Warzone 2100
Instruction Manual

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Timeline 2 Unit Orders 15
Getting Started 3 Unit Experience Levels 16
The Title Screen 5 Important Tactics 17
In-Game Controls 5 Alpha Base Missions 17
The Battle View 6 Transport Missions 17
In-Game Options 8 Reinforcements 18
Saving and Loading Games 8 Target Technologies 18
Heads-Up Display (HUD) 9 Game Pointers 21
The Order Reticule 9 Important Structures 22
Radar Display (Mini Map) 10 Defensive Structures 24
Power Bar 10 Design and Construction 25
Manufacture 11 Hints and Tips 26
Building 12
Research 13
Design 13
Intelligence 14
Commanders 14

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2050: NATO alliance collapses in face of growing nationalism and
unrest in Europe.

2075: Nationalist unrest in Eastern Europe and Asia leads to nuclear
attacks by terrorists.

2075: Synaptic Link research begins.

2077: Mongolia attacks China.

2079: Korea allies with Mongolia.

2080: Synaptic Link Patented. First Cyborg Soldiers developed.

2080: NASDA (North American Strategic Defense Agency) formed to
protect North America from nuclear attacks.

2081: NASDA begins building satellite defense array.

2082: NASDA satellite system comes on-line.

2085: During routine testing the NASDA system malfunctions and
launches nuclear strikes against all major cities in the world.
The target countries respond with nuclear counter-strikes and
NASDA fails to defend against incoming missiles.

2086: Nuclear Winter begins. Widespread plagues and famines kill
billions of people. Civilization ends. NASDA systems lie
dormant following electromagnetic pulses.
A group of survivors discover an abandoned subterranean military
base. They set up home there and begin The Project.

2099: The Project emerges from its military base.

2100: The Project begins its search for Pre-Collapse technologies.

"The Project is dedicated to recovering Pre-Collapse technologies
and rebuilding the world."
-Project Mission Statement

"From the ashes of the Collapse we seek to build a better world for
-John Hammond - Project Director

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Usual PSX Startup stuff not entered.

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Following the Warzone 2100 Introduction you are presented with the
Title Screen. It contains the following selections:

Start Game: Contains the following options...

New Campaign: Lead one of the Project's Expeditionary teams as it
heads out to recover lost technologies from the
Western Sector.

Load Campaign: Load a previously saved game from your MEMORY CARD.

Options: Access the in-game options.

Practice: A fast easy-to-complete mission against Scavengers in the
Western Sector.

View Intro: Replay the game introduction.

Driving Controls
Left Turn left
Right Turn right
Up Accelerate
Down Reverse

DUAL SHOCK Driving Controls
left stick right stick
---------- -----------
Left - Turn left Left - Rotate View Left
Right - Turn right Right - Rotate View Right
Up - Accelerate Up - Pitch View Up
Down - Reverse Down - Pitch View Down

R3 button (Press right stick)
& Up/Down - Zoom In/Out

START button - Access In-Game Menus
SELECT button - Toggles between Hostile targets and Neutral targets.

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Button controls
(X) button - Attack/Activate/Select

(S) button - Select Units

(C) button - Open/Close Reticule

(T) button - Toggle between Battle View and Drive View

R1 button - Cycle to next unit

R2 button - Cycle leader to next unit in group

L1 button - Cycle through Assigned Groups

L2 button - Cycle through Assigned Groups

L2 button + (X) button - Assigns Group (X)

L2 button + (S) button - Assigns Group (S)

L2 button + (C) button - Assigns Group (C)

L2 button + (T) button - Assigns Group (T)

L1 button + (X) button - Selects Group (X)

L1 button + (S) button - Selects Group (S)

L1 button + (C) button - Selects Group (C)

L1 button + (T) button - Selects Group (T)

L1 button + left - rotate view right

L1 button + right - rotate view left

L1 button + up - pitch view up

L1 button + down - pitch view down

L2 button + up - zoom view in

L2 button + down - zoom view out

The Battle View allows you to plan and implement your strategies
against the enemy. Use the Battle View to order units and to plot
artillery and airstrikes (see Target Technologies).

