow. Press the Circle button to
return to the command menu. This completes the Auto-Battle set up.
Auto Commands
Manual - You will be able to choose all of the character's
actions. This mode is automatically selected as the default when you
begin the game.
Balanced - This command maintains a balance between attack and
defense, reducing the number of opponents without wasting attacks.
When your teammates' HP (Hit Points) get low or when they become
unable to fight, magical items will be used to recover their power.
All Out - Characters in this mode use the strongest attacks.
It selects attacks in this order: Skill/Guardian/Normal Attack.
Characters will also use their Force Attacks when available.
Defensive - This command takes decreased HP and abnormal
status into consideration. It will also use Heal Berries to recover
HP. When characters become unable to fight, Reviving Fruit will be
used to cure them. This command will use Skills to attack.
Survival - This command uses both All Out and Balanced
techniques. To recover HP, Potion and Healing Berries will be used.
However, Reviving Fruit is not used when characters become unable to
Reserve - This command enables you to fight without using any
Skills or Force abilities. The characters will attack the enemy by
using hand weapons only. Recovery items will be used sparingly.

Status (Heart Icon)
>From the field commands menu, choose the Status command (heart icon) to
display the status of each character. If an abnormal status arises, a
corresponding mark will appear at the right hand side of the character.
Character Status
The character status box in the status screen contains information on
the characters' name, level, occupation, HP, MP, Auto Command, and
Abnormal Conditions.
HP (Hit Points) - A character's life force. If a character's
HP falls to zero during combat, they will be unable to fight. The
number on the right is the character's maximum HP and the left number
is their current HP.
MP (Magic Points) - A character's magic power. If a
characters' MP falls to zero, they will no longer be able to use magic
or Fast Draw. The number on the right is the character's maximum MP
and the left number is their current MP. Note: Rudy does not have MP.
Equipment - The weapons and armor currently in use will be
displayed here.
Tools - The tools you have selected will be displayed here.
Attributes - Your character's current attributes are displayed
in the attributes box of the status screen. Those attributes represent
the abilities of your character. The higher the attributes, the more
capable a fighter they will be.
STR (strength) - A character's physical strength. The
strength of an attack is based on this value. Note: A Power Apple will
increase the character's strength by one point.
VIT (vitality) - A character's vital power. Defensive
power is based on this value. Note: A Hardy Apple will increase the
character's vital power by one point.
SOR (sorcery) - A character's magic power. Magic
Resistance Power (MGR) is based on this value. The strength of magic
is also influenced by this value. Note: A Mystic Apple will increase
the character's magic power by one point.
RES (response) - A character's response capability.
Parry rate is based on this value. Preemptive attacks and the order
of attacks during battle are also influenced by this value. Note: An
Agile Apple will increase the character's response by one point.
ATP (attack points) - A character's attack power.
This value is the total of the character's strength and the attack
power of the weapon the character is currently equipped with. The
greater the number, the greater the damage inflicted to enemies.
DFP (defense points) - A characters physical defense
capabilities. This value is derived from 50% of vital power plus the
armor's defensive power. The greater the number, the less damage
received from an enemy's attack.
MGR (magic resistance) - A character's magic resistance
power. This value is derived from 50% of Magic Power plus the Magic
Resistance Power of the armor being worn. As this number increases,
the damage received from a magic attack will decrease.
PRY (parry) - A character's parry capability. The value
is derived from 10% of the response capability plus the parry capability
of the armor a character is equipped with. When the number increases,
the character will be able to parry opponents' attacks more often.
Luck - A character's luck. There are five levels of
luck from "worst" to "best". The level will fluctuate depending on
changes in the environment. The success rate of critical hits,
preemptive attacks, and retreats is influenced by luck. Do not
underestimate the power of luck.
EXP (experience) - The total number of experience
points a character has received for defeating enemies.
NEXT - The number of experience points required to
advance to the next level.

Options (Pencil and Book Icon)
You can change various settings such as control buttons, activate the
screen saver, change battle views, change the cursor and more from the
field commands menu by highlighting the Options Icon (Pen and Book) and
pressing the X Button.

