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How to use the controller 5
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How to start the game 9
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Advanced techniques 24
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The tale of the legendary weapon.
Soul Edge
(as told by bosun Wm. Bones at the Fairweather inn. 1572)

KNOW THIS, these whispered tales of a sword that can cut the very heavens asunder are true!
This SoulEdge exists! Many have t6ed to possess this legendary weapon but all have fallen to
a horrible fate. Vercci, the Italian weapon merchant sought out the blade and you know of his
grisly end! His agent, the pirate Cervantes de Leon was last said to possess the sword and
has not been seen since! That blade is cursed as sure as I sit here! Bewarned, ye are not
the only one on this quest! Ten warriors from around the globe seek the blade for their own
desires. For some, Soul Edge is their key to salvation; for others, their route to damnation.
None of them will back down without a fight! Only the stout of heart and strong of arm can
survive. Heed my warnings! They say to hold Soul Edge is to possess true power, but ye cannot
hold on to it and your own soul at the same time...


In this section, you will learn the basic controller commands. To learn each character's
special moves, please refer to the start button command on page 6. If you use the Namco
Joystick, you can experience the same feeling as if you were playing the arcade game.

1. Standard Controller Preset (Type A):

Triangle or B button (Attack) to cut vertically.
Square or A button (Attack) to cut horizontally.
Circle or K button (Kick) to kick during battle.
X or G button (Guard) to block attacks.

2. Namco Joystick Preset (Type A):

Triangle or B button (Attack) to cut vertically.
Square or A button (Attack) to cut horizontally.
Circle / R1 or K button (Kick) to kick during battle.
X or G button (Guard) to block attacks.

Note: The Circle and X buttons can also be used to select or cancel menu selections.

3. Directional Buttons: On the selection screens, use these to choose the mode and the
characters. During the game, use them for character movement.

4. Select Button: Opens the weapon window. Press this button on the character selection
screen before choosing the character. If the character has more than one weapon, you can
select the other weapon. If your character has only one weapon, this button does nothing.

5. Start Button: Use this to start a game. During play, press the Start button to pause or
un-pause. In the Vs., Arcade, Team Battle and Edge-Master modes, this button will bring up a
menu where you can select the command option to see some of your character's moves.

Note: The Time Attack and Survival modes cannot be paused.

6. Controller Reset: During the game, press and hold the Start button, then press the Select
button to return to the Title screen.

The Movement Symbols

Press the Directional button in that direction for a short time.
Press the Directional button in that direction and hold.
A, B, K, G Press the specified button.
Note: Refer to page 5 for a thorough explanation of these buttons.
+ This means to press the specified buttons at the same time.


The controls shown below are for a character facing to the right. Reverse these if your
character is facing to the left.

Jump Back Jump Forward
\ /

Walk Back - * - Walk Forward

/ \
Crouch Walk Crouch Walk

1. Blocking and Defensive Tactics: The attack has three attributes which are the upper body
level, the middle body level and the tower body level. When you defend an upper or middle
body level attack, press the G button with the character in a standing position. When you
defend the lower body attack, press the G button with the character in a crouching position.
You can also crouch to avoid the upper body level attack, and jump to avoid lower body
attacks. Note: Charging power techniques are unblockable.

2. Throws: To throw your opponent, get beside them then press A+G or B+G buttons
simultaneously. Throws cannot be blocked, but can be canceled or avoided.

3. Short Dash: You can dash forward or backward by double tapping the Directional button to
the right or left. Use this tactic to fake out your opponent, then surprise them with an

4. Running: If you are very far from your opponent, you can start a running attack by double
tapping the Directional button in the direction of your opponent Use this move, with either
an attack or kick, to vary your offensive move.

5. Side Steps: Pressing down up makes your character sidestep into the background. Pressing
down down makes your character sidestep into the foreground.

6. Ground Hits: Use this attack after knocking down an opponent: up + A or up + B for a
short, jumping downward attack. Pressing up + A or up + B for a high jumping down-ward

7. Get up Techniques: When getting up from a knockdown, try pressing and holding the
Directional Button up, right, down or left white rapidly pressing the G button to make your
character get up into a roll. Use an Attack or Kick button to roll into an attack.

8. Kick Variations: Try pressing the controller in different directions at the same time as
the K button to execute different kicking attacks.


This is what the game screen looks like during play. In addition, depending on the game mode,
the number of victories and the number of team members can be indicated around the health

top of screen
1. Health meter for player 1 and name of character in use. 1 2 3
2. The remaining time in the round. 5 5
3. Health meter for player 2 and name of character in use. 4 4
4. Winning point. This keeps track of the rounds you have won.
5. Weapon gauge which shows your weapon power for the Critical
Edge Attack.


When you press the Start button on the Title screen, the Mode-select screen will be displayed.
Move the cursor to the game mode of your choice, and press the Start button or the Circle
button to select.

Character-Select and Weapon-Select
Press left or right on the directional buttons for choosing characters, then press one of the
Attack buttons. Depending on the buttons you choose, the character outfit or color will
change as described below.

If your weapon is obtained in the Edge-Master mode, press the Select button to open the
weapon window and select weapons. Point to the weapon that you wish to view with up and down
on the directional buttons, then press the circle button to select.

Outfit Selection:
Triangle button First color of outfit type 1.
Triangle button Second color of outfit type 1.
X + Square button First color of outfit type 2.
X + Triangle button Second color of outfit type 2.
Circle button PS special outfit type 3.