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Control During Battle View
Up, Down, Left, Right - Move Pointer

Hold L1 button + Up, Down, Left, Right - Rotates Battle View

Hold L2 button + Up, Down - Zoom Camera Battle View

(X) button - Select unit, target or destination

(S) button - Select/Deselect and adjacent units

Hold (X) button + Up, Down, Left, Right - Drag selection box,
release to select

Hold R1 button + Up, Down, Left, Right - Scroll Battle View faster

left stick right stick
---------- -----------
Left - Move Pointer Left - Rotate View Left
Right - Move Pointer Right - Rotate View Right
Up - Move Pointer Up - Pitch View Up
Down - Move Pointer Down - Pitch View Down

R3 button + Up, Down - Zoom in/Out (Press
right stick)

Radar (Available after building a Command Center)
(X) button - Moves 3D world to position indicated

(S) button - Orders selected units to travel to the indicated position

Using a Mouse
If you connect a Mouse to your PlayStation you can play Warzone 2100
in Mouse Mode. Everything you can do while in Drive Mode you can do
in Mouse Mode. In most ways the controls function identically - the
main change when in Mouse Mode is that the HUD is always displayed,
and there are five new icons on-screen. Simply connect a Mouse to use
Mouse Mode. Without a Mouse the game defaults to a Controller. To
assign unit groups, left click and drag the Mouse to select units,
then right click an icon in the mouse navigator bar. Right click
again to center on group.

To rotate the Battle View Map, click and hold the right Mouse button.
Move the Mouse left or right to rotate the map. Move the Mouse up or
down to change the Battle View Camera angle. To change the height of
the camera, right click the Mouse on the zoom icon in the mouse
navigation bar.

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From the Title Screen select Options and press the START button to
access the In-game Menu.

FX Volume: Increase or decrease the sound effect volume levels.

Music Volume: Increase or decrease the music volume levels.

Cursor Speed: Increase or decrease the speed of the cursor.

Vibration On/Off: Turns the DUAL SHOCK Controls vibration on and off.

Center Screen: Allows the screen to be Centered on your TV.

Saving Games
Make sure you have enough free blocks on your MEMORY CARD (Three are
required) before commencing play. Please note that if you do not have
a MEMORY CARD you will be unable to save your game. You will be
prompted to save your game at the end of each mission. It is
advisable to do so each time by selecting 'Save Game'.

If your MEMORY CARD is full, a warning message is displayed saying
'insufficient free blocks!', or if there IS NOT one connected 'INSERT

Loading Games
Use the In-Game Options to return to the Title Screen where you can
select 'Load Campaign'.

As the best Command General in the ranks of the Project, your mission
is to venture into the wasteland of the Western United States, recover
the technology to rebuild Civilization, and then defeat the other
(more sinister) groups that also seek this technology. If you have
the talent and vision, you may even discover the "true" reason NASDA

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The HUD overlays menus and icons onto the 3D view. Using the HUD you
can build structures, manufacture units, conduct research, design new
units, and access other useful game features.

Allows you to select build, research, manufacture, design,
intelligence, etc.

Reticule controls
Manufacture - Opens factory list
Research - Opens research list
Build - Opens Build list
Design - Opens Design List
Intelligence - Opens Intelligence Display
Transporter - Opens Transport Display
Commanders - Opens Command Display
Unit Orders - Opens Order list

Pop-Up Menu
Select units from here to build, research, or manufacture.

Quick Key Functions
L1, R1: Scroll through multiple pages in pop-up menu.

L2, R2: Switch between the first and last item on the current page in
the pop-up menu.

Fast Find Menu
Bottom Row: Slides the view to the selected unit. Allows the delivery
point for a factory to be positioned.