As the story progresses, using tools will become important. For example,
you will need to make use of the different tools that the three characters
possess to clear traps in dungeons or to open treasure boxes. Depending
on how the story progresses, each character can acquire up to four tools.

Changing Tools
Pressing the Start button to bring up the Tools Menu and use the Direction
Buttons or L2/R2 to highlight the tool you wish to use. Press the X
Button to change the tool in use.

Rudy's Tools
Bombs - The Berry Cave, located southeast of Surf Village, used
to be a rich depository of medicinal herbs. These bombs were used to
mine the herbs. Although these are simple bombs made of gunpowder and
a fuse, you will find them handy when you need to break big wooden boxes
or destroy weak walls.
Radar - This is a type of ARM (Ancient Relic Machine) that
reacts to treasures, making the place where the treasure is located
glow. Though the radar was broken when first excavated from an ancient
ruin, an old ARMs "meister" (a great artisan studying ARMs), named
Zepet, repaired it. Later, the radar changed hands several times
between treasure hunters and robbers. The current whereabouts of the
devise is unknown.
Skates - Roller skates with a built-in engine. The wheels of
the skates are lined up in one row. Not only are the skates
uncontrollable, but also once they are activated, these skates will not
stop until you hit something. Though this item is troublesome, they
will allow you to travel over areas you cannot walk on. These roller
skates can also create a force field around them to prevent damage
from poisonous swamps.

Jack's Tools
Hanpan - this sprite-like rat is not technically a tool as much
as he is Jack's companion. Hanpan, with his nimble body, can pick up
light objects such as treasures or activate switches that cannot be
reached by humans. (The world of Filgaia consists of energy with
different levels of consciousness. Sprite-like beings such as Hanpan
are derived from these energy sources.)
Lighter - This run-of-the-mill lighter does not have any
special functions. However, it will come in handy if you ever need to
start a fire. For instance, you can light a lantern or burn dead grass
that is blocking your way. The lighter may also be useful if you find
a magic lamp.
Grappling Hook - By throwing the grappling hook around a post,
you will be able to traverse places you cannot walk across. The
structure of the grappling hook is very simple; a claw hook attached to a
thin steel chain. Jack can throw the grappling hook in eight directions.

Cecilia's Tools
Tear Drop - A small crystal handed down in the Adlehyde royal
family. As a young child, Cecilia inherited this crystal from her mother,
who was confined to bed by illness. This mysterious crystal starts
blinking like the throbbing of a heart when a woman of royal blood holds
it. When this crystal is held up high, it will react to objects linked
to the Guardians. The crystal may also have an effect on magical devices
left by the ancient Elw race.
Pocket Watch - The hands of this watch rotate counterclockwise.
It has the ability to turn back time, returning broken wooden boxes or
objects that were moved to their original state. Though it is
potentially a very powerful object, it will only work in certain
places, and does not work on living beings.
Magic Wand - This magical wand allows you to communicate with
animals by lightly tapping their heads. Although the power stored in
this wand is one of the lost magics, Cecilia will most probably be
able to bring its power out.

Around Town
In town, you will find many shops and facilities that will help you in
your adventure. This section will introduce you to them.
Inns - Staying at an inn allows you to recover your HP and MP
to the maximum levels.
Item Shops - Whether run by traveling merchants or set up in
run-down wagons outside a town, they offer items and occasionally
Chapels - Blessed by the Guardians, chapels will cure all
abnormal status.
Weapon Shops - These shops offer weapons and armor that are
Trading in the Shops - Talk to the shop owner and select
Buy/Sell. Select an item and press the X Button. Press the left or
right Direction Buttons to determine the quantity you want to buy or
sell. If you want to buy in bulk, press the up and down Direction
Buttons to change the quantity ten at a time. If you want to find
out the function of a particular item, move the cursor over that item
and press the Triangle Button. When purchasing weapons or armor,
character who can equip that item will raise their hands and become
highlighted at the same time. Note: If a character is already
equipped with a particular item, the letter "E" will appear next to

Combat Controls
When traveling in the fields or dungeons, you will encounter monsters.
When the Battle Screen appears, you must input commands before the
battle commences. The battle will be fought in a turn-based combat
style. After entering commands, an animated battle will take place.
After the character or party and the monsters each attack once (this
is called a turn), you will have the opportunity to enter commands again.