Note: When the same outfit and color is selected for both players, the one selected first
is given priority. Outfits type 1 and 2 for the second player are reversed.


1. Matches: When a character is attacked, his or her health meter goes down. A character
whose meter has disappeared loses by a knock-out and the opponent is given one win. At the
initial setting, one match has a maximum of three rounds. The player who wins two rounds by
knock-out or decision wins the match. Note: The number of rounds can be changed in the Option

2. Time Limit: At the initial setting, the time limit for each round is 40 seconds. If the
time runs out and there is still no decisive victor, the character with the greater health
amount left on his or her health meter is the winner. Also, when the remaining health for
both characters is exactly the same, a draw will be declared. Note: The time limit can be
changed in the Option Mode.

3. Ring Out: When you or your opponent gets knocked out of the ring. The player that is
remaining in the ring wins the current round. Note: The size of the ring can be changed in
the Option Mode.

4. Draw and Sudden Death: The fight is declared a draw if your strength and your opponent's
are the same at the time of double knockout, double ringout, or timeout. In the case of a
draw, both fighters win the round, but when the number of rounds won is the same up to the
final round and if both fighters win by a draw again, the fight is declared as a sudden death.
In sudden death, the player who attacks first and hits the opponent, is the winner.

5. Weapon Gauge: The weapon gauge is the small meter under the player's health meter. You
can use the Critical-Edge special attack when the gauge has flames surrounding it
(see page 24). Use caution, when you use the Critical-Edge or when you guard against your
opponent's attack. The gauge will show a decrease after each use. If you try to guard when
the gauge shows 0, your weapon will be tossed away. However, the weapon, gauge will regain
limited energy in the next round, at which time your lost weapon will be restored.

6. Continuing the Game: After losing to the computer opponent, you can restart the game from
the beginning of that match by pressing the Start button while the Continue screen is counting


1. Arcade Mode: One player against the computer. First you must choose a character with the
Left and Right Directional buttons, then select it with the Square, Triangle or Circle buttons
as mentioned earlier. Each character has 3 outfits.

In this mode, if you press the Start button on player two's controller, the game against the
Computer will be interrupted and it will be switched into the 2-player mode. Then the
character who wins the match will continue to play against the computer. The game ends when
you lose to the computer.

Camera Operation During A Replay:

The player who won the fight can enjoy replaying the end of the same fight with different
camera angles. You can use it the same way in different modes.

Directional buttons Shifting camera locations.
Square button Zoom in.
Triangle button Zoom out.

2. Vs. Battle Mode: Two players compete against each other. Refer to the "How to start the
game" section for selecting a characters outfit.

After each player selects a character, a Handicap Selection screen will come up. Each player
can adjust their handicap settings by pressing the Left or Right Directional buttons on their
controllers. The larger the health meter, the less damage your character selection, press the
Square, Triangle, or Circle buttons to start the match.

After the first match, the Vs. Result screen comes up and displays the total number of wins,
losses and draws for each player.

3. Team Battle Mode: You begin the contest after choosing the number of team members and the
characters to be used. If you press the Start button, you can random select. The game is a
competition where the victor is decided after each round. When playing against the computer,
a second player join-in is also possible.

Decide the number of team members from 1 to 5. The same character cannot be used twice on the
same team. When one of your characters is beaten on your team, your next choice character
starts the next round. The winning character is awarded a tittle energy for the next battle.

4. Survival Mode: You compete to see how many computer opponents you can defeat before your
health meter runs out. You cannot change the degree of difficulty, the time limit, or the
number of rounds. No option for 2 Player join-in battle. The pause feature does not work in
this mode.

Each battle is one round. The game is over when your health meter runs out. When you defeat
a computer opponent, your character is awarded a little energy for the next battle.

5. Time Attack Mode: In this mode, you compete against the clock until you complete at[ the
stages and beat the game. The settings for the degree of difficulty, time limit and number of
rounds cannot be changed. Also, when you continue you do not have options to change
characters or have the 2-playerjoin-in battle. Furthermore, you cannot pause in this mode.

6. Edge-Master Mode: Advancing along with the story, you continue to fight and acquire the
opponent's weapons in this mode. The acquired weapons can be used in other modes. When this
mode is selected on the Title screen, the Data-Load screen is displayed. Point to the data
you wish to load (up to 3) with the directional buttons then press the Square, Triangle, or
Circle buttons to select. When "delete data" is selected, the Data-Delete screen will be
displayed, and you can delete unwanted saved games. After the characters are selected, you
can start the game.


When the game starts, the Map screen appears first, and the window menu is displayed. Point
to the menu with the directional buttons and press the Square, Triangle, or Circle button to
select. The menu description is displayed on the right. Press tire X button to delete or to
call the window. Different stages are prepared for each character. The stage in which a
particular character can play is marked with a sword symbol.

You can move on the map. Use the directional buttons to place the arrow on the stage to
which you want to advance, then press the Square, Triangle or Circle buttons to select.
You must defeat your first opponent before you can move.

You can switch to the Book mode. You can observe the present situation of your opponents,
the weapon you have won, and the conditions of defeating your next opponent. Press the
Directional keys to turn the page.

You can display the weapons you own. You can study the efficiency of each weapon, and select
them from this screen.

Defeat the opponents on the current stage to advance to the next.