Top Row: Assigns research topic, structure, or unit.

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Oil Derricks and Power Generators
Oil derricks are used to extract oil from oil pools. Power generators
turn oil into power. Each power generator can use the oil from four
pools. If you build a derrick and it doesn't begin to move, then you
need to build an additional power generator.

Radar Pulses
Radar pulses keep track of where your units have sighted Artifacts,
oil resources, and enemy bases.

Green Dots = Player Units

Black = Unexplored areas

Blue Pulse = Oil Deposit

Red Pulse = Enemy activity / Objective

Green Pulse = Artifact

The Yellow Power Bar shows how much power you currently have
available. The longer the bar, the more power you have at your
disposal. Power is used to produce new units, build structures, and
conduct research.

Action Cost Bar
This bar appears over the yellow bar to indicate how much an action
will cost. This bar appears as you place the mouse over structures to
be built, Artifacts to research and units to manufacture.

Green Bar: If the action cost is less than your total power, it's
shown as a green bar.

Red Bar: If the cost is greater than your total power, it appears as
a red bar.

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Power Generation
Oil is extracted from oil pools by derricks, then converted into power
by a power generator. The more oil pools attached to a generator, the
faster it converts the oil into power. Each power generator may have
four oil derricks connected to it. If an oil derrick doesn't move up
and down, you will need to build a new power generator to extract its
resources. If you highlight a power generator by left-clicking, it
will show the number of oil derricks it is currently providing energy

Managing Power & Resources
Power is used to build structures, manufacture units and conduct
research. Power is drawn as soon as a unit is assigned to be
manufactured by a factory, or a research topic is assigned to a
research facility. Providing you have sufficient power for the
activity, the initial progress bar fills quickly with green and the
manufacture or research begins. A yellow progress bar then charts the
progress achieved by the current activity.

If your total power is currently low, then the green bar fills slowly
as new power is generated and allocated to it. In situations of low
power, it is best to closely monitor your factories and research
facilities. If all of them are drawing power at the same time, each
one waits until it has drawn sufficient power. This results in long
periods of inactivity. When your power is low, concentrate on routing
the power to only one factory and/or research facility.

Each factory produces combat units. A factory can produce single or
multiple units. You can set a factory's delivery point so that all
units produced drive straight to where you want them.

(X) button on Manufacture.

(X) button on the box above a factory.

(X) button on the unit you want to manufacture.

(X) button to increase the number of units

(S) button to decrease the number of units.

(C) button to close menus

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Factory Delivery Points
(X) button to select a factory in the bottom row of icons

(X) button to select the location of the delivery point

Trucks are used to build new structures and repair damaged ones.

(X) button to select Build and a structure to build.

(X) button to select the building site.

Building Oil Derricks: You can build derricks by driving a truck
towards an oil pool, then press the (X)
button when the cursor changes to a Hammer,
over the oil pool.

Using additional trucks: Select another truck and drive it towards a
structure already under construction. When
the truck approaches the structure and a
Hammer Icon is displayed, press the (X)
button and the truck will help build the

Repairing Damaged Structures: Your trucks can be ordered to repair
damaged structures by driving your
truck to the structure. Press the (X)
button when the cursor changes to a
Wrench. Trucks will also
automatically repair structures near
them that become damaged.

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Artifacts are researched at specialized Research Facilities. Artifacts
make new vehicle components and structures available, and improve your
existing units. Artifacts are the key to the game. Be Sure to
research every Artifact you find.

(X) button to select Research

(X) button to assign research topic to research facility

As new component technologies become available through research, you
can design new vehicles using the Design Screen.

(X) button to select Design

(X) button to select New Vehicle

(X) button to select type of Body

(X) button to select a Propulsion

(X) button to select a Turret (or System Type)

(C) button to exit the Design screen

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The Intelligence screen displays research updates and allows mission
briefing to be viewed again.