How to read the Battle Screen
When confronted by enemies, the Battle Screen automatically appears.
Monster Status - The names and numbers of monsters are displayed.
Party Status - The HP and MP of the three characters are
displayed. When a character is inflicted by an abnormal status, a
mark corresponding to the abnormal status will appear.

Combat Commands Menu 1
Once the battle begins, the Combat Command Menu 1 will appear. This
cross-shaped icon corresponds to the Direction Buttons. Press the
Direction Buttons to select the command you wish to execute and press
the X Button. Note: If you select the Auto-Battle mode for a
character, Combat Command Menu 2 for that character will be omitted.
When all characters are set to Auto-Battle mode, once you select
Fight at the beginning, you will not have to enter other commands and
the fight will continue until either your characters or the monsters
have been defeated. When you want to enter a command, press any
button. On the next turn, you will be able to select a command from
the Command 1 Menu.
Fight (Sword Icon) - Use this command to fight the enemy. The
Combat Command Menu 2 will be displayed.
Run Away (Man Running Icon) - Use this command to flee from the
enemy. If you fail to escape, you will be attacked from behind.
Auto Battle (Megaphone Icon) - Allows you to change the Auto
Command settings.
Equip (Vest Icon) - Use this command to equip your characters
with weapons and armor.
Unit (Hand Icon) - Use this command to change the position of
the characters during combat. The formation of the characters will
affect the order in which you may give them battle commands from top to
bottom. Note: The characters' attack power or defense capabilities
will not be affected by their positions.

Combat Commands Menu 2
The Status Window will open and the characters' status and force gauges
will appear. Here, you select the actual command for fighting. The
selection and execution procedures are exactly the same for the Combat
Commands Menu 1. However, for the characters in the Auto-Battle mode,
this menu will be omitted.
Attack (Fist Icon) - This allows you to attack the enemy with
the character's hand weapon. If the character has no weapon, they will
fight with their fists. After you execute this command, select the
opponent you want to attack.
Defend (Shield Icon) - The character takes a defensive stance
to reduce the damage inflicted by the opponents. Since the
character's force level will rise even if you are on defense, you can
expect an opportunity to counterattack.
Items (Bag Icon) - This allows you to use items. The items that
can be used during the battle are highlighted. Move the cursor to
select the item you want the character to use. Next, select the
opponent or ally you want to use the item on by pressing the up and
down Direction Buttons.
Skill (Spark Icon) - This allows you to use each character's
innate skill. Rudy will use ARMs, Jack will use Fast Draw, and Cecilia
will use magic.
Force (Fireball Icon) - Force is generated during battles.
The Force Level will go up when you sustain damage from enemy attacks
or when you critically hit your opponent. Each time the Force gauge
goes up by one level, "Force Level Up!" will appear on the status
window and the character's attack and defense power will increase by
10%. You can use certain force abilities based on the level of your
Force Gauge. If the Force Gauge is full, "Condition Green!" will appear
on the screen, and you will recover from all abnormal status (except
for the Inability to Fight). When combat ends, the Force Gauge will
return to zero.
Lock On - This is Rudy's level 1 Force Ability. It
increases the accuracy rate of the ARMs to 100%. When this command
is selected, you may then select the ARM to be used.
Accelerator - This is Jack's level 1 Force Ability.
It allows Jack to perform an action quicker than anyone else during a
turn. After you select the Accelerator Force command, you may then
select the action Jack will perform.
Mystic - This is Cecilia's level 1 Force Ability.
This ability enables her to bring out the hidden power of all items
and some weapons and armor. Note: Consumable items will disappear once
the hidden power is unleased.

Abnormal Status
During combat, a character may be inflicted by an abnormal status. There
are two types of abnormal statuses: a condition that ends when the fight
is over and a condition that will last until it is cured. Marks for all
conditions, except for Armor Down and Slow Down, will be displayed on
the status window. When a character's Force Gauge reaches the maximum
level, all abnormal status are cured.
The following four abnormal statuses will only last for the
duration of a fight.

