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Starting The Game 5
Controlling The Game 6
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Ever tried driving a monster truck across
landscapes that weren't built with the internal
combustion engine in mind?

Ever tried powering your way through sand storms.
blizzards and wide open deserts in a low-slung buggy
with just a compass for company.

Thought not.

Well this is your chance to see what its like. So put
the pedal to the metal and hit the horizon hard.

Get ready to enter the world of truck versus nature.
Get ready to drive yourself into the dirt!

Starting The Game

To play Thunder Truck Rally on your PlayStation
game Console:

1. Set up your PlayStation game Console in
accordance with the instruction manual supplied
with the system.

2. Follow your system directions to open the Disc
cover and place the CD onto the bed of the drive.
ensuring the printed side faces upwards.

3. Close the Disc cover. If the unit is switched off,
press the POWER button to begin play. If the unit
is already on. press the RESET button.

Skip through intro screens by pressing the X button
on the Controller.

WARNING! It is advised that you do not insert or
remove peripherals or Memory cards once the power
has been turned on.

Make sure you have enough free blocks on your V
Memory card before commencing play.

Controlling The Game

Front View
L2 button Fast Left
R2 button Fast Right
L1 and R1 buttons Change View

Top View
Left Left
Right Right
Down Rear View while Reversing
Triangle Rescue Helicopter (Endurance Mode Only)
Circle Horn
X Accelerate
Square Brake/Reverse

Game Screens