(X) button to select Intelligence Display

(X) button to view Research Updates or Replay Mission Briefs

Project Goals: The Icon with the "I" on it will tell you your campaign

Current Objectives: Can be accessed by clicking on the Icon of the
satellite dish. This will replay the mission video
for you.

Research results: These are represented by Icons of the weapons,
building or upgrades. Clicking on these will give
you their statistics.

Press the (C) button to return to the game

Commanders become available after you recover and research the
required technology. A Command turret can then be added to Vehicle
body and propulsion to create a Commander. Commanders lead other
units in combat. When a unit is attached to a Commander its targeting
is more accurate.

Attaching Units to Commanders: Units are attached to a Commander via
the Battle View. Select the units to
attach, then select the Commander.

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Assigning a Factory to a Commander: Select the Commander, then select
the Command Console. Select the
number of the factory you want to
use to supply the Commander. Any
units produced by the factory will
now be sent to that Commander up
to his maximum size group. When
the maximum group size is reached
the factory goes off-line until
the commander's experience in-
creases, or one of the units in
the group is destroyed.

Commander Experience Level: Like other units, commanders gain exper-
ience. As a commander becomes more exper-
ienced, the size of the group he can
control becomes larger and his laser
designation becomes more accurate. A
commanders experience level is shown by a
row of one or more stars. Initially a
commander can control 6 units. For every
level the commander goes up, they can
control two additional units.
Note: Commander rank increases at 8, 16,
32, 64, & 128 designation kills.

The Unit Orders gives you more control over your units by allowing you
to alter how they behave in combat. It also allows you to order units
back to base, and to board the transport.

Attack Ranges
Optimum Range - Attack at most accurate range (Default)

Short Range - Move to short range when attacking

Long Range - Move to long range when attacking

Retreat Levels
Do or Die! - Fight Until Dead (Default)

Retreat at Heavy Damage - Return to Repair Facility or LZ

Retreat at Medium Damage - Return to Repair Facility or LZ

Fire-at-Will - Fire at any target in range (Default)

Return Fire - Fire only if fired upon

Hold Fire - Do not fire weapon

- Page - 16

Pursue - Pursue enemy

Guard - Move to position and guard structure or unit

Hold Position - Do not move from position

Go to Orders
Return for Repair - Go to nearest repair facility

Return to HQ - Go to either the Command Center or the LZ

Go to Transport - Go to nearest transport and board it

Return for Recycling - Get unit ready to go to nearest factory or
repair facility to be recycled, click
Recycle to confirm current experience level
is placed in next unit produced

As units engage in combat they become more experienced, making them
more accurate and less likely to die. The numbers below show the
current level of your units. As units become more experienced they
require more kills to attain the next level.

Recycling Experienced Troops
Through recycling, veteran units can be upgraded to take advantage of
new technologies. A recycled unit returns to a factory where its
experience is stored. When you manufacture a new unit, the stored
experience is assigned to the unit.

Select Recycle on Command Console, then select Confirm Recycle to
recycle troops.

(Sorry can't reproduce the symbols below - IfLab)

Experience Unit Symbol Kills
---------- ----------- -----
Rookie none 0-4
Green ^ 5-8
Trained ^ 9-16
Regular ^ 17-32
Professional ^ 33-64
Veteran ^ 65-128
Elite ^ 129-256
Special ^ 257-512
Hero ^ 513+

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In Warzone 2100 the base you build in the Western Sector (code named
Alpha Base) is used for all of your missions in that sector. In
Warzone 2100 this may be a Transport Mission or Alpha Base defensive
or offensive action. Whatever the type of mission, you always return
to your base ready to being the next mission.

Note: All missions have a time limit of 2 hours, unless otherwise

These missions occur on the same map as your base. Either a new area
of map is revealed or enemy forces land on the map to attack your
base. The survival of Alpha Base is vital to your success, as such
you should defend it from enemy attacks by building gun towers and
other defenses. It is also worth expanding the facilities at Alpha
Base as more power becomes available. Two factories and research
facilities will increase your rate of production and the speed at
which you can research Artifacts.