Inability to Fight - This will occur when a character's HP falls
to zero. This condition can be treated with reviving items or reviving
magic. HP will be restored to 1 when the fight is over. Note: When all
the characters enter this condition, the game will end.
Sleep - The character will fall into a deep sleep and will
become unable to select combat commands. This condition can be treated
with the Awaken magic.
Armor Down - The character's defense against direct attacks by
the enemies will weaken. A battle message is displayed indicating the
percentage decrease in defensive capabilities.
Slow Down - The character's response will slow down. Their
turn to fight will be delayed and their parry rate will decrease as
well. A battle message is displayed indicating the percentage of
decrease in response capabilities.

The following eight abnormal statuses remain even after the
fight ends. Note: All these conditions can be treated with high-level
restoring magic or by receiving blessings in the chapels, or if the
character's Force Gauge reaches "Condition Green."

Poison - HP will decrease after each turn. After the battle,
HP will go down with every step a character takes. An Antidote Leaf
best treats this condition.
Confusion - Attacks will become inaccurate. Put your character
at ease with the Serene Wheel. Even after the fight is over, the
character may not be able to walk properly. Just keep walking and the
character will recover.
Disease - Your character will not be able to recover lost HP.
Drink a whole bottle of Witch Medicine to treat this.
Forgetfulness - This condition makes your character forget
about the battle. Thus this character will become unable to earn
Experience Points. The memory will return when you give a shock by
hitting the character with the Toy Hammer.
Silence - This condition will prevent you from using commands
which use up MP. The Violet Rose will remove this condition.
Bad Omen - All enemy attacks will be focused on the character
in this condition. Even after the battle is over, the probability
of this character encountering monsters will be increased. Exorcise
this evil omen with the Holy Symbol.
Paralysis - This condition will paralyze the character and
they will become unable to select any commands. Massage your
character with the Heat Salve to cure this malady.
Flash - This will cause the character's parry rate to fall to
zero. Five your character a shock therapy with the Light Shroom.

The Guardians are the basis of the force that supports the world. The
Guardians exhausted all their power during the war against the Metal
Demons 1000 years ago. The Guardians now live within the stories
passed down from generation to generation and are silently watching
the future of human beings. However, when the Metal Demons showed
signs of reviving, the Guardians decided to entrust the fate of Fulgaia
to the three youths through Cecilia, a descendant of the Guardians'
original intermediary.

Summoning the Guardians
During combat, you can utilize the Guardians' enormous powers by
summoning them. Equip your character with a Rune. Next, summon the
Guardians by using "Summon Guardian" from the character's Force
Ability. This action can only be performed by those who are equipped
with a Rune. To use a Rune, you must first equip that character
with the Rune, increase your Force Gauge to Level 2 by fighting, and
use Summon Guardian to summon the Guardians.

The Guardians' lost power materialized in the form of Runes. They are
the fossilized remains of the Guardians' consciousness. Although they
look like stones, they are not heavy. When a Rune is armed, certain
attributes of the Guardians will raise your character's attributes.
Whispers of Water (Water Rune) - This Rune belongs to
"Stoldork," who presides over water energy. He is also the protector
of the Hidden Knowledge and will increase the strength of a character's
magic power. The fearsome force of water will crush enemies to pieces.
Claws of Storm (Wind Rune) - This Rune belongs to "Fengalon,"
who presides over wind energy. By manipulating the wind, it can produce
tornadoes and vacuums. In particular, it has the ability to break down
an opponent into atoms by vibrating the air.
Rage of Fire (Fire Rune) - This Rune belongs to "Moa Gault,"
who presides over fire energy. It symbolizes Moa Gault's role as the
protector of smithery. A monstrous bird, covered in fire, it will burn
opponents to ashes.
Moans of Earth (Earth Rune) - This Rune belongs to "Gurdieff,"
who presides over earth energy. By producing a roar that vibrates the
earth, it will induce earthquakes and cracks in the ground, thereby
damaging opponents. This dignified and powerful figure is the leader
of the four Elemental Guardians.