Transport Missions are often timed. You have a limited amount of time
to complete the mission and return back to base. At the start of a
Transport Mission, the Transport arrives to carry combat teams to the
mission's Landing Zone.

The Transport Menu: Select the transport icon to open this menu. It
displays any units currently loaded in the

Loading the Transport: To load the transport, select it as the destin-
ation of your units, or use the Command Console
to order units to enter the transport.

Unloading the Transport: Select a unit in the transport to unload it.

Launch Button: Select the Launch Button to order the transport to the
mission site. The transport will then take off and fly
to the mission site. Reinforcements can be ordered by
selecting the transport button after you arrive at the
mission site, if this option is available in the

Transport Capacity: The transport can carry a maximum of 10 units. The
first number designates current load and the last
number indicates capacity, which never changes.

- Page - 18

Reinforcements are available for many Transport Missions, but not all.

Requesting Reinforcements: Select the transport icon. This opens the
transport menu and the reinforcements
available menu.

Loading Reinforcements: Select any of the available reinforcements.
This loads them into the transport.

Launching the Transport: Select the Transport launch button to send
the transport to the mission site.

Reinforcement Time: This is how long it takes the transport to fly
from the base to the mission site. This varies
according to the distance to the mission site and
prevailing weather conditions.

Compromised Landing Zone: A landing zone becomes compromised whenever
there are any enemy units near it. A
transport cannot land at a compromised LZ,
instead it returns to base to await new
orders. You can request further rein-
forcements at any time.

Transport Mission and the Order Reticule
Even when on a transport mission you have access to the same
facilities as when at your base.

Manufacture: You can still set your factories to produce while you are

Research: Artifacts and research topics can be researched when on
transport missions.

Design: New units can be designed and manufactured.

Building: Trucks can only build defensive structures when on Transport
Missions. No building can happen back at Alpha base while
you are away. You can fortify the LZ you are at however.

Your goal as Commander of Team Alpha is to recover Pre-Collapse

Repair Units
Repair units automatically repair any damaged unit within their repair
range. Repair units can also be ordered to repair a damaged unit

Structure Modules
Modules increase the structural strength of the structures they are
added to. Each module also increases the structure's output whether
it is power, production rate or research speed.

- Page - 19

To add a module to a structure, select the module from the Build Menu
and select the structure as its build site. The truck will then add
the module to the structure. Alternatively you can order the truck to
the structure, and it will add a module automatically.

Factory Modules: Two modules may be added to factories. The first
module allows medium vehicles to be manufactured.
The second module allows heavy vehicles to be
manufactured by the factory. Researching the
factory module technology allows you to add both
modules (Level 2 & 3).

Synaptic Link
This key technology is believed to exist somewhere in the Western
Sector. It is essential that you recover and research this
technology. This technology is required for Cyborg construction.

Indirect Fire Weapons
Indirect fire weapons lob shells or fire missiles over friendly
troops, structures, and even over hills. However, they must be able
to see what they are firing at. When attached to a sensor, indirect
fire weapons can fire at targets that the sensor can see.

Attaching Indirect Fire Weapons to Sensors
Using the Battle View, select the indirect fire weapons, then select
the sensor. A sensor lock box appears to show that you are

Sensor Turret
All attached indirect fire weapons fire at any target that you select
as the sensor's target. The indirect fire weapons continue to fire
until the target is destroyed, a new target is selected, or the sensor
is destroyed.

Sensor Tower
The tower automatically detects enemies in range and then orders any
attached indirect fire weapons to open fire at them.

Counter-Battery Sensor
This sensor detects incoming enemy indirect fire and plots where the
fire is coming from. It then orders attached indirect fire weapons to
fire at the enemy artillery battery.