ARM stands for Ancient Relic Machine. According to the studies done by
the ARMs meisters, these weapons of destruction were developed during
the war against the Metal Demons 1000 years ago. A perfectly
functioning ARM has rarely been excavated. Furthermore, since these
weapons synchronize with the user's mind to demonstrate their effects,
a special innate skill is necessary to use it in actual combat.
Hand Cannon - A portable grenade launcher that can be fired with
one hand. It is a keepsake from Rudy's Grandfather. Eight bullets can
be loaded, but you can only attack one enemy at a time. During the
beginning of the adventure, this cannon will be Rudy's trump card.
Prism Laser - An ARM that converts the user's mental energy
into optical energy. The laser will split into several rays, thus
enabling irradiation of several targets at once.

Upgrading ARMs and Supplying Ammunition
Visit Professor Emma in Adelhyde and other ARMs meisters' workshops to
upgrade Rudy's ARMs. You will have to pay, but you can increase ATP
(attack points), HIT (accuracy rate), and the number of bullets. When
the upgrade Menu opens up, select an ARM using the up and down
Direction Buttons and select the part you want to upgrade by pressing
the left and right Direction Buttons. Once the ammunition is
exhausted, you will no longer be able to use the ARM. To get more
ammunition you can seek a member of the BDS (Bullet Delivery Service).
The BDS is comprised of merchants in town throughout Filgaia who will
reload Rudy's ARMs for a small fee.

Fast Draw
Fast Draw is a general term for a sword technique that involved the
instantaneous drawing of the sword. This induces a shock wave that
severs the opponents. Jack uses the Fast Draw technique that is
passed down from northern Filgaia. Jack developed his Fast Draw
techniques further in his own way. He is a genius when it comes to
incorporating hints gained from natural phenomenon or combat into his
Fast Draw.
Psycho Crack - Developed from a basic Fast Draw technique, the
impact from the sword forms a spiral wave that runs through the
opponent's nervous system. Since this technique can have the effect
of confusing the enemies, it is also called the "Mental Blow."
Sonic Buster - This technique was inspired by the wind that
blows through the Mountain Pass. The shock wave produced from drawing
the sword turns into a vacuum blade that attacks the opponents. It has
less power than Psycho Crack, but can quickly spread, inflicting
damage on a whole group of enemies.

Perfecting a New Technique
Jack will develop new techniques by learning from hints gained during
his adventure. When he comes up with a new technique, "????" will be
displayed in the Skill Command Menu. Try these hints during combat
to master them. You can perfect these new skills and reduce MP
consumption by using an item called "The Secret Sign." Furthermore,
whenever you acquire a stronger sword, or your strength increases,
the effects of the techniques will also increase.

Using Magic
In the world of Filgaia, you can cast magic by combining two of the four
elemental crests. Originally, a magic symbol had to be drawn on the
ground and a ceremony had to be performed to cast magic. However,
since one does not have the luxury of time to do this during battle,
simplified magic symbols called crests were generated. If you record
the procedure of the needed ceremony and the correct combination of
crests on a parchment, you can activate the magic at any time by using
the magic power.

The Crest Graph, which can be given as a gift from the people you meet
or be found on your journey, is a special parchment on which you record
this information. The Crests are:
GEO - Earth Crest. Symbolizes protection and creation.
Fray - Fire Crest. Symbolizes attack and destruction.
Wing - Wind Crest. Symbolizes athletics and prosperity.
Muse - Water Crest. Symbolizes recovery and harmony.

Creating Magic
If you have a Crest Graph, you can bind various spells to it at a Magic
Guild in town. If you want to reuse the Crest Graph to make a new
spell, select dissolve to unbind the previous spell.

To create magic, first select a type of magic, then select a crest
combination and give a name to your new spell.