- Page - 20

The technology required for Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL)
aircraft has been lost. Team Beta is searching the Eastern Sector for
it. VTOLs are designed like other units, but are restricted in what
weapons they can have.

Re-arming Sites
VTOLs require re-arming and repairing between strike missions.
Re-arming Sites perform these activities. Each Re-arming Site can
support any number of VTOLs, but only re-arms one VTOL at a time.
Until fully re-armed a VTOL cannot be used for another strike mission
To keep your VTOLs flying regularly, you'll need at least one
Re-arming Site for every three VTOLs.

Independent Strike Missions
VTOLs require a target to be selected for them, otherwise they cannot
attack. Strike VTOLs will not fly into enemy territory without a
selected target. One of your other units must be able to see the
target or the VTOLs must be able to see it themselves.

VTOL Strike Turret
VTOLs may be assigned to VTOL Strike Turrets. Any target designated
by the turret is assigned to the VTOLs as their target.

VTOL Early Warning Tower
This tower scans for approaching enemy and assigns them as the VTOLs
target. The VTOLs are scrambled to attack the incoming enemy.

VTOLs Counter-Battery Sensor
This is similar to a standard Counter-Battery Sensor except that
attached VTOLs are scrambled to attack the enemy artillery battery.

VTOL Sensors
A VTOL equipped with a sensor can fly sensor missions. When on a
sensor mission a VTOL does not require a target to be selected. It
can be ordered to fly anywhere, and may have a patrol area set for it
using the Command Console. VTOL sensors may have strike VTOLs
attached to them, and may be used to Designate targets for them.

- Page - 21

As units move around the 3D view, the pointer changes as they approach
various targets. This table shows the pointers and their effects.

------- ----------- -------
Attach All Assigns units to commander or sensor.

Build Truck Aids in building target structures.

Embark All Loads selected units onto transport.

Repair Truck/Repair Arm Repairs damaged structure/units.

Guard All Guards selected structure or truck.

Move All Moves units to selected point on

Target Combat Assigns structure or unit as target.

Pick-up Any Collects Artifacts.

Go For Repair All Repair facility selected as

Demolish Truck Selected structure is demolished -50%
of build cost returned.

Lock-on Sensor Assigns units, using sensor as a

- Page - 22

Each structure performs one or more function as listed below

Command Center - Radar Display, Design Screen

Power Generator - Converts oil from oil derricks into power

Power Module - Increases the rate at which a generator converts oil
into power

Oil Derrick - Extracts oil from oil pools, providing a power
generator is available

Factory - Manufactures units

Research Facility - Researches artifacts & research topics

Repair Facility - Repairs damaged units

Landing Zone (LZ) - Reinforcements are delivered here,
Transports landing pad

Cyborg Factory - Manufactures Cyborgs

VTOL Factory - Manufactures VTOLs

VTOL Re-arming Pad - Repairs and re-arms VTOLs

Command Relay Center - Needed for production of Commander units

- Page - 23

(Supposed to be pictures above each label)

Command Center Power Generator Power Module

Oil Derrick Factory Level 1 Research Facility

Repair Factory Landing Zone Cyborg Factory

- Page - 24

An important strategy is the use of defensive structures to protect
your assets. Below is a list of primary defensive structures. You
will need to research each item to acquire it.

1 .Hard Points
PROS: Excellent defense with ability to mount heavy weapons. Hard
Points can fire over walls or be placed within walls.

CONS: Limited in weapon placement types & long build times.

PROS: Direct fire weapons cannot fire over or through walls.
Excellent defense when upgraded.

CONS: Direct fire defenses cannot fire over or through walls.

3.Guard Towers
PROS: Can fire over walls / have long range.

CONS: Low durability / weak firepower.

4.Machine Gun Bunker
PROS: Low build cost

CONS: Average durability / causes weak damage against armor.

5.Tank Trap
PROS: Low cost and short build time / direct fire weapons can fire
over tank traps.