White Magic
| | GEO | FRAY | WING | MUSE |
| GEO | Shield | Suction | Hide | Protect |
| FRAY | Curse | Light Blow | Rage | Dark Blow |
| WING | Reflect | Escape | Quick | Air Screen |
| MUSE | Revive | Awaken | Field | Heal |

Shield - Increases defensive power against normal attacks.
MP 2/1 ally/effective until end of combat.
Suction - Magic attacks received from enemies are converted to
MP. MP 3/1 ally/effective for 2 turns.
Hide - Prevents damage from enemies by turning a character
invisible. MP 5/1 ally/effective until your character counterattacks.
Protect - Increases resistance to magic and reduces damage
from magic. MP 2/1 ally/effective until end of combat.
Curse - Increases the chance that the recipient will encounter
enemies during travel. MP 1/Party.
Light Blow - Bestows the "holy" attribute on the weapon in use.
MP 2/1 ally/effective until end of combat.
Rage - Increases character's attributes, performs normal
attacks automatically. MP 4/1 ally/effective until end of combat.
Dark Blow - Bestows the "evil" attribute to the weapon in use.
MP 2/1 ally/effective until end of combat.
Reflect - Generates a barrier to reflect magic attacks back
onto the enemy. MP 6/1 ally/effective for 6 turns (after you reflect
magic once).
Escape - Returns the party or character to the entrance of a
dungeon. MP 8/Party.
Quick - Increases character's responsiveness during combat.
MP 3/1 ally/effective until end of combat.
Air Screen - Wind barrier that increases character's parry rate.
MP 4/1 ally/effective until end of combat.
Revive - Revives characters who are unable to fight. MP 12/1
Awaken - Restores party from "Sleep" Status. MP 2/Party/
effective until end of combat.
Field - Randomly lessens a certain property attack by half.
MP 2/All allies or enemies.
Heal - Restores HP slightly. MP 3/1 ally.

White magic has primarily defensive capabilities, such as recovering
from abnormal status or escaping from dungeons.

Black Magic

| | GEO | FRAY | WING | MUSE |
| GEO | Break | Slow Down | Sleep | Armor Down |
| FRAY | Flash | Flame | Confusion | Blast |
| WING | Valkyri | Silence | Vortex | Spark |
| MUSE | Analyze | Dispell | Prison | Freeze |

Break - Attacks with the "Earth" property using rocks. MP 4/1
Slow Down - Lowers response capabilities of the enemy during
battle. MP 3/enemy group/effective until end of combat.
Sleep - Makes opponent go to sleep and become unable to move.
MP 4/enemy group/effective for 5 turns.
Armor Down - Lowers opponents' defensive strength. MP 3/enemy
group/effective until end of combat.
Flash - Lowers opponents' parry rate with a bright light. MP
2/enemy group/effective until end of combat.
Flame - Envelopes opponent in fire and attacks with the "Fire"
property. MP 4/1 enemy.
Confusion - Reduces opponents' accuracy rate by confusing them.
MP 2/1 enemy/effective for 4 turns.
Blast - Attacks opponent with light beams without any properties.
MP 8/enemy group.
Valkyrie - Attacks by releasing 8 spirit balls against the enemy.
MP 10/random enemy.
Silence - Silences the enemy so that they cannot cast magic
spells. MP 4/enemy group/effective until end of combat.
Vortex - Produces tornadoes and attacks with the "Wind"
property. MP 4/1 enemy.
Spark - Drops lightning and attacks with the "Thunder"
property. MP 8/enemy group.
Analyze: Analyzes opponents' data (HP and weakness) and
displays the results. MP 1/1 enemy.
Dispel - Removes magic cast by opponent (Cecilia's magic
is unaffected). MP 3/1 enemy.
Prison - Imprisons opponent in a magic cage, disabling
their ability to move. MP 6/1 enemy/effective for 2 turns.
Freeze - Releases cold air and attacks with the "Water"
property. MP 4/1 enemy.

Your opponents may have up to seven weaknesses: Fire, Water, Earth,
Thunder, Wind, Holy, and Evil. Adjusting your magic to their
weaknesses can inflict enormous damage.

This menu allows you to adjust the system settings and character
controls so you can play the game more comfortably. Press the
Triangle Button and select the "Options" icon (pen and book) from the
Field menu. The Options menu screen will appear.

Controller Configuration
You may assign different functions to controller buttons other than the
present functions provided with the game.
To change the default controller configuration: Move the cursor
with the up and down Direction Buttons to select the function you want.
Next, select the controller button you want to assign that function to.
After assigning the functions to the controls, move the cursor to
"Exit" and press the X Button to accept. You will return to the menu
screen. You will be unable to complete this command and return to the
Options menu screen unless you assign all of the functions to the
controller buttons. Press "Reset" to go back to the default setting.
Note: If you assign different functions for the Select, L1, L2, R1,
and R2 buttons, you will no longer be able to use the original function.

MVS (Motion View System)
You may select one of 4 camera angles for the combat animation. The
default setting is "Motion View."

You may choose either "Stereo" or "Mono" for the game's BGM
(background music). The default setting is "Stereo."

Screen Saver
This command prevents burn-in of the TV monitor when you discontinue
the game but continue to display the game screen for long periods of
time. When commands are not entered for the specified period of time,
the screen will automatically change over to a simple animation screen.
When you want to resume the game, press any controller button. The
screen you were previously on will appear.

Cursor Position
This command lets you set the cursor position in the command and item
selection screens. The initial setting is "Return."
Return - The cursor will return to the uppermost position
whenever selection screens are displayed.
Memory - Records which items you previously selected. The
next time you select the same items, the cursor will appear at the
position you selected before.
Battle Commands - This command lets you select the setting
of the cross-shaped command icon during battles. You may change the
cursor position. The default setting is "Neutral."
Neutral - The cursor will return to the center of the icon
unless you continue to press the Direction Buttons.
Fixed - After you select the icon with the Direction Buttons,
the cursor will be fixed at that position. You do not have to
continue to press the Direction Buttons.

Screen Position
This command lets you adjust the game screen displayed on the TV. Move
the screen position using the Direction Buttons. Press Select to
return to the default setting.

Changing the Interface
Under Options, this command lets you change the graphics of icons and
windows. You can also customize at the pixel level.

Customizing Procedure
This section will explain how to customize icons. The procedure for
customizing window parts is the same.
1. Select an icon or a cursor you want to customize and press
the X button to accept.
2. Display the icons you selected on the work screen with
"Call Up Icons."
3. Move the cursor to the color palette and select the color
of your choice.
4. Move the cursor to the work screen and press the X Button.
The color of the pixel will change to the one selected in step 3.
5. Complete the graphics by repeating procedures #2 and #3.
6. Register the completed graphics at "Register Icons."

Using a Mouse
You may use a mouse to customize the graphics. Connect the PlayStation
Mouse (sold separately) to controller port 2. Move the cursor by
moving the mouse and accept by pressing the left button.

This command lets you load data in the middle of a game. Note: Please
be careful when you are loading as you will lose your progress if you
load data without saving first.

Exploring Wastelands
It is not easy to explore the wastelands in Filgaia, even for a "Dream
Chaser" who has abundant experience. Here are some tips for traveling
around the wastelands. Please make use of these tips in your adventure.

Throwing Objects
Some barrels in the towns might contain items. Make a point of
searching each barrel by pressing the X Button. You can find out
the content of a wooden box by throwing and breaking it. If you
cannot lift a large wooden box, blow it up with one of Rudy's bombs.

Switches in the Dungeons
The switches you step on can also be activated by Hanpan. However,
Hanpan cannot turn on switches that are activated by throwning wooden
boxes. If you break all the boxes by mistake, use Cecilia's "Pocket
Watch" to reset them.

Traps and Falling Floors
As your character journeys throughout Filgaia, they will encounter
various harmful traps and environments such as spears, poisonous
swamps, and lava. The characters' HP will decrease if they touch
these traps. However, HP will not be affected if you lose your step
on a floor without an edge. You will merely return to the entrance
of the room.

Moving Statues
Some statues in the towns and dungeons can be moved. However, do not
push these statues randomly. You may not be able to see an entrance
in front of you. If you push these statues into their proper position,
you will hear a switch click.