CONS: Enemy can fire over or through tank traps.

6.Flamer Bunker
PROS: Good durability / low build cost.

CONS: Short range / medium build time.

7.Cannon Bunker
PROS: Good durability / more powerful direct fire.

CONS: Medium build time / medium cost.

8.Sensor Tower
PROS: Can spot indirect fire weapons with high accuracy / early

CONS: Fragile.

- Page - 25

1. Unit name (modifiable)

2. Body options

3. Propulsion options

4. Turret options

5. Delete design

6. Total power (to produce unit)

7. Total body points (unit durability to attack)

8. Systems Turret

9. Weapons Turret

10. Road speed (pavement)

11. Off-road speed (non pavement)

12. Water speed

13. Weight (affects overall speed and durability)

Unit Design
In Warzone 2100 there are over 2000 units you can design. As you
research new topics, you gain access to new weapons, new technologies
and new types of material used to build units. The number of possible
units is immense. When designing units, here are some guidelines:

Design with a clear vision - If you are a heavy cavalry advocate,
first research the vehicle engine, armor, and weapon items. If you
favor a quick strike strategy, build units with medium bodies, fast
propulsion, and light but damaging weapons. (hint hover and rockets).

Remember the cost! - Super weapons may be just the ticket to dominate
the battlefield. However, without adequate resources and build time
you may never achieve the numbers to win the day.

Create nuisance units - They will act as scouts and serve to harass
your opponents' derricks. Fast units, with medium armor, and fast
loading weapons, in mass, can overwhelm your opponent, before they can
create heavy armored and cannoned units.

Research a weapon to completion - Researching all levels of cannon
will result in a nearly invincible projectile weapon. Just make sure
you have the chassis to mount it.

- Page - 26

General Tips:
* Using more than one truck decreases the time required to build a
structure. Three is optimal.
* Do not forget to build a power generator - one is required for every
four oil derricks.
* Adding a module to a power generator increases its efficiency.
* Scout around the map for more oil resources.
* Adding one module to a level 1 factory changes it into a medium
(level 2) factory and allows it to build medium bodied units.
* Adding one module to a medium factory changes it into a heavy (level
3) factory and allows it to build heavy bodied units.
* Adding a module to a research facility greatly improves the speed at
which it can research topics.
* Try to assign repair units to all combat groups for mobile roaming
* Defend your base with a variety of defensive weapons - machine guns
to take care of cyborgs, and cannons to handle oncoming tanks.
Build walls to delay the onslaught.
* Assign Mortar Units to a sensor to take advantage of indirect fire.
(e.g over cliffs and walls).
* Defend all oil derricks with at least one defensive structure.
* A bunker of any type is a cheap and stubborn defense.

Weapon Hints:
More effective versus - Infantry, Cyborgs, 'Soft' targets
Less effective versus - Heavily Armored Units (Tracked), 'Hard'
Targets (Bunkers, Emplacements), Soft
Structural Targets

More effective versus - Infantry, Cyborgs, Hover and Wheeled Units,
Less effective versus - VTOLs, Tracks, Half-Tracks, Hard Targets,

More effective versus - All units except infantry and Cyborgs
Less effective versus - VTOLs, Infantry and Cyborgs, Bunkers, Hard

- Page - 27

Machine Guns
More effective versus - Infantry and Cyborgs, Wheeled Units and Soft
Less effective versus - VTOLs, Tracks

Bunker Busters
More effective versus - Bunkers and Hard Targets
Less effective versus - Tracks

Vehicle Body Types: (initial types)
(pic) (pic) (pic) Top Secret Top Secret
Image Name Viper Cobra Bug Scorpion Python
---------- ----- ----- --- -------- ------
Weapon Mount Class 1 Class 1,2 Class 1,2 Class 1,2,4 Class 1,2,3

Cost Low Medium Medium Medium High

Speed Fast Medium Very Fast Fast Slow

Defense Low Medium Very Low Low High