Acquire all Treasure Boxes
You can always open all the treasure boxes in a dungeon. Do not give up
even if you cannot open a treasure box initially. When you acquire new
goods, check out places you were unable to enter before. As a treasure
hunter, you must try again and again until you find every treasure.

Record Your Journey at the Magic Encampment
The magic encampment inside dungeons allow you to save the memories of
your journey using a mysterious power. Whatever is awaiting you ahead,
you will be safe if you save first.

Helping the Three Characters to Become Friends
Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia will not start acting in concert immediately
after coming across one another. They must first carve our their
futures on their own. However, there are times when a character cannot
solve a problem on their own. Talk to the others and they will lend
you their support.

Find Enemies' Weak Spots to Strengthen Yourself
There are seven types of magic: Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Wind,
Holy, and Evil. If you use magic that attacks your opponent's
weakness, the damage you can inflict will double! Conversely,
depending on the type of magic they enemy has, the effect can be cut
in half, may not work, or may be absorbed. When you want to find out
your enemy's weaknesses, cast Cecilia's Black Magic "Analyze."

Types of Attacks
Your enemies' attacks can be classified into three broad categories:
Normal attacks utilizing weapons or physical strength, Special attacks
that trigger abnormal status, and Magic attacks. For special attacks,
battle messages such as "Energy Thief" and "Sick" will be displayed
during the combat. Opponents who attack through magic will display the
name of the magic and at the same time will be enveloped by an aura
similar to Cecilia's. All other attacks are normal attacks. Identify
the type of attack and defend accordingly.

Responsibilities During Auto Battle
The key to auto command is to think in terms of the roles of the three
characters during the battle. Rather than selecting the same type of
commands, you will be able to fight more effectively if you divide the
responsibilities into attack and recovery or attack methods (Weapons,
Magic, Skill, Force Ability).

Also, the order of their actions is extremely important. There are
some instances where it would be more advantageous for you to delegate
the responsibility of recovery to Rudy even though he is the slowest to
act among the three.

The fate of Filgaia is in your hands. All that is keeping the world of
Filgaia from falling to the ultimate doom is the Dream Chasers - Rudy,
Cecilia, and Jack. They only have you to depend upon to make the right
decisions that will deliver them safely on their journey.

Wild Arms Development Staff
Game Design
Producer: Tokashi Fukushimo
Total Design: Akifumi Kaneko
Scenario: Akifumi Kaneko
Field Plans: Hideaki Kikuchi
Battle Plans: Takaaki Yamashita

Field Programs: Michelle Ahiko
Battle Programs: Yuji Takahashi
Utility Programs: Takoo Suzuki
Event Scripts: Takoo Suzuki, Michelle Ahiko

Graphic Designers
Character Graphics: Keiko Matsushita
Field Graphics: Yukihiko Ito, Masato Kobata
Battle Graphics: Tetsuya Okubo, Yashuhiro Shibuya, Shigeru Kurihara,
Hiroshi Takeuchi, Nootaka Sugiyama, Mamory Seigi
Character Design: Yashihiko Ito
Monster Design: Tetsuya Okubo, Yasuhiro Shibuya
Music Producer: Akihiko Shimizu
Sound Director: Takashi Fujisawa
Composer: Michika Naruke
Sound Effects: Masatoku Okubo
Arranger: Kazuhiko Toyama
Recording Engineer: Tetsuya Naito
Animation Creator: Madhouse
CG Event Designer: Takamitsu Iijima
Associate Producers: Tashiyuki Miyata, Yukio Nagasaki, Takahiro Kaneko
Executive Producer: Akira Sato
Game Developer: Media Vision, Inc.

Sony Computer Entertainment America
Associate Producer: Seth Luisi
Assistant Producer: Jeff Ng
Senior Producer: Perry Rodgers
Testing Manager: Mark Pentek
Lead Tester: Todd Pifer
Testers: Annette Dancel, Jim Harper, Sako Bezdjian, Conner Morlang,
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Licensing Manager: Etsuko Kobata
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Package and Manual Design: Gregory Harsh
Special Thanks: Andrew House, Peter Dille, Phil Harrison, Kelly Flock